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This is horrific

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u/Razzlecat20 Jan 28 '23

do NOT forget their shining their flashlights at the street pole camera.

that's what they were busy doing - looking for cctv cams.

dumb idiots probably didn't even realize they were looking right at one.


u/scribblenator15 Jan 28 '23

Local Memphis news reporting the Fire department hadn’t seen the video until tonight and will decide on the EMTs early next week. The Shelby county sheriff also suspended two deputies due to seeing them in the video, which he also saw for the first time tonight.


u/bpayne123 Jan 28 '23

Those two EMTs who were there for 16+ minutes and didn’t do a damn thing need to be arrested.


u/devention Jan 28 '23

They all deserve accessory, minimum.


u/hello_01134 Jan 28 '23

Appreciate the updates.

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u/WasabiCrush Jan 28 '23

He screamed for his Mom. My god.


u/Baonguyen93 Jan 28 '23

This remind me of the video of police brutality beating a homeless veteran, who have mental problems and keep calling his parents, his voice still haunting me, so I can't watch this video either.


u/nymphonymphette Jan 28 '23

that’s heartbreaking …… all of this is, I can’t fathom why our country is like this. how people can be so cruel. it disgusts me.


u/weedingout_the_weeds Jan 28 '23

I can’t fucking watch it, I have 3 sons, and I just can’t do it. Wtf is wrong with our country! 😭


u/WasabiCrush Jan 28 '23

I’ll start you a list.


u/KebabDonJFK Jan 28 '23

Watched the footage back. It looked absolutely horrific. They took turns beating the living shit out of him whilst he could barely stand, screaming for his mom, it's totally messed up.

God hope they all rot in prison.


u/Ironlord456 Jan 28 '23 All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Starry Plus One

What I want to happen to them would get me banned off Reddit


u/isAltTrue Jan 28 '23

There's a reason there are so many warnings to watch what you say at the top of these posts. Sometimes justice doesn't match up with Reddit TOS.

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u/Fragmented_Logik Jan 28 '23

When they Fire EMS/Firefighters too you know it's fucked up.


u/Cagoss85 Jan 28 '23

Have a link for this? I haven’t seen that yet


u/Poptart_backwash Jan 28 '23


u/YesItIsMaybeMe Jan 28 '23 Wholesome Seal of Approval

I'm going to take y'alls word on this that it's that bad, because holy shit just the description is so fucking intense.

Murder charges all around, please.


u/InedibleSolutions Jan 28 '23

20 minutes to render aid after they beat him so horribly that he could not speak properly.


u/QuillofSnow Jan 28 '23

It blows my mind that it took them 20 minutes to get him on a stretcher and move him out of there. You can see them set up their equipment and start to do their job, only for them to just stop rendering aid and start chatting up the police. Not to mention they kept shining bright ass lights into the face of someone who’s clearly got head trauma.


u/gogopogo Jan 28 '23

Small point, fundamentally I agree.

Pupillary reflex testing (shining light into eyes and watch the pupils how they move) is super important in assessing neurological injury, needs to be done and often repeated if things change.

Source: ATLS

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u/10_minute_ban Jan 28 '23

It is heart breaking to see him calling for his mom.


u/Andy_In_Kansas Jan 28 '23

Hate to make your day worse, but his mom was literally nearby. He was running home and got close to the hose. If she had walked outside it’s conceivable she would have heard him. He was scared for his life and was just trying to get home (and to his mom, presumably). I hope they get the harshest sentence possible.


u/Poptart_backwash Jan 28 '23

Cops are out of control. They have too much power and not enough accountability. I’m terrified of them.


u/Poptart_backwash Jan 28 '23

Devastating. I don’t understand why this even happened.

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u/Fragmented_Logik Jan 28 '23


u/12ealdeal Jan 28 '23

What the fuck?

What on earth was up with these people?


u/thisphuckinguy Jan 28 '23

Thank you for this. All involved need to be held accountable.

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u/tgwke Jan 28 '23

EMS just stood around for 10 minutes before doing anything


u/trippMassacre Jan 28 '23

They did nothing except join in the post murder circle jerk.


u/SouthernArcher3714 Jan 28 '23

Oh no you forgot that while he was dying, one of them said “oh you’re high as fuck”. They didn’t ask any questions, do any assessments, try to talk to him… nothing

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u/tialisac Jan 28 '23 Gold All-Seeing Upvote LOVE!

This shit will not stop until we tie police brutality to their fucking pensions when they are sued out the ass.


u/zyrkseas97 Jan 28 '23

Imagine beating a man to death while he begs for god, mercy, and help, and then not introducing yourself to the end of a rope that day.


u/Bikinigirlout Jan 28 '23

All together these men weighed a little under 1K. Tyre only weighed 150. They kicked him and beat him like a gym bag. One of the fuckers kicked him so hard he injured his damn self! Then a goober fucking peppered sprayed himself because he was so hyped about torturing and killing this guy.

