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President Biden Makes Surprise Visit to Ukraine Russia/Ukraine



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President Joe Biden arrived in Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv on Monday in an early morning surprise visit to underscore American support for President Volodymyr Zelensky and his war efforts against Russia, Rolling Stone has learned.

Shrouded in secrecy, and coming days before the first anniversary of Russia's invasion, the trip marks the first time Biden has traveled to Ukraine as president.

Despite claims from the White House for Biden having "No plans" to cross into Ukraine during his trip to Poland, plans to cross the Polish-Ukraine border began more than a month ago, after Biden told staffers he wanted a public display to show solidarity between the United States and embattled Ukraine as it enters its second year of war.

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u/Temporarily__Alone Feb 20 '23

I don’t know why, but it’s pretty funny that Rolling Stone is breaking this.

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u/szarkoz Feb 20 '23

Damn. All of Polish media was talking nearly 24/7 about his visit to Poland tomorrow, and the guy suddenly shows up in Ukraine


u/TedLassosDarkSide Feb 20 '23

This was the perfect day to do it. It may have been suspected later in the Europe trip, but coming early was definitely a surprise.


u/Fluffy-Composer-2619 Feb 20 '23

I really don't think going later in the Europe trip would have ever been a possibility they properly considered.

Putin is obsessed by dates, anniversaries etc, and the one year anniversary of the invasion is on Friday. I sincerely hope I'm wrong but it wouldn't surprise me at all to see things get worse in Kyiv in the next week or so as a result, and Biden's team will be aware of this - instead of making later arrangements and having to change these last minute, get it out of the way first and if it does get postponed, nobody will be any the wiser.


u/HaloGuy381 Feb 20 '23

On the other hand, if you want to make a deterrent against Putin trying anything, put the US president in Kyiv by surprise before Putin can whine about it, and dare him to have a go. Putin’s struggling to handle NATO hand-me-downs handed to Ukraine, he’s in no position to start a war with NATO proper by risking blowing up a US president.

Also a gesture of solidarity that will not go unnoticed in Europe and in Ukraine in particular. Biden’s definitely taking a risk doing this, but the payoff diplomatically could be significant.


u/iced_hero Feb 20 '23

Can you imagine the carnage if Russia were to do that tho? Putin would fight 3 wars, an internal one where half the population would come for his head bc of how idiotic that would be, his cabinet members and the rich coming for him, oh and of course the might of NATO coming to shred the entire govt and country apart. Kamala would come down hard AF too to set a precedent as a woman president. Wouldn't want to come off as soft. Biden is pulling a Leonidas in 300 move when he gets first summoned by Xerxes and everyone is like "you know it's a trap right?" And he's just like "pray they're that stupid. Then all of Greece would go to war".


u/Ivotedforher Feb 20 '23 Endless Coolness

"We shall fight in our shades." points to aviators

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u/KP_Wrath Feb 20 '23

“Go for it, you’ll be looking forward to the day we finally send you to Hell.”

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u/MadeByTango Feb 20 '23

That three way front is already happening for Putin; all he has left is escalation until he wins or death. He can’t end this war and remain in power. He is in his life’s endgame and knows it. The question is how far gone his mind is when it comes to caring about the world he leaves behind.


u/NUMBerONEisFIRST Feb 20 '23

That's a time in history I wouldn't want to be alivvv....wait....shit!

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u/WalterSmite Feb 20 '23

Pretty sure he went to Ukraine through Poland. So he was in Poland xd.


u/enfant_the_terrible Feb 20 '23

And he is going back to Poland tomorrow.


u/GGezpzMuppy Feb 20 '23

Wow two visits? Poland gonna be laughing at all the loser countries that only get one visit.


u/Windows7DiskDotSys Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 22 '23 Gold Faith In Humanity Restored Table Slap

this reminds me of a joke, forgive me if I butcher it:

A polish man finds a magic lamp that has a genie. Its the usual schtick, 3 wishes and all. So the man says to the genie, I want for a horde of mongolians to come to my country, kill and pillage, and go home.

The genie thinks this is odd, but obliges. The mongolians make it to the farmlands at the border, kill and pillage, then return home.

The man then, as his second wish, wishes for a horde of mongolians to come to poland to kill and pillage.

The genie, really not understanding this man at all, snaps his fingers, and then another horde comes, this time to the first town on polish land, kills and pillages, and then returns home.

The polish man, satisfied with his first two wishes, then says to the genie, "Genie, I wish for a horde of mongolians to come to poland to kill and pillage."

The genie, completely dumbstruck, complies. This time the horde reaches the first major city, kills and pillages, and then leaves to return home.

After this, the genie asks, why? why would you want a mongolian horde to come to your land three separate times to kill and pillage?

The pole responds, "If they came to poland three times, it means they went through russia 6."

edit: to be clear, other than invading a neighboring country for no reason, I don't know a thing about Russia, not to mention enough to hold a grugde that I would want my own country invaded just to spite them. So at the caution of another redditor, if Putin reads this, relax guy

edit 2: my, by far, most upvoted comment on reddit is about killing and pillaging in Russia. Seriously, Ive met maybe one Russian my entire life, and I by no means want a mongle horde to kill Russians and pillage their land. Just stop invading Ukraine, okthxbai

edit 3: Aladdin had much better wishes than this pole. Will Smith was a better genie too.


u/Dreamwalk3r Feb 20 '23

Ha, we have the same joke in Ukraine!

