These guidelines apply to any news organizations that would like to share their content frequently on the sub.

News organizations and their representatives must follow these guidelines:

  • All users and organizations must follow all the sub's rules
  • Websites should not greet visitors with a paywall or sign-up requirements
  • Do not submit more than 5 links per 24 hours; allow plenty of time in between posts
  • Do not submit links to "live updates" or "live feed" pages
  • Do not submit links to images, videos, tweets or audio clips
  • Do not ask if your submissions can be stickied or promoted
  • Posts are subject to removal if they break the sub’s rules (examples: The news story has already been covered or submitted by another user. The article is considered a feature story or the title is considered misleading.)
  • Comments are subject to removal if a post gets too out of hand
  • The sub's moderators are the arbiters of which posts are removed.


News organization accounts have a designated user flair that can only be assigned by a mod on the sub

A user flair does not imply an endorsement by the site, the sub or its mods.