These assholes deserve to rot in prison next to Derek Chauvin.


u/koosekoose Jan 28 '23

You forgot about when after he went limp, they hoisted him upright and then took turns haymaker-ing his face in.


u/AltsOnDeckLol Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

One guy even says, “stand back- im about to baton the fuck out of him”

It literally sounded like me as a kid playing with my friends “watch out- im about to suplex the crap out of him”

They enjoyed this.


u/One-Permission-1811 Jan 28 '23

And that same cop telling the others to “Punch him, hit him”


u/The_Yarichin_Bitch Jan 28 '23

And watched him kick and struggle to right himself when he fell over on his own some minutes later. Fpr a full minute they watched him try to sit back up again and again and again...


u/smoothEarlGrey Jan 28 '23

Then when other officers arrived they acted like he couldn't speak or sit up because he was high af. No, he's not high out of his mind. You beat him to a pulp and then picked him up so you could beat him some more.


u/TriiFitty Jan 28 '23

Not to mention it took 30 minutes for any ambulance to show up!

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u/Even-Percentage-8916 Jan 28 '23

These aren't assholes. These are fucking monsters and nothing less.


u/Dillpick Jan 28 '23

They deserve far worse as did Chauvin


u/pegothejerk Jan 28 '23

An average adult delivers a thousand pounds of force with a kick. It’s insane how severely they beat a human.

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u/Graceland1979 Jan 28 '23

I fully believe after watching this video that they WANTED to kill him. They enjoyed it and they did it as a group


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23



u/ArnoudtIsZiek Jan 28 '23

an ever increasing fear of mine


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23



u/ArnoudtIsZiek Jan 28 '23 Silver Take My Energy

Elijah McClain died in the politest manner he could, he tried to tell them who he was. He said he was an introvert. He threw up multiple times while three cops piled on him, and then paramedics came in and murdered him with 500 mg of ketamine. There’s audio that captures his last moments too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Elijah_McClain


u/TheAb5traktion Jan 28 '23

Speaking of Elijah McClain:

Disabled individuals make up a third to half of all people killed by law enforcement officers. Disabled individuals make up the majority of those killed in use-of-force cases that attract widespread attention.


Disability includes those who are mentally or physically disabled. Disabled people are ~20% of the US population and are close to 50% of those killed by police. Elijah McClain was autistic.


u/yourmomma77 Jan 28 '23

Otto Zehm was murdered in Spokane, WA while buying pop at a gas station after work. The cop went to prison but his fellow police officer stood and saluted him as he was led out of the courtroom.


u/Spatulars Jan 28 '23

That reminds me of the cops who pushed that old man down and broke his head open, and then the whole department protested the charges brought against the cops. Wikipedia says the cops who resigned upon filed charges for the pigs who pushed that old guy weren’t actually protesting the charges, but ACAB anyway. The charges were eventually dismissed and the cops’ use of force found to be within guidelines. Can’t reform this shitshow.

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u/Sarynvhal Jan 28 '23

As someone autistic this shit is terrifying.


u/alyssayaki Jan 28 '23

Yeah same, like we already have to figure out the right things to say to "normal" people all day, how the hell could I figure out what to say to a sociopathic authority figure I was taught were supposed to help me? What the fuck kind of situation is that


u/Azura13 Jan 28 '23

This is shit that has been a driving force in homeschooling our autistic son. He's still mastering his ability to regulate and express anger and frustration in a socially acceptable way. I am not going to put him in a school where an off duty cop has a bad day and hurts him because he had a meltdown. I have nightmares about this shit.


u/Sarynvhal Jan 28 '23

That is a big problem I have. I have the emotional regulation of an elementary school age kid, and if cops can’t handle a basic question I don’t see myself having much a chance. I truly wish your son the best, it’s not an easy road. And he may never tell you, but caregivers that are always there through it all mean more than we could ever explain.

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u/TheNullOfTheVoid Jan 28 '23

What a kind soul snuffed out for no good reason… Man was just trying to enjoy life…


u/ImJustReallyAngry Jan 28 '23

And then Aurora PD tear gassed the vigil that was held in his memory


u/Spatulars Jan 28 '23

I thought of Elijah McClain earlier today when I was thinking about how I will not watch anymore police murders. Along with George Floyd’s murder, it’s one of the audio/videos I wished I hadn’t heard. I was already angry at police for their everyday bullshit, I’m already pro-abolition, I don’t need to watch these fucking tragic sickening yet totally preventable instances of gross and malicious negligence, misconduct, and murder. The fact that the law most often protects cop pieces of shit is evidence that the law is trash. I wish every police a very pleasant quit your job assholes.


u/Renovatio_ Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

I'm not a fan of the "murdered by ketamine narrative". Its going to be the cop's defense in court and I'm not having it.