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u/[deleted] Feb 20 '23

A man finds a genie, but the genie warns that whatever he wishes for, his enemies will receive twice as much.

The man wishes for one of his eyes to be gouged out.


u/hedgecore77 Feb 20 '23

Should have gone for a testicle. No more enemies.

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u/[deleted] Feb 20 '23

Should have wished to have been beaten half to death


u/Exotemporal Feb 20 '23

Sounds very painful!

Instead, could a sexy nurse inject half a lethal dose of heroin into my veins?

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u/Wallofcans Feb 20 '23

Watch N.Korea announce a missile test or something tomorrow. No one's visiting them at all.

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u/beaver_cops Feb 20 '23

Ya I’m in Poland Rn (I live in Canada so it’s a big deal to me lol) and there’s way more news / footage about war than in Canada

I know it’s “common sense” considering Poland is much closer to the war, just thought it’d be cool to share


u/EarthyFeet Feb 20 '23

Ehm especially given the millions of Ukrainians who have temporarily come to Poland because of the war, I'm not surprised if the whole country is thoroughly impacted.


u/adashko997 Feb 20 '23 Heartwarming

Yeah as a Pole I can confirm, even though we feel completely safe, the war is everywhere. There were lots of Ukrainians in Poland before the war, and now it's a bit difficult to describe, the country has changed so much over the past year. You hear Ukrainian on the streets in the large cities almost as often as you hear Polish, Ukrainian billboards etc.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it at all and think it's great they've found shelter here, but it's a vast change from what things were like before, it's still a bit of a shock. It makes the war so... real here. So many people care about this, so many people have families there. Also all world leaders, all humanitarian support, all the military aid, tanks, everything, it all goes through Poland. Within a year we went from a quiet place to one of the world's most important locations with so much stuff happening all at once. Proud we stepped up to really manage this. Also glad of the vast infrastructure we have built up over the last two decades which really makes this possible. And finally, except for some obvious nutjobs which exist in every country, we are all so glad we can help our neighbors, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, send a big, hearty fuck you to Russia after centuries of oppression.


u/BigLizardInBackyard Feb 20 '23

I'm proud of Poland too. The family now staying with me in the north of Ireland spent some time in Poland with a family there while they sorted out their visas and so forth and they're very grateful for the Polish hospitality.

It's funny there are so many Polish people here in Ireland - so now you have to check when you hear someone speaking a slavic language if it's Polish or Ukrainian. The Polish community here has also been great in helping our Ukrainian families integrate and also with a huge effort to work with local Irish people to send humanitarian aid which would have been much more difficult without having local Polish friends to support.

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u/consistentContent Feb 20 '23

I was in Poland for a day long layover in Warsaw this past fall. Truly overwhelmed with the change. The number of PSA advertisements and storefronts with Ukrainian, just the overall level of support was really wonderful. Meanwhile, was traveling from Tbilisi, Georgia, which is flooded with Russians running from the war and the draft, which was also covered in Ukrainian flags at every opportunity. Obviously, Georgia, not being part of NATO is in a more precarious situation, but it was still uplifting to see how much support there was.


u/2057Champs__ Feb 20 '23

U.S. citizen here: I’ve always had such a soft spot for your guys country and feel it’s never gotten the love it deserves. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met came from Poland. Proud of y’all


u/SweetAlyssumm Feb 20 '23

This is neither here nor there, but the first house my parents bought (back when, in Cleveland) was built by a Polish guy. My parents never stopped raving about how well built that house was and we all loved it.

Everyone is so grateful for all the support Poland has given Ukraine.

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u/dandanua Feb 20 '23 Gold All-Seeing Upvote

As a response, Putin visited another side of his table.


u/reddebian Feb 20 '23

Damn, these are some drastic measures. Let's hope he doesn't catch a cold from this long trip /s


u/Dray_Gunn Feb 20 '23

Probably took him a week to get there. With how long that table is and how short his legs are. Probably broke a high heel on the way.

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u/ancistrus4 Feb 20 '23

The logistics of getting the US president in to Kyiv safely has to be insane.


u/walkandtalkk Feb 20 '23

The N.Y. Times says he took a train to Kyiv, which must have had the Secret Service in hysterics. Still, they probably couldn't risk flying in.

I imagine that the Defense Department or the State Department—or even the White House itself—alerted Russia shortly before he crossed the border. Just to warn them off from conducting any air strikes they'd been planning today. The Russians do not want to kill President Biden, especially not by accident.


u/PapiBaggins Feb 20 '23

Damn I was picturing Air Force one pulling up with like 20 F22s as an escort


u/the_nebulae Feb 20 '23

I wonder if the train the president is riding in adopts a special designation…like “Rail Engine One” or something.


u/iwellyess Feb 20 '23 All-Seeing Upvote Heartwarming Table Slap Big Brain Time

Choo Choo One


u/bobralph Feb 20 '23 Bravo!

