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General If folks don’t mind, use this as the “I have power back” thread, and just tell us where you’re at and when it came back on



r/tulsa Mar 09 '23

General Can we have a salary transparency thread?


This is going around in other city subs. You can only benefit from a salary comparison. Include your job title, salary, experience, and education!

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General Ryan Walters' Twitter Post Leads to Bomb Threat at a Union Elementary School



So Ryan Walters retweeted a doctored Tik Tok video that was originally Tweeted by Libs of Tik Tok featuring a librarian at Ochoa Elementary School in Tulsa. Ryan Walters retweeted it from Libs of Tik Tok and essentially said that, 'Wokeness is real and needs to be stopped.' This morning a bomb threat was called in at Ochoa Elementary and the librarian continues to receive death threats. This "anti-woke" bullshit is going way too far. This is going to end up resulting in an actual bombing or a school being shot up eventually. Stand up to Walters and his bullying. He needs to be held accountable for this!

Post has been edited for better accuracy. I misinterpreted that the caption of the video was doctored. Apparently, the video was doctored toward the end, but the caption was not.

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General What's a business you won't return to?


Taken from r/sanantonio

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General what is the most overhyped or underwhelming restaurant you’ve been to in tulsa?


just wasn’t worth the hype, money, or experience.

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General The Satanic Temple may open a publicly-funded TST school in Oklahoma after Oklahoma approved public funding for a Catholic school | "We’ll consider opening a school if courts uphold a flagrantly self-serving & uneducated, unqualified & ignorant school board's vote to overturn the constitution

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General What have we done to deserve this????

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General Most unsettling places in Tulsa?


Saw this on /r/Denver. What place in Tulsa gives you strange energy and why is it 51st and Peoria?

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General Job Post

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This company is hiring for a store manager and requires a bachelor's degree and experience!! For $16-17/hour????

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General Police on break at Coffee House on Cherry Street (exception to the rule)

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General Hide your underage daughters, we got some “patriots” running around town

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General I’ve never been able to find one of these for Tulsa, so I decided to make us our own judgemental map

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General People without power still gang represent


How are all my still no power people? We’re beginning day 6 and I have to say, the weather feels incredible this morning. I’m kicking it in the hammock out back.

I’m really hoping today is my day.

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General Tulsa is getting a lake.

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General In a parking Lot, trying to leave after dropping off my daughters, this car, going the wrong way down the lane, cuts me off, almost hits me, gives me the I'm disappointed in you look, and parks. In Victory Church parking lot.

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General This is a joke, right?

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Old Arby’s on Peoria

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General Motorists of Tulsa and the surrounding area, finish this sentence:


When merging onto a highway I should…..

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General Tulsa PD is on one today


Me and my wife were driving from the mall on memorial today when I got pulled over for “break checking” the cop behind me. What I was doing was making sure I was going under the speed limit because there was a cop behind me but on the ticket he wrote it was for occupying the left lane and not passing even though I was in the left lane to make a left turn in less than a quarter mile. This is the most bullshit excuse for a traffic violation I have ever seen. Just be careful folks democracy is out there manifesting itself in full force today.

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General Tulsa restaurant on r/facepalm

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General Yes, Vinita really is getting a Disneyland-style park


I will admit to being one of the many who didn't believe it after seeing it (where else) on Reddit first a couple of months back. But it's happening. Set to open in 2026 to coincide with the Route 66 centennial.


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General Hey Tulsa…


Would you please be kinder to the environment?

I see so much waste.

EDIT: Thank you for upvoting and commenting. Some ideas below:

One possible solution to start with is criminalizing all the methheads, litterers, and noise polluters and forcing them to pay the community back by cleaning up all the trash. I mean all of it, until it is all gone.

Second solution is to charge increasingly punitive taxes to businesses that distribute plastic bags, cups, straws, and utensils. Also fine people that idle their cars.

Third solution is to decrease parking lots and add more bike and pedestrian lanes. The parking lots around here are huge, hideous, and depressing.

Please get to know the governmental system here (I don’t know the area at all) and ask for these solutions to start with?

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General Can we talk about how hard Quiktrip taquitos have fallen off??


Dawg that shit is TRASH now. I used to could eat those every day if I wanted to. Now I feel like I’m eating cat food in a soggy shell. So disappointing.

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General Truth

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General For just $2,000 up front and $1,225 a month - this box can be yours to rent!

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General Please post open restaurants, gas stations, etc here.


Spent most of the day yesterday helping neighbors clear limbs from the road. Ended up spending way too much time looking for food and fuel. Why the mods left the sub abandoned is beyond us. There's still thousands without power. Please post food and fuel available and where. Thank you.