The paramedics who gave the ketamine were negligent--they failed to do an exam, failed to give the proper dose, failed to recognize that this probably didn't need chemical restraints. The dose was high but not in the realm of the ld50. I agree with the initial coroner's report where it was labeled as "unclear contributor" to the cause of death. Rather than the amended report saying "ketamine death after police interaction"--which is just total bullshit.

100% ketamine is going to be used by the police defense to get out of a conviction. Completely ignoring that fact that 3 adult men were dog piled on a 20 year old kid. They literally choked him out even before the ketamine was given. Elijah was saying he couldn't breath before the ketamine was given.

Cops are at fault

Paramedics are at fault.

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u/Glissandra1982 Jan 28 '23

Same! Cops used to make me nervous- now they terrify me.

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u/RammsayB Jan 28 '23

While they were still arresting him there was another officer that showed up and held his feet. They need to see repercussions too since they took an active role in the situation.

At the time it was the only white officer near him if that helps identify the one I’m talking about.

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u/okaykay Jan 28 '23 Rocket Like

Obviously watching the cops lynch him was horrific but the video of the officers that pulled him out of the car during the initial traffic stop was so gut wrenching because Tyre just sounds so scared and confused. Like he genuinely can’t wrap his head around the fact that they’re coming at him so hot for NOTHING. He says “I didn’t do anything” “you’re doing a lot right now” like basically trying to deescalate these fucking psychos. No wonder he ran away, those cops were acting absolutely feral, as per usual. And then the disregard the cops and paramedics had for him at the end…every single person involved needs to face charges.


u/djsedna Jan 28 '23

This definitely gets me too. I'm really haunted by those last fully-conscious words you see from him. He looks stone sober and completely compliant. "You're doing a lot right now." "I am laying down dude."

I'd have feared for my life, too


u/SouthernArcher3714 Jan 28 '23

He cries out for his mom in the last moments of his life. It’s so sad and senseless. I can’t imagine being his mom.


u/bigselfer Jan 28 '23

I can’t imagine the torture. She heard those cries when she watched. She will hear them every day


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23



u/Alanski22 Jan 28 '23

I haven't watched the video, don't think I can. It sounds absolutely fucked up wow

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u/Graceland1979 Jan 28 '23

Tyre Nichols ran for his life. Tyre Nichols begged for his life. “Police officers” tortured a non-resistive human being to death.


u/BlueFadedGiant Jan 28 '23

No need for quotations. They were police officers. Sanctioned by the state. They did this knowing full well that body cameras were rolling and their actions were being recorded.


u/claimTheVictory Jan 28 '23

And there will be people defending them.


u/Diamano25 Jan 28 '23

Fuck them, every one of them for defending this.

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u/Cryogeneer Jan 28 '23

The comments on Fox News are utterly disgusting.


u/kieplangdu Jan 28 '23

Don't even go to that cesspool.

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u/ToldYouTrumpSucked Jan 28 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Crazy how 5 bad apples somehow found themselves all on the same call.

Yep. Just a few bad apples.


u/putdisinyopipe Jan 28 '23

The worst part about it..is how they all stood around at the end mocking a dying man that they ruthlessly beat. And told the cops he was high- they are dipshits, you could tell they were trying to make this dude seem like some meth head. That’s how they’ll spin it too

No one fuckin deserves that

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u/bazillion_blue_jitsu Jan 28 '23

He didn't do anything. They had no reason to interact with him at all, besides kidnapping and murder.

He could tell right away. He was fighting for his life.

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u/Iciskulls Jan 28 '23

Someone mentioned that there is a gang in Memphis right now that pretends to be cops too so getting pulled up on in an unmarked car and pulled out by a guy wearing a police hoodie? I'd be confused as hell too

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u/gentlybeepingheart Jan 28 '23

They enjoyed it. Afterwards, they stand around laughing and fistbumping. One of them exclaims "Oooh, that shit was fun!"


u/NousagiCarrot Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

Not having watched the video, it sounds like a lynching


u/TheRealSnorkel Jan 28 '23

That’s because it IS a lynching.

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u/westsalem_booch Jan 28 '23

I cant watch it


u/hotrodstew Jan 28 '23

I’m with you. I don’t want to watch it.


u/bedbuffaloes Jan 28 '23 Gold Helpful 'MURICA

I cant watch it either but after hearing about it I think we should all be in the streets about it. And I'm a comfy old white lady.