Does this mean the VP rides in Choo Choo Two?


u/KingoftheMongoose Feb 20 '23

But it goes by its security call sign, "The Deuce"


u/chiraltoad Feb 20 '23

"The Deuce Caboose"

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u/Sayrenotso Feb 20 '23

Two Choo Two Furious

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u/OldKnucklePuck Feb 20 '23

If this isn't the correct answer, we riot.


u/vampiire Feb 20 '23

If it’s not called Choo Choo One, I send it back.


u/RedheadsAreNinjas Feb 20 '23

If the salad comes on top of choo choo one, I send it back.

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u/Pm4000 Feb 20 '23 Silver

I like rail force one


u/SnuggleMuffin42 Feb 20 '23 Evil Cackle

I'm 98% sure there's porn with this title

It features the Oral Office

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u/derekakessler Feb 20 '23


u/CMDRJohnCasey Feb 20 '23

13 first-class tickets at $217.64, and 12 coach tickets at $167.64

woah only 50$ difference? I'd take first class any time then.

(ok actually in today's equivalent it makes about 330$ difference, still relatively low compared to the difference between first and economy today)

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u/barsonica Feb 20 '23

There used to be a presidential train, but now it's in museum.

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u/jobhog1 Feb 20 '23

Likely not f-22s in the air but they're probably ready, but looking at a flight tracker there's 7 military aircraft orbiting on Ukraine borders:

In poland 1. E3 Sentry - Awacs 2. E3 Sentry - Awacs 3. R135 - Reconnaissance 4. K35 - Tanker

In Romania 5. KC3 - Tanker 6. KC3 - Tanker 7. P3 Orion - Sub killer but can be used for ground attack and recon

Likely many smaller aircraft ready to run in with that many tankers up


u/JoeAppleby Feb 20 '23

That’s the planes with transponders on and where flight tracker was given permission to show them AKA the planes NATO wants you to know about.


u/jobhog1 Feb 20 '23

And with 2 Awacs and 2 tankers they for sure as hell want everyone to know they ain't playing

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u/enp2s0 Feb 20 '23

Every single one of those likely has several fighters with it with transponders off.

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u/blaze87b Feb 20 '23

Oh they're there lol

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u/BigDadEnerdy Feb 20 '23

I would imagine there are plenty of F-22s circling above the polish/Ukranian border as kinda reminder to Putin. Fuck around and find out reminder, you're getting your ass whooped by hand-me-down weapons that are 30 years old, you wanna try something a little newer?


u/Busy-Ad-6912 Feb 20 '23

there's a fuck ton more than f-22s in the area


u/JusticeUmmmmm Feb 20 '23

You don't need much else. Have you seen what they did to those balloons.

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u/QuizzicalGazelle Feb 20 '23

I think almost any state visit to Ukraine in the last year has be done by rail from Poland.

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u/sergius64 Feb 20 '23

No one flies in. Airspace has been closed all war. All the other Presidents and Prime Ministers take trains in as well.

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u/History-annoying-if- Feb 20 '23

Biden do love his trains!

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u/bildo72 Feb 20 '23

Be a real bad time for anyone who'd try to fuck with the itinerary, I'll say that much.


u/cookingboy Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 20 '23 Platinum Bravo! Rocket Like

Intentionally attacking the POTUS would be a declaration of war against the U.S.

Even if Biden has zero protection (not that would ever happen), Russia wouldn't dare to lay a finger on him. Even Putin isn't insane enough to escalate into a full on war against the U.S.

In fact, I can totally see Russia temporarily stops any attack around where Biden is just to make sure they don't accidentally end up being in a total war with the U.S.

Edit: Some users reported of air raid siren in Kyiv right after. Hopefully it's false alarm, or maybe it was a coincidence. It would be cosmic level stupidity for the Russian military to try to attack the POTUS.

Edit 2: Some people have asked what would happen if Putin went full batshit insane and the unimaginable happens. The following assumes that Russia intentionally assassinates Biden.

/puts on Tom Clancy cosplay

The U.S. Congress immediately declares war against the Russian Federation. The U.S. public becomes fully united for the first time since 9/11. NATO military goes into full alert as Chapter 5 is invoked and the U.S. military enters DEFCON 2. (DEFCON 1 is for imminent nuclear war, which has never been triggered in history, not even for the Cuban Missile Crisis).

Worldwide panic as fear of WW3 sets in, stock markets crash everywhere.

UN Security Council holds emergency sessions. Currently "neutral" nations like China and India publicly condemn Russia while at the same time calling for U.S./NATO to show restraint. EU and NATO nations display a united front publicly but heatedly debate internally the path to de-escalate from an all-out war. Turns out the possibility of nuclear exchanges are bad for everyone's businesses.

U.S. intelligence services (maybe even with the help of the Chinese since their incentives are now aligned) goes into overdrive to explore any possibility to remove Putin and install a temporary government. Nobody wants a madman's hands on thousands of nukes. The rest of the world watches on in horror and pray whatever fallout (pun intended) from this nightmare scenario doesn't catastrophically impact them.

North Korea randomly launches some missile at sea because that's what Kim does when he feels FOMO. Ok This part is a joke since even Kim would be able to read the room under these kind of circumstances.

And all of that is before a single shot is fired by the U.S. military. Whatever happens after bullets start flying is something I cannot, and do not want to speculate. I know I'll be in my makeshift bunker.

