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Miscellaneous Majorkill Mini Scam


This is a public service announcement for anyone who supports Majorkill. It seems he discontinued the lifetime access option. By that I mean not only did he stop offering it on his site, but he no longer gives access to new STLs to those who bought it in the past. I'm not a lawyer, but this seems super sketchy. Could he also block access to individual STL files people buy as well? Who knows? Either way, he needs to be held accountable. DO NOT support him in any way until this is resolved.

Update: Apparently he changed his brand from Majorkill Minis to Major Minis, presumably to specifically discontinue the lifetime access option. SUPER shady. I'll never support him ever again, and I suggest nobody here does either.

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When your small indie game has more settings than big-budget AAA games


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Meme đŸ’© Anyone else found Joe's dismissal of scientists based on their personal habits insufferable? bruh get a grip you're a comedian the f*ck you know about health.

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Greta Thunberg gets honorary doctorate from Finnish university

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Discussion Thank you Bungie, you turned PvE in a Nightmare and i hate it


No matter if Nightfalls, Lost Sectors or Neomuna. The constant disadvantage in nearly every activity feels just aweful. It destroys the whole powerfantasy of the game and discourage new players

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AMA Olen Binga TupamÀki, OTM ja kokoomuksesta ehdolla Uudellamaalla. TÀssÀ mun AMA!


Moi kaikille! Olen Binga TupamÀki, oikeustieteen maisteri ja kaupunginvaltuutettu Kauniaisista.

Poliittiselta suuntautumiseltani olen markkinaliberaali realisti, joka haluaa pitÀÀ valtion mÀÀrÀysvallan tiukasti kurissa. MielestÀni kaiken politiikan lÀhtökohtana pitÀisi olla se, ettei valtio tiedÀ paremmin kuin kansalaiset itse, miten heidÀn elÀmÀssÀÀn tulisi toimia.

PÀÀtöksentekijöiden joukkoon tarvitaan ihmisiÀ, jotka vahtivat, ettei vallan keskittÀminen julkiselle sektorille tule kasvamaan. SiinÀ yksilöiden ainutlaatuisuus jÀisi helposti jalkoihin.

Mun teemana on ”Vapaus tuntuu hyvĂ€ltĂ€â€, sillĂ€ holhousvaltion aikakausi on ohi. LisĂ€ksi kannan suurta huolta Suomen taloudesta ja erityisesti siitĂ€, miksi talous ei ole kasvanut vuoden 2008 tasosta. Olemme jÀÀneet muista maista jĂ€lkeen.

Vastailen kysymyksiin kello 19-23 vÀlillÀ sitÀ mukaa kun kerkeÀn. Laittakaa vaan mitÀ tahansa mietteitÀ, mitkÀ pohdituttaa!

TÀssÀ todiste AMAsta

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DISCUSSION My Persona 5 Tierlist (change my mind)

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So many of us take photos like this 😂

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Maybe maybe maybe

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JustaMinx | Just Chatting Minx addresses her drinking habbits

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Opinion / Fluff Post I marked Leong Mun Wai's "essay", not sure what score I should give

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Workflow Included This AI not only control Pose, but also control Lighting. Damn Cool!

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The Best or NOTHING!!!!! Do you think Lewis would take a RB seat?


There has been some (idle) speculation that Horner would offer Perez’s seat so a more competitive driver to prevent another dropoff in viewership like F1 saw after Rosberg left and Bottas was clearly no match for Lewis. Obviously Merc is looking unlikely to give Lewis a winning car under the current regs and few expect him to stick around in the hopes they’ll deliver in 2026 (when cars will still be aero-dominated, not engine-dominated, so unlikely Merc will have an advantage). So, if the seat is on offer, do you think he’ll take it? He obviously comes in against Max firmly entrenched as the team’s nr 1 and at one with the car, so he will be up against some very stiff competition. But then if the answer is no, you have to think the 8th title looks extremely unlikely to happen?

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Event Protest the Charlie Kirk / Candace Owens Event on Wednesday

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No, The Seller can't be held responsible for the crappy house you bought


This has happened to all of us and we have all done it... Welcome to home ownership

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Meme 50 Mil in profit after 2.2 BIL in sales👁👄👁

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Good Vibes I love this quote!

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SocietĂ  La mascolinitĂ  tossica.


Non fare la femminuccia, tira fuori i le palle, non sei un vero uomo se ..., chi porta i pantaloni? Se siete maschi, sicuramente avrete sentito innumerevoli volte queste frasi rivolte a voi. Molti bambini, ragazzi e uomini, finiscono per interiorizzare comportamenti estremamente dannosi a livello psicologico. Ai maschi non Ăš permesso fallire o perdere, apparire deboli o semplicemente sensibili, piangere, ed ovviamente chiedere qualsiasi tipo di aiuto, o di "non farcela". Il maschio non deve lamentarsi, deve soffrire in silenzio, e non farlo vedere. All'uomo devono piacere alcune cose ed altre no. Sono richiesti ricchezza e potere, non Ăš concepibile che a qualcuno non interessi di "far carriera". Chi decide di dedicarsi alla famiglia diventa "un mammo". Spesso chi non rientra negli schemi viene deriso, ignorato, ostracizzato o peggio. Spesso i peggiori nemici degli uomini sono altri uomini, ma ancora piĂč spesso loro stessi. Quando questi requisiti non vengono soddisfatti, ce la si prende con sĂ© stessi per non essere stati abbastanza bravi, forti o chissĂ  cos'altro.

Durante questi ultimi anni, il discorso attorno al maschilismo si Ăš fatto piĂč presente. Quello sulla mascolinitĂ  tossica, molto meno. Credo che oggi le cose vadano meglio del passato, per lo meno nella mia generazione (millennial), benchĂ© ci sia ancora un enorme mole di lavoro da fare per smontare questa miriade di stereotipi. Mi piacerebbe aprire un dibattito costruttivo con tutt*, per sapere cosa pensate riguardo e quali sono le vostre esperienze.

Un link per chi non sapesse di cosa di tratta, ed una serie (secondo me molto divertente)

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Video AFU tank hiding on the side of the road being hit by Lancet drone. 2023

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POV: Your son, the light of your eyes, your flesh and blood is crying and instead of picking him up and comforting him you... POST ON LINKEDIN! "Thank you Apple, I will let the baby know." Posting his son, without consent in his most vulnerable of moments.

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Being healthy is probably overrated, anyway... 🍎

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ngl even though ksi was wrong for what he did this shit is getting so old. he privately apologized and is just trying to promote his fight and we still have these mfs on ksi’s dick like its there job. Get over it just like how wade AND ksi got over it

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I won this box, but it's stuck and won't fit through the hole

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Daddy is back!!!!

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