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u/Rivendel93 Jan 28 '23

It's so bizarre, I know humans turn back into like pack animals when they all jump in like this, but it just blows my mind that not one cop was like, "hey stop, this is insane."

I can almost understand when cops fire on people because they're just incompetent and poorly trained, but having multiple cops beat someone to death is just insane.

Especially hearing how they celebrate after, it's just stomach wrenching.


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

Yeah ganging up and beating someone to death and then laughing about is just evil. They’re not just idiots who made a mistake, they’re sadistic murderers.


u/donald-ball Jan 28 '23 Silver Gold

They’re cops. This is what they do.


u/bunkerbash Jan 28 '23 'MURICA

It’s been reinforced to them time an again both within their own ranks and on a national level that they are above the law, above reproach, and that whatever whom takes them is Correct and Powerful. These five will face some level of repercussion for their torture and murder of an innocent man. But American Police will shrug it off, if anything it’ll make them crueler, meaner, angrier, and all the more violent. The entire system is built to harm and frighten and murder Americans so that we don’t ever dare stand up to them or threaten the security of the rich.

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u/Bekahsaurus Jan 28 '23

I couldn’t make it that far into the video. Jesus Christ


u/gentlybeepingheart Jan 28 '23

I only saw that because someone posted a clip of it on Twitter (which has since been deleted) I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the actual beating, and I don't think I'll ever have the stomach for it.


u/Bekahsaurus Jan 28 '23

I Guess i felt like i owed it to Tyre Nichols to try, but I 100% understand why you don’t. Have an internet word hug

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u/noise-nut Jan 28 '23



u/Graceland1979 Jan 28 '23

Ready. Willing and able murderers.

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u/demikpre Jan 28 '23

Pretty much what there head of department said with out saying it. She said from the initial stop the cops were bogus and itching for a situation.

He couldn’t understand the anger the cops had for him. When she said that I knew the video had to be BAD!


u/SashaPeace Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

It almost seemed like it was personal, that’s how quickly they went after him. They had guns drawn and pulled him out of his vehicle before he even had a chance to open the damn car door!! It’s like they knew him or of him and were out for him. It was so disgusting. I am so disturbed and sick from this… AGAIN. it never ends.


u/gooddaysir Jan 28 '23

Go watch We Own This City. It’s a mini series on HBO based on real life Gun Task Force in Baltimore. They did all kinds of shit like this. They get high or get drunk and go out and just shakedown or rough up random people for fun. A cop is a cop, wherever they “serve.” Bunch of thugs.

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u/BarlowsBitches Jan 28 '23

You can hear it in their voice, they enjoyed it.

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u/Equal_Ad_7611 Jan 28 '23

That’s what I thought too.. they were like a pack of wolves..

I also believe this is escalated behavior.. that they’ve been doing this to others and it’s been slowly escalating..


u/Graceland1979 Jan 28 '23

They “finally” found a time and a place and it cost Tyre Nichols his life.

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u/Pete_D_301 Jan 28 '23

When Tyre was screaming for his mom, it broke my heart. This is why I do not trust law enforcement. I'm going to expect multiple weeks of civil unrest across the country, especially in Memphis.


u/thesmallestwaffle Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23 Hugz

I had to stop watching after the third time he screamed “mom”. I’m a mom to three boys and I just can’t fathom how horrific it was for his mother to have to watch this.

Fuck those cops.

Edit: It turns out that his mom hasn’t watched, and I’m glad for that.


u/mafa7 Jan 28 '23

Reading this is traumatizing. I’ll definitely never be able to watch. My God.


u/AnAbsoluteMonster Jan 28 '23

Same. I'm feeling physically sick, imagining how he must have felt—the terror, the anguish, the desperation. It is literally gut-wrenching. And thinking about how his family, but esp his mother must feel... I cannot do it. I cannot.

Suffice to say, I am full to the brim with rage and devastation.

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u/JessieBentonFremont Jan 28 '23

I had the same reaction (mother of daughters). I lost it when he cried out for his mom. And when he told them he just wanted to go home. My heart breaks for his mother and the rest of his family and friends. Fuck those cops!


u/SouthOfTheBorderline Jan 28 '23

I’m so glad his mom didn’t watch it. That cry for her would have echoed in her mind for the rest of her days. Seeing what they did to her baby is bad enough.

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u/pandathrowaway Jan 28 '23

I had just finished standing up and telling my partner that I couldn’t watch the video, because I’ve seen too many men call out for their mothers while being murdered by the police—when he cried out “mom” for the first time. I didn’t know it was coming and just burst into tears.