Edit 3: Someone asked what happens if we go into Defcon 1. The government obviously has a full on protocol, but I'm guessing the President gives some kind of "Good night, good luck, godspeed" speech to the American people before they and the rest of the leadership goes into a bunker. Toilet paper and canned food/water gets cleaned out at stores, and porn sites everywhere go down from people trying to rub one out before the mushroom clouds.


u/Tzalix Feb 20 '23

I'm now picturing Biden just walking into an active battlefield, forcing the Russians to stop shooting because they can't risk hitting him. Like Gus Fring in Breaking Bad.


u/throwingawayidea Feb 20 '23

This kind of happened in WW1. King Albert I of Belgium actually lead his army from the front lines and participated in the war. However, because European royalty is all very inbred, he was actually a relative of Kaiser Wilhelm. German soldiers therefore feared to fire on any section of the line where he was thought to be, for fear of accidentally killing him and incurring the wrath of their own monarch.

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u/fusionliberty796 Feb 20 '23 Silver hehehehe

I am one with the Brandon. The Brandon is with me. I am one with the Brandon, the Brandon is with me

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u/XVermillion Feb 20 '23

Or everything just zips around him like Fortune from MGS2.

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u/[deleted] Feb 20 '23



u/thehedgefrog Feb 20 '23

When Trudeau went a few months ago, they also gave a heads-up to Russia immediately before. Any NATO nation leader that would be killed by Russia, even accidentally, would set off a very bad chain reaction.

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u/dm3drummer Feb 20 '23

We’ve had an air raid siren right after the news about POTUS is in Ukraine we’re published

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u/theonlymexicanman Feb 20 '23

Definitely but also the US probably told Russia beforehand about it as a warning to not shell Kyiv for the day.

The Us and Russia already share some intel about where some military presence is in order to avoid a event that would kill either of their personnel (Example)

As much tension as there is, the US and Russia both know killing the head of state of the other side is basically a guaranteed path to nuclear war


u/nyc98 Feb 20 '23

They did let russia know:

"...national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that it notified Moscow of Biden’s visit to Kyiv shortly before his departure from Washington “for deconfliction purposes” in an effort to avoid any miscalculation that could bring the two nuclear-armed nations into direct conflict."

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u/DropCautious Feb 20 '23

“Mr. Putin, tear down that table.”

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u/CriErr Feb 20 '23

Not so surprise for me as local.

From 5 AM all railway and railway crossing were frozen and shut, while every 20 min trains with single railway carriage and diesel pull (not dependent on electricity) ware entering Kyiv.


u/TheNplus1 Feb 20 '23

Yep, I got a breaking news notification 2h ago of downtown Kyiv being closed off in preparation of a potential arrival of Joe Biden. For sure many people were aware well in advance.


u/Phytanic Feb 20 '23

How many people scoffed at such a notification is my question? such a noncredible moment becoming credible.


u/dramatic_prophet Feb 20 '23

At least one! I heard that traffic shutdowns this morning was because of Biden visit and went like "yeah right, you fucked up something and came up with dumbest excuse ever"


u/KorbanReAllis Feb 20 '23

"Boss, we fucked up the rails! What do we do??"

"F-fuck, tell them it's because biden is coming!"

The thought of this conversation happening has me DYING.


u/SuperFLEB Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 20 '23

"But Biden is coming! On the rails!"

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u/ahpc82 Feb 20 '23

I read this comments in Ukrainian accent, and it was glorious.

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u/project_soon Feb 20 '23

Gotta remember this excuse for the next time im late for work.

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u/Ijustdoeyes Feb 20 '23

How much of a boost is this visit for the general public?


u/Epic1024 Feb 20 '23

Real big one, the only thing people post about today, meme channels are exploding as well (I'm Ukrainian)


u/throwy4444 Feb 20 '23

What's the Ukrainian reaction?


u/Epic1024 Feb 20 '23

Overwhelmingly positive is an understatement


u/Sulphur99 Feb 20 '23

I'm not surprised, they basically have the biggest implicit show of support from the strongest country right now with this move.


u/Moftem Feb 20 '23

implicit show of support

I get what you mean. But I think explicit is the word you need to use. Has been right from the start :) Joe has been very vocal about it.

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u/MyFace_UrAss_LetsGo Feb 20 '23

I’m so glad to hear that. We American citizens are rooting for your country.

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u/T1mac Feb 20 '23

Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

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u/VallenValiant Feb 20 '23

Look at it this way; Taiwan NEVER had a current US president visiting it. Nancy Pelosi last year was the highest ranking US official to go there. To have the US president visit in an official capacity is a major recognition of your nation.

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u/TheMindfulnessShaman Feb 20 '23

In an active war zone, a U.S. president visiting without U.S. troops on the ground, is virtually unheard of.

Comparisons have been made to FDR and Churchill during the Blitz in WWII London.*

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u/FardoBaggins Feb 20 '23

Tremendous im sure. US been supporting ukraine and now the physical presence.

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u/[deleted] Feb 20 '23 edited Apr 19 '23



u/A_Sinclaire Feb 20 '23

I assume the individual trains were decoys (except one) - both to hide which one he was using and to make sure the route was clear.

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u/bildo72 Feb 20 '23 All-Seeing Upvote Wholesome Seal of Approval Bravo Grande! Starstruck

President Joe Biden arrived in Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv on Monday in an early morning surprise visit to underscore American support for President Volodymyr Zelensky and his war efforts against Russia, Rolling Stone has learned. Shrouded in secrecy, and coming days before the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion, the trip marks the first time Biden has traveled to Ukraine as president.

Armed with billions of dollars’ worth of weapons from Western countries, and in desperate need for more, Ukraine has fought the Russians to a bloody standstill. Despite American sanctions and the devastating battlefield losses of people and equipment, Moscow continues its assault on Ukrainian defenses.

Multiple government agencies and officials in the U.S. and Ukraine did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone’s inquiries about Biden’s trip. A senior White House official and a U.S. government official with knowledge of the trip confirmed the visit on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

Happy Anniversary Vlad. Let's not celebrate another.


u/DeterminateHouse Feb 20 '23 Platinum

And today's Presidents' Day!

Happy Presidents' Day to Zelensky and Biden!

Slava Ukraini!


u/2ndtryagain Feb 20 '23

This is also a day of remembrance for the victims of the Maiden Protest.


u/KingoftheMongoose Feb 20 '23

And Canada's Family Day. Cuz we're all a international family. Or at least we should be

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u/LogicalManager Feb 20 '23

I like to remember this as the day puppet president Viktor Yanukovych fled Kyiv and ran to Putin who granted him Russian citizenship, thereby disqualifying him from being President of Ukraine.

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u/MITOX-3 Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 20 '23

Imagine being the secret service boss recieving this idea on his desk some random monday morning. Jesus lol. Hope he has been able to sleep the last week.


u/bildo72 Feb 20 '23

There's a reason all those shows depict Feds with a bottle of Scotch in their drawer


u/133DK Feb 20 '23

Half a bottle spread out over the day to calm the nerves, second half to fall asleep


u/harambe_did911 Feb 20 '23

The guy governments

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u/TactlesslyTactful Feb 20 '23

Imagine being the FSB agent that has to tell Putin


u/bladexp210 Feb 20 '23

I'd leave him a note to find when he wakes up and take my chances fleeing with some jucy secrets to get asylum.

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u/SiccSemperTyrannis Feb 20 '23

Not just the Secret Service, the US military would be involved in planning in case Russia tried something. Massive planning goes into any POTUS travel. I can't imagine how much they've done to prepare for anything Russia might do while Biden is in Ukraine.


u/hogroast Feb 20 '23

Surely this kind of thing is communicated to Russia to avoid a rogue missle strike starting ww3. Like not specifics, but the Kremlin is surely advised that for a certain no of days kyiv is off the table for strikes.


u/piouiy Feb 20 '23

It could also be a reason for the constant stream of EU leaders visiting. When BoJo went (first leader to ever do so) it was a huge event. Now they’re all taking turns. Putin killing the leader of even a minor country like Italy would be a huge catastrophe.


u/purple_monkey_sat Feb 20 '23

Yeah we were willing to lose Boris as a test!

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u/disse_ Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 20 '23

It would be really interesting to know how big of an apparatus is working behind this visit. How many plans are made, how many vehicles, what is happening and when, how the planning starts etc.

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u/kaspis29 Feb 20 '23

New authors on the short course on how to get grey hair in less than 24h

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u/Ill-Ad3311 Feb 20 '23

Surprise motherfuckers , here are a few extra missiles for you.


u/PossessivePronoun Feb 20 '23 hehehehe

Supplies, motherfuckers

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u/RebelliousPlatypus Feb 20 '23 Gold

I'm a nurse volunteering with an aid organization in Ukraine, we're finishing up and heading back to Kyiv when the news just dropped.

No one here had any idea, our translators and support staff are very happy to see him come. It's a huge surprise.


u/YsBrann Feb 20 '23

thank you for your volunteering. Your hearth is gold

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u/BigDaddyCoolDeisel Feb 20 '23

Thank you for the update. And thank you for being an angel among us!

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u/disse_ Feb 20 '23

I don't know which one sends a bigger message, Zelensky visiting USA or Biden visiting Kyiv. I assume this is one hell of a middle finger to Putin.


u/HeclerUndCock Feb 20 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

I would say the last one is more significant. I was astounded when hearing about it. And it sure means at least 2 things :

1 - We will keep supporting Ukraine for as long as needed, whatever the cost.

2 - Nobody is afraid. POTUS can walk in and out of Kyiv anytime because we got what is needed to ensure nothing can get through defenses.

What a huge "F*** You Putin"


u/HussingtonHat Feb 20 '23

Exactly. POTUS feeling comfy enough to go into a war zone is a monumental "pffft. We've seen the reports, you guys are fucked." To Putin. Pretty bold move.


u/EddedTime Feb 20 '23

Biden's safety during the visit is more about warning Russia in advance about the visit, and knowing they will do anything to avoid harming him.


u/HerbaciousTea Feb 20 '23

It's still a great maneuver, though, because Putin's biggest rationale for this war (among a bunch of conflicting rationales) is that the real enemy is the US, and Ukraine is just a US puppet, and Russia is actually fighting US and NATO troops in Ukraine.