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u/sreek4r Jan 28 '23

Same here. I'm way too attached to my mom and seeing him cry out for her... She must be going through hell right now. This was truly god awful and I still don't understand why how it could escalate to that point. Trying to imagine this happening in any other country and its just plain absurd.

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u/First-Funnies Jan 28 '23 Silver Gold Platinum Take My Energy

we need to push politicians to end qualified immunity, make the police get liability insurance, demilitarize the police, end war on drugs (minorities) and end for profit slave labor prison system.


u/ThaDude915 Jan 28 '23

Colorado ended qualified immunity and made a law where if a cop turns off their body can their testimony is not admissible in court. It ain’t fucking much but it’s a start. Full on systemic reform is needed. I was in the military and we are held to a higher fucking standard in a literal warzone against terrorist cells than US cops are against their own citizens.


u/Tricamtech Jan 28 '23

Should have a license to be a cop, our doctors have to have that so do fxxking barbers, insane that this isn’t already a thing.


u/First-Funnies Jan 28 '23

great idea. license them and make them have insurance like doctors


u/forthe_loveof_grapes Jan 28 '23

Mortgage officers have licenses and insurance. Cops should too

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u/VibrantPotato Jan 28 '23

I’d also like for there to be a national registry tracking their behavior so that they can’t slink off to another location and start fresh. (I’m sure someone else can more eloquently describe what I’m trying to explain).

I’m so saddened and infuriated.

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u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23 Burning Cash

I only watched like 3 minutes of the first video and couldn't watch anymore. The cops literally told him they'd break his arm and bash his head in but couldn't once give clear and concise instructions as to what the actually wanted him to do. His mother is a better woman than I am, because I'd tell the protestors to burn it to the ground. There is no way those officers didn't do shit like this or worse before this incident which means most of that office knows exactly how those involved usually acted and none of them were called on it. I'll die if shit hits the fan because I need life saving meds. But at this point I'm like burn it down and start over.


u/FPGN Jan 28 '23

They weren't even trying to arrest them, they just wanted to cuff him and beat him to death. Horrid


u/Lady-Cane Jan 28 '23

Right? Like just take him to jail already and leave him alone or let him go.


u/STN_LP91746 Jan 28 '23

U mean pretend to try to cuff him. Not sure why they were struggling to cuff him in the first place. Definitely trying to set him up to justify a “stomping”.

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u/Ok_Mycologist_5569 Jan 28 '23

The video of the cops just standing around working on their story and saying how their foot hurt from kicking him was more horrific than anything. They didn’t see him as human. It was a lynching.


u/thisishumerus Jan 28 '23

And they were joking around, saying he was "high as f*ck" when he was literally suffering brain damage from the beating. I have never been so saddened and disgusted.


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/rosepm00 Jan 28 '23

I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes. He was yelling for her and she wasn’t able to do anything. My heart is so broken for her and his family.


u/KellyJoyCuntBunny Jan 28 '23

And he was so close to her home. He was almost there.

Can you imagine going past the spot on the road where your son was beaten to death every time you leave the house? My god.


u/_clash_recruit_ Jan 28 '23

If she would have tried to get involved she wouldn't have been able to stop them, and she might be dead right now, too.


u/thatshoneybear Jan 28 '23

As a mother, let me die too.

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u/moose2332 Jan 28 '23

Even the National Fraternal Order of the Police condemned it. It was too much for the pro-abusers club


u/Chance-Deer-7995 Jan 28 '23

Wow that's rough. They were on the police's side when Eric Gardner was choked to death when he was only talking.

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u/O-R-I Jan 28 '23

National Fraternal Order of Police

Fucking cult name if I've ever seen one.

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u/ineededthistoo Jan 28 '23

He came from taking pics of the damn sunset!!! This is so fucking sad.


u/cerealtoocrispy Jan 28 '23

How many times? How many times does this have to happen? It’s 2023. This feels like the goddamn 50s. What can you even do to make people understand humanity?


u/ScowlEasy Jan 28 '23

If the system itself refuses to address why these incidents keep happening and why it keeps creating new murderers, at some point the people have a responsibility to themselves and to each other to change it.

Now, what would that look like? Well, it depends on how hard the people in the system try to prevent it. Hopefully there’ll still be peaceful options available.


u/DanguhLange Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

Even the Memphis PD had to put out a warning of how bad this video is. These 5 officers baited a reaction out of Tyre Nichols after wrongfully pulling him over and then took turns beating him to death when he was so obviously reacting to being assaulted and actively murdered.


u/mrnaturl1 Jan 28 '23 Gold

I wouldn’t classify anything he did as a reaction. Reaction is fighting back. He never did that. He was begging for someone to help him. Begging for his life.


u/DanguhLange Jan 28 '23

Yeah that is true; they had Tyre to where that’s all he could do was beg for his life, he couldn’t actually react. Really does make it that much more gruesome.


u/mrnaturl1 Jan 28 '23

From what I see in the videos it was bad from the onset. He knew very early on not to react. He was begging for his mom to come. Likely also hoping for someone to step out of their house so they could be a witness and hopefully the cops would stop. Easy to be an armchair quarterback and wonder why no one came out of their houses. Seemed like a quiet neighborhood so you would be able to hear all the commotion. I am surprised cops didn’t turn off their cameras. Watched some of the videos and I keep wondering how just a single cop didn’t attempt to stop this murder and get some of them to realize what they were doing to Tyre. Don’t know why they fired the 2 firefighters but it did appear at least one of them taking their sweet time rendering aid to Tyre. It might not have made a difference but you’re in that job for a reason and you also failed this man.


u/AltsOnDeckLol Jan 28 '23

looks like the neighborhood is terrified of the police too


u/fae_lunaire Jan 28 '23

I haven’t looked into it but I would be absolutely shocked if this was the first account of police brutality for these officers, this is most likely their neighborhood and the people probably knew better than to intervene, you don’t just start with this level of violence there has to be some sort of escalation.


u/Odd_Requirement_4933 Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

This is exactly what I told my husband when we were watching this video. They are going to start lifting up the rocks to see what's underneath, I suspect they will find this has been going on for some time. There's no way this is the first time they've done something like this. Like, not ONE of them stopped to say this is going too far? No, this is not the first time. Apparently two of the EMS that responded have also been fired for not rendering aid quickly. Again, really.... They just let him lay there?! What the fuck? It's almost like they knew the drill with these situations.

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u/HotShitBurrito Jan 28 '23

This video is absolutely one of the worst cases of abject police torture and murder I've ever seen.

Watching what these cops did to Tyre pulled a visceral reaction out of my body that I can't put into words.

What I want to happen to the cops that did this and what I would love to see happen to every law enforcement building and vehicle in Memphis can't be said because my account would be permabanned.

This is horrifying and utterly evil.

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u/dawnjawnson Jan 28 '23 All-Seeing Upvote Starry

Tadarrius Bean

Demetrius Haley

Emmitt Martin III

Desmond Mills Jr

Justin Smith


u/Aerik Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

what about the multiple others who just casually walked around while those 5 put in their final kicks to his head? There's like 9 cops in the video, kicking, watching, and then helping prop up his unconscious, dying body against the car.

edit 1: I've learned at the white cop tasing Tyre Nichols goes by the name Preston Hemphill.


u/dawnjawnson Jan 28 '23

If you can find them post them. Might need a day or 2 for those to come out.

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u/bpayne123 Jan 28 '23

What about the two medics who were there but didn’t even open their medic bags for over 16 minutes? Arrest them!

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u/CrunchBerries5150 Jan 28 '23

Can’t watch it myself. I read a description, heartbreaking.


u/Ironlord456 Jan 28 '23

If you have the Washington post they did a great breakdown of it and it’s on buzzfeed news

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u/1BubbleGum_Princess Jan 28 '23

I don’t want to watch this video…George Floyd was less violent, but I can’t stomach another. I don’t think I need to witness brutality like this, but at least the footage is out there… I’m more here for some sort of efforts to prevent this, but we’ll see…


u/StraightDope2 Jan 28 '23 Take My Energy Ally Brighten My Day

It’s OK to protect yourself. We all have different thresholds. Watching it doesn’t bring him back, and the best that justice can do is already underway. You are already aware that it is footage of wretched murder. Nothing requires us all to immerse ourselves in violent images.

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u/Rapunzel10 Jan 28 '23

Watching every violent video doesn't help. After George Floyd I fell into a really deep pit of hopelessness because I watched every video I came across no matter how violent. I had anxiety attacks and nightmares. That didn't help anyone. My suffering did not help anyone. Your suffering won't help either. In fact it can make you less able to help and be a positive impact for those around you.

Take care of yourself, be aware of what's happening to the point of discomfort but never pain. The human brain doesn't compartmentalize trauma well, seeing something horrific can impact you even though you're safe and seeing it through a screen, evolution hasn't accounted for that. Be angry, be listening, but not traumatized and hopeless

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u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/LaunchpadMcWack Jan 28 '23

They used violence to keep parents from saving their children during Uvalde.


u/mateo_yo Jan 28 '23

Effectively, the taxpayers of Uvalde paid the police to protect the shooter from the parents.

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u/AdeptEntry4917 Jan 28 '23

Fucking horrific. I hope they all meet an equal end.