So now they are forced to acknowledge that they wouldn't dare to attack the "real enemy" even when Biden is sitting in a city they have repeatedly bombed.

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u/anengineerandacat Feb 20 '23

Biden going into Kyiv is a pretty big thing; it not only demonstrates that Kyiv is safe enough for a US presidential visit but him being there literally will create an operational wall that Russia won't exactly want to engage in for fear Biden might get injured or killed.

It's bold, it's risky, but if Putin does nothing it shows he is still very very afraid of the US and solidifies the US's strength.

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u/Brilliant-Rooster762 Feb 20 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Biden of course. This is Reagan in W.Germany 1987 telling Gorbachev to "tear down that wall" moment. Putin has been ridiculed, his "grand address to the nation" tomorrow is now made completely irrelevant.


u/battleofflowers Feb 20 '23

It's amazing to me how well the US has done at ridiculing Putin without actually saying anything.


u/5kyl3r Feb 20 '23

ukraine has done a good job of this too. every time they pull something off that's big, like sinking their flagship or breaking their bridge, they stay silent and let the propagandists all say contradicting things, then they quietly "leak" the actual video of what happened a few weeks later so the russians can see evidence that they're being lied to lol, it's impressive


u/Under_Over_Thinker Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 20 '23

With the ship it was pretty slick. Ukrainians didn’t say much. Turkish sailors in the area shot a video that was the only video published. Russians said that the ship got somewhat damaged and is heading to Sebastopol. The ship sunk. Then they said that only a handful of sailors died there and they keep saying that.

I can’t imagine the feelings the families have to go through. They were proud to have their sons serving on a flagship and now no recognition, no body to burry and it’s not allowed to talk about it.

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u/MurmurationProject Feb 20 '23 Duck Dance

Manipulating his opponents into laying up his dunk on them is starting to look like his signature move.

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u/ColHogan65 Feb 20 '23

Putin, meanwhile, has done a phenomenal job at making NATO look pretty damn appealing right now

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u/BigDaddy0790 Feb 20 '23

Watch russian propaganda scramble to spin this as a completely irrelevant meeting of an old guy and a junkie, while making putin’s planned speech for tomorrow sound like the second coming if Jesus.

The comments on propaganda channels are also already filled with shocked pro-war russians who seriously expected russia to immediately strike Kyiv with a nuclear warhead in this scenario. Reading their hysteria is hilarious!


u/polish_libcenter Feb 20 '23

Please give me a source for the love of god

I need to see the seething


u/PutMeOnPancakes Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 21 '23

Edit: Here's a new video from Putin's state media today: https://youtu.be/_Z-B3s6V7ss

If you want to see translated clips of Russia state media throwing temper tantrums, or see what their current propaganda narrative is, there is a youtube channel called "Russian Media Monitor" that posts translated highlight clips almost daily.

I'm sure the channel will post Russia's freakout about Biden's visit later today, but here's how Russia's media reacted to Zelensky visiting the USA:



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u/ShadowBannedAugustus Feb 20 '23

In reaction to that, Putin made a surprise visit to the other end of his table.

They both travelled about the same distance.


u/Ceefax81 Feb 20 '23

A year ago useful idiots like Scott Ritter were declaring the war would be over immediately and Kyiv would fall "in short order". A year later, Biden can walk about Kyiv. Absolute slap in the face for Putin and demonstrates exactly what a disastrous decision the invasion was.


u/ZeeHedgehog Feb 20 '23

Do you mean Scott Ritter the pro-Russian political commentator, or Scott Ritter the convicted pedophile who exposed himself to what he thought was a 15 year old girl?

Oh wait, they are the same person.


u/EthanielRain Feb 20 '23

I love this. Putting these disgusting people on blast - not letting them silence it - is the way.

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u/Timey16 Feb 20 '23

Even IF Russia "wins" and reaches all war goals, in terms of global strategy it's a colossal failure:

  • NATO expands, closer than ever
  • Germany and Japan are remilitarizing
  • "Neutrality" and "Demilitarization" can't be enforced by treaty, will be torn apart the second there is a new election
  • Can't FORCE the West to recognize conquered territory with a treaty with Kiyv
  • Russian arms exports are falling, American ones are rising
  • Russian hydrocarbon profits are falling as Europe looks towards the Middle East and the US for new suppliers (as well as ongoing decarbonization by going more renewable)
  • Russian allies are abandoning it and looking more towards the US for protection (Kazakhstan and Armenia)
  • The new conquests are worthless as they are utterly destroyed, the population fled and no foreign investors will bankroll the reconstruction, anything they produce will be sanctioned in the West, they will be a bottomless barrel
  • Can't enforce loyalty of the conquered territory via treaties, will be hostile for decades
  • Any war in which the attacked country loses even a centimeter of territory can result in generations (if not centuries) of hostility. Getting friendly within out lifetimes will REQUIRE Russia to give up all occupied territory
  • As a democracy any future Ukrainian government can just decide to continue the war
  • West is identifying and removing Russian influences in politics

Russia lost already. Question is now how much it will hurt for Ukraine. And the more Ukraine wins the less it will hurt. Any end to the war that has them give up any territory, war crimes unavenged will be seen as a loss.


u/cgtdream Feb 20 '23

You forgot:

  • Nearly an entire generation of men are dead, immobilized, or fled the country, creating an ominous vacuum of population.