That being said, as a medical professional I was sick to my stomach counting the seconds to minutes that he laid there, with EMT present while no aid was delivered. I was literally counting the time into brain hemorrhage and likely herniation. GCS plummeting to 3 right before our eyes.

I hope those EMTs also get prison time.


u/Worldly_Zombie_1537 Jan 28 '23

This is God awful! I was speechless when the news showed the clip which wasn’t even the worst of it. This poor man, his poor family…. This makes me sick to my stomach. I… like so many I’m sure…. Want to know WHY?????? Why did they do this to this poor man????

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u/Onetimeguy8 Jan 28 '23

It’s not a beating, it’s an execution


u/ApolloPlayz2434 Jan 28 '23

That was no execution. That was torture followed by murder.

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u/Mpulsive_Aries Jan 28 '23 Take My Energy

I'm a Black man and when it comes to LEO we have to realize there are no BLACK, WHITE, or HISPANIC OFFICERS.

There's only BLUE OFFICERS they exist in their own world where they make the rules and move the goal post.


u/kate3544 Jan 28 '23

It was a fucking horrific video. Absolutely unwarranted and animalistic.

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u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23

This terrifies me. My son is turning 17, and he's not white passing at all. I want him to live his life and not be afraid to go out into the world, but with shit like this happening, I want to just lock him away. I get away with warnings when I encounter the police. I fear that my son will not be so lucky.

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u/Space2Bakersfield Jan 28 '23

Seen a lot of shit over the years, George Floyd, Rodney King, and too many others. This video shook me up the most. The screams of that poor man and the utter fear and helplessness he must have felt while being brutalised for absolutely no reason. Fuck cops. Literally all of them. Holding up a dude with a broken neck and taking swings at him while his arms are restrained. Laughing with each other about throwing haymakers. Every single one of them deserves worse than the criminal justice system will give.


u/Stillwater215 Jan 28 '23

It wasn’t just a beating, it wasn’t just a murder.

This was a lynching. Committed by law enforcement officers.


u/Eatthebankers2 Jan 28 '23

Unless they make cops get their own insurance , us peeps pay for their crimes. They laugh at the crimes bill$ they drop on us all. Enough.


u/Crazy-Badger-7606 Jan 28 '23

I am from the Middle East. I lived through the Arab spring. I treated patients shot by the police as a surgeon. The American police is no different than the police from where I came from. Militarized and above the law. Can kill with impunity. I spent some time working in the US and it felt like being back in a militarized society, except no one feels that. It’s strange that after all what happened and the BLM movement that the American government doesn’t (can’t?) fix the police!! I really feel bad for his mother. As a father I cannot fathom knowing my child went through that, let alone seeing a video of it.

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u/sumerkhan Jan 28 '23

I really hope these POSs families (if they have any) are finally able to seek the help they need because I don't doubt for a second they're wife and child beaters. My heart goes out to Tyre's mother. This feels like Emmett Till all over again


u/No-Fishing5325 Jan 28 '23 Take My Energy

I'm so fuckiing pissed again. Omg. It does not matter the officers were black. They were cops. That was their race. Cop


u/jerseyjokes Jan 28 '23

It takes a certain type of person who wants to go into law enforcement. As a kid I was raised to think it was someone altruistic. You learn to realize it’s someone who craves control and power over the weak.

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u/bgalvan02 Jan 28 '23

As a mother this saddens me, as a citizen this enrages me. The police have way too much power, yes they were fired and charged immediately but what about the others who get off with no more than just a slap on the wrist! I hope and pray this momma gets her justice for her son. RIP Tyre ( cause no matter what he may have done he DIDNT deserve this) #JUSTICEFORTYRE

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u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23 edited Feb 11 '23 Gold All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy



u/InterestingTry5190 Jan 28 '23

Anyone else have this drop off the top trending topics on Twitter? It was the #1 topic and fell off the entire list after about 5-10 min. Not at all suspicious.


u/dabasauras-rex Jan 28 '23

Get off Twitter boys and girls , that shit is wack

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u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23



u/petitveritas Jan 28 '23

For the past couple of weeks, anytime something is trending big, suddenly "cybertruck", "tesla", or "model 3" starts trending, too. It's like clockwork. And, of course, there is no news on any of those, they're just trending for eyeballs. It's kinda sickening how he's turned into a personal playground and billboard.

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u/chungusXL316 Jan 28 '23

Fucking disgusting.


u/Lazerspewpew Jan 28 '23 Take My Power

Is there a word that's more severe than murder? Dispassionate slaying?

This is police culture. They're literally fucking each other in between murdering people for fun.



u/beemccouch Jan 28 '23

Aggrevated first degree murder. That's the charge they all need. Aggrevated because they were cops, and there were five of them and any one of them could have stepped up.


u/Lazerspewpew Jan 28 '23

They knew what they were doing the entire time, and they enjoyed it.