  • Russia has lost too much military equipment to even think about rebuilding, especially while suffering through sanctions.

  • Degraded stance on the world stage. It's so bad, not even China, Iran or N. Korea will publicly fuck with them.

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u/CherryBoard Feb 20 '23

Bold take by Scott, even bolder is his penchant for jacking off in front of anyone he thinks is below the age of consent

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u/Stock-Pension1803 Feb 20 '23

A lot of people thought that would happen, but it seems everyone was sold a bill of goods regarding Russian military capability.

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u/Professional-Error-3 Feb 20 '23

You're talking about twice convicted child sex offender Scott Ritter?

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u/Sirdigbyssidekick Feb 20 '23

Putin going to be absolutely fuming, you love to see it.


u/Pontus_Pilates Feb 20 '23

When the Finnish president paid a visit, Russian media was wondering why there wasn't a missile strike.



u/Jaiden_Baer Feb 20 '23 LOVE!

Oh trust me, they are already having the most adorable meltdown in telegram


u/Zhukov-74 Feb 20 '23

I wouldn’t mind some examples.


u/greennick Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 20 '23


u/Old_Ladies Feb 20 '23

I wish I could translate those images but according to the article they are angry why Russia didn't send hundreds of missiles to kill Biden. They are angry that Biden and Zelenskyy are peacefully walking around Kyiv.

Also a bit badass that when Biden visited there were air raid sirens going off.


u/T1mac Feb 20 '23

Here's some of the text:

“While the Armed Forces of Ukraine are killing children in Belgorod, Biden and Zelensky are peacefully walking around Kyiv,” the angry occupiers write.

Many users write comments about the need to “launch hundreds of missiles on the territory of Ukraine.”

It is noteworthy that not only ordinary citizens are outraged. Thus, the well-known propagandist Sergei Mardan called Biden's visit to Ukraine "a demonstrative humiliation of Russia."

“Biden in Kyiv. Demonstrative humiliation of Russia. Stories about miraculous hypersound can be left for children. Exactly like the spells about the holy war that we are waging with the entire West. Probably, there are lunch breaks in the holy war,” wrote the Ukrainophobe.

Recall, earlier it was reported that on February 20, US President Joe Biden arrived in Kyiv to the sound of an air raid alert. He has already met with President Volodymyr Zelensky and was at Mikhailovskaya Square, where he paid tribute to the soldiers who gave their lives for the freedom of Ukraine.


u/Jjhend Feb 20 '23

They are referring to the war as "the holy war"? Yikes

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u/TheBeliskner Feb 20 '23

They wouldn't do this without confidence in security and safety, even when he's in a peaceful country the defensive measures in place are incredible. Might there be NATO planes defending the skies from missiles during the visit?


u/Morgrid Feb 20 '23

Might there be NATO planes defending the skies from missiles during the visit?

Almost certainly.

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u/VidE27 Feb 20 '23

Because even Putin is not that dumb to order a rocket strike on the f-in US President.


u/Infinaris Feb 20 '23

Considering the US military along with carrier groups and other major assets are sitting in Nearby Poland and the Adriatic it's pretty much a given Russia will not dare fuck with taking a shot at Biden. Not unless it wants to see it's military assets deleted from Existence in short order enmasse.


u/test_test_1_2_3 Feb 20 '23

If Russia attacked Biden the US would strike Putin directly as an immediate response. The Russians basically don’t have information security and the US military absolutely knows Putin’s location at any given time.


u/JimiThing716 Feb 20 '23

His circle of trust is himself. I'm sure he's holed up in some narrow-mustache-esque bunker with a staff of sycophants.

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u/_pupil_ Feb 20 '23

"Bidens, in *my special military operation?*"


u/Quackels_The_Duck Feb 20 '23

"It's more likely than you think!" [FREE PC CHECK]


u/SCP106 Feb 20 '23

It's more likely than you'd think!

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u/Midnight2012 Feb 20 '23

Sololove guy is going to be fuming!

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u/trycatch1 Feb 20 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Meanwhile the rat is hiding in its bunker.


u/Stukya Feb 20 '23

Putin hasn't once visited his troops.

Even George W Bush went to Baghdad.


u/ric2b Feb 20 '23

To be fair, the US was actually able to secure Baghdad enough for Bush to visit.

Putin can safely visit eastern Crimea, and that's about it.


u/chiliedogg Feb 20 '23

Dude can't safely stroll the streets of Moscow.


u/[deleted] Feb 20 '23


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u/wise_watermelon Feb 20 '23

Secret Service agents absolutely sweating rn


u/SerpentineLogic Feb 20 '23

Zelenskyy's bodyguards are like "I know the feeling"


u/Ronem Feb 20 '23


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u/missticklesmister Feb 20 '23

I hope this is a good boost for our Ukrainian friends! 🙌 It’s been a hell of a year for them.


u/funky_boar Feb 20 '23

We're thankful for all the support. Now Biden coming to Kyiv... That's huge


u/BigDaddyCoolDeisel Feb 20 '23

Hang in there. You're an inspiration to the world.