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u/Bikinigirlout Jan 28 '23

Honestly torture is what they put him through. They tortured him just because they felt like it

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u/charliestwin Jan 28 '23

The body cams released were horrific and I hope these cops rot in prison for the rest of their miserable lives. The police are supposed to serve and protect, not beat the living shit out of you. This was the worst type of murder.


u/LeMeowLePurrr Jan 28 '23

She said she was worried for the families of these 5 officers and how they have put their families in danger. She said she was worried for their children. Talk about grace under pressure.


u/Specialist_Teacher81 Jan 28 '23

And as we speak, some neckbeard in Utah is making a "funny" meme out of it.


u/NofksgivnabtLIFE Jan 28 '23

As we type a manifesto is being written in more than one place im sure.

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u/WhoAccountNewDis Jan 28 '23

American policing can't be fixed with a new law or two, it needs to be torn down and restricted from the ground up.

We won't do that though, we'll just condemn people for destroying property during riots and maybe talk about body cams.


u/Competitive-Weird855 Jan 28 '23

Here are the videos:


Graphic warning (if that’s necessary).


u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23


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u/Blank_IX Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

If I was given the choice between becoming a cop or eating shit for the rest of my life, I'm picking the latter every time.


u/TallyMarks9 Jan 28 '23 Faith In Humanity Restored

I might choose being a cop because my dumbass would think ill be able to change something


u/Annahsbananas Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

I thought that. I'll stop you the hassle and tell you it's impossible.

When I joined I thought I could make a difference. Nope. My department was ran by literal psychopaths and racists. I have utterly no idea how the fuck they passed their required psych interviews. Many barely passed their 6 month community College certificate program and only 1 person actually had a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice.

Trust me, you can't join the police thinking you can reform them; it's impossible. It's like taking a job in an evangelical church as their pastor to reform it...it can't be done. They're too brainwashed in their culture


u/TallyMarks9 Jan 28 '23

You have my upmost (utmost? Sorry im french native) respect for trying


u/p____p Jan 28 '23

Utmost is correct, you’re doing great.


u/YesItIsMaybeMe Jan 28 '23

Your English is great, especially if you know niche words like utmost

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u/zoominzacks Jan 28 '23

I have an acquaintance from high school that’s been a cop for 15-20yrs. I remember him telling me after he had graduated the academy(or whatever it’s called) about a conversation with his teacher. About how (the teacher) was scared for the future of policing because he wanted to fail most of the candidates he saw just on his gut feeling of their personality, but couldnt. Said he could see these kids where there for a power trip, wanted to have a gun and boss people around. But where too chickenshit for the marines.

I think about that conversation with him a lot. His teacher called it. I know it’s been bad for….well forever. But it really does seem to be getting worse


u/Annahsbananas Jan 28 '23

Oh yes. I remember the academy. I swear most of them were bullies in high school and many were simply not intelligent people at all.

We had one other person there that was nice and very intelligent. I often wonder how long he lasted

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u/[deleted] Jan 28 '23



u/Annahsbananas Jan 28 '23

I quit too. It was literally rhe most stressful thing I've ever done in my life. Normal people will not do well there

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u/Beginning-Goal-8286 Jan 28 '23

As a reminder, these cops are NOT in jail. They all posted bond. I can’t believe that was even an option after watching this. I’m absolutely disgusted with the failure of this system.


u/Frostbitn99 Jan 28 '23

These guys better be in hiding. Everyone wants them dead. I would rather have stayed in jail.

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u/Signy_Frances Jan 28 '23 Starry

What frustrates me is that this is no surprise. After the murders of George Floyd, Elijah McClain and countless others, Americans have no excuse to deny that our police, as an organization, are bloodthirsty, corrupt and contemptible. No moral person can join this organization and remain within it. During 2020, it seemed like many people understood this. But then they decided to forget, and stood by as cities doubled down on funneling taxpayer dollars towards these murderous cowards. Now this happens: of course it did! This is what cops do, and it's an important part of their job: ensuring that Americans remain terrified of their licenses to torture and kill with impunity. But that fact is so upsetting to contemplate that even if it does generate appropriate outrage, people will probably switch right back to ~backing the blue~ as soon as their consciences allow.


u/ZeppelinRules Jan 28 '23

Pay the family from the Pension fund.


u/Passessor Jan 28 '23

Two EMT’s have been suspended too

Thank god. I paused the video and checked when I was watching. It took TWENTY MINUTES from when EMT first came on camera until he was finally out on a stretcher. Absolutely ridiculous