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u/WillowTreeBark Feb 20 '23

I would love too see Putin's face as he watches on the anniversary off his illegal war the President of the United States on the ground in the capital city he so desperately craves.


u/CSI_Tech_Dept Feb 20 '23

Yeah, how can you show you are doing well and will eventually win, when US president is visiting Ukraine like nothing is happening. It will seriously mess with their internal propaganda.


u/WillowTreeBark Feb 20 '23

Exactly. Fingers crossed it starts to funnel through and sink in with the Russian People

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u/daHawkGR Feb 20 '23

Air force is closely watching what is happening in Ukraine. 2 AWACS in the air near the Polish - Ukrainian border. And probably more jet fighters that you don't see on Flightradar...

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u/l-L-li Feb 20 '23

“One year later, Kyiv stands. And Ukraine stands. Democracy stands”

So true, one year later, putin can only dream about standing on Ukrainian soil. F*k him.

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u/Obaruler Feb 20 '23

Just goin' there, ballin' while the sirens are blasting. Nice one Biden, showing the russians he's not afraid walking around there. I'm not even a big fan of Biden, but he DONE GOOD there.


u/Sensitive-Pirate-461 Feb 20 '23

The west's support for Ukraine gets stronger and stronger, even though this war will most likley run into 2024 the west is firmly behind Ukraine, only the death of putin can end this war.


u/MouldyPriestASSHOLE Feb 20 '23

A great gesture to make ahead of the anniversary

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u/cheesecakegood Feb 20 '23

I mean, the actual chances of a US President being killed in any foreign country have got to be pretty low, but damn it still takes some balls to go to a country actively at war.

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u/Alive-Ad2243 Feb 20 '23

I can't even imagine the logistics behind his visit as such a high profile person


u/SkinnyObelix Feb 20 '23

I've been in charge of a visit from the King of Belgium to a retirement home, I want to throw myself off a bridge just thinking about what something like this entails.

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u/purpleefilthh Feb 20 '23

"Look Vlad, I'm not in Russia."

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u/uryuishida Feb 20 '23

I honestly never thought he would do this

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u/Chill_Knight Feb 20 '23

Russia: "This means U.S is on Ukraine's side"

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u/ZeenTex Feb 20 '23

The only state leader who hasn't paid a visit to Ukraine yet since this mess started is Putin, and he never will.


u/AuckZealand Feb 20 '23

Well, there are a couple of ways he could get there. Certainly not in any way that would be good for him though.

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u/CabagePastry Feb 20 '23

A perfect middle finger salute to Putin on the anniversary of the invasion.

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u/adashko997 Feb 20 '23 edited Feb 20 '23

Even though I live in Warsaw and feel 100% safe, I considered Biden's visits here really brave due to what a target he is. I would never have thought he'd have gone to Kyiv. Absolute madman. This is Biden's "I need ammo, not a lift" moment. Russia's propaganda is going to go completely insane the coming weeks.

I wonder how they secured air defense for the visit. Interesting if they have forced Russia to guarantee not trying anything.

By the way, if this is what they did four days prior to the anniversary, I wonder what's going to happen on the 24th.


u/overzeetop Feb 20 '23

I wonder how they secured air defense for the visit. Interesting if they have forced Russia to guarantee not trying anything.

I'm sure they let Russia know (very) shortly before his travel, and I would think that there were "expectations" that there would be clear skies for the visit with the implication that American fighters would enforce such an expectation should it not be provided voluntarily.

I'm sure there were US jets in the air in neighboring countries during the entire visit.


u/sonic10158 Feb 20 '23

NATO is just beyond the Ukrainian border. There are definitely fighter jets close


u/RickyTicky5309 Feb 20 '23

He's not a target. Russia wouldn't dare strike a US President as that would lead to nuclear escalation like no other. If anything, President Biden walking into Ukraine gave the country breathing room like a force field at the moment. Now, when he leaves, it's game on.

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u/HenzoH Feb 20 '23

Pretty interesting last bit of article: “When asked how Russia would perceive Biden’s presence in Poland, Hodges says, “If the President uses the trip just to say, ‘We’re with Ukraine for as long as it takes,’ it will have been a wasted opportunity and the Russians will then know that we do not have the required sense of urgency or clarity of purpose to help Ukraine win this year. That would be a disappointment…I hope he’ll use it to lay out very clearly America’s strategic objectives for Ukraine.” “


u/broforwin Feb 20 '23

Kind of crazy. When was the last time a US president visited an active war zone but without air cover or their own troops? WW2 maybe?


u/Disastrous_Elk_6375 Feb 20 '23

but without air cover

I bet they had everything from awacs to stealth and probably some ufo shit up in the air. Kyiv was the safest city in the world for a day, most likely.


u/chaotic_goody Feb 20 '23

some ufo shit up in the air

At least two balloons

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u/janesvoth Feb 20 '23

People have been tracking the unusual USAF plane over Ukraine since Sunday morning. Everything from refuelers to AWACs

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u/LQuizzy Feb 20 '23

I am shocked to see/hear about this. After seeing photos.. I am still blown away. The fact the US government is allowing Ukraine Special forces to guard him/carry weapons in the presence of the President .. I am at a loss for words. The amount of security checks a US president goes through is SO enormous. Something large must be going on we've not seen. With the anniversary coming up, looking to be a real doozy. Yeesh

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