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Illinois man tried to run away from cops while handcuffed

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u/Riptide360 Jun 08 '23

They should build airtags into handcuffs for the ones they can’t catch.


u/DassaTheSadfinder Jun 08 '23

That’s a idea you should patent. Would be funnier but more expensive to see the cuffs attached to a steel cable in a retractable lead attached to the officer lol


u/martiniolives2 Jun 08 '23

Steel or a strong rubber band or bungee cord. That's some Road Runner cartoon shit right there.


u/Layton115 Jun 08 '23

If movies have taught me anything its that it would be used to strangle the officer


u/Max_AC_ Jun 08 '23

Or a small officer attached to a large suspect is gonna get dragged like a dog dragging a small owner on it's leash lol


u/DassaTheSadfinder Jun 08 '23

That is an option I hadn’t considered.


u/animememesandculture Jun 09 '23

Remote activated wrist tazer is handcuffs.


u/Sablemint Jun 10 '23

Then someone would figure out how to remotely activate it when the cop is still holding it.


u/ObamasBoss Jun 12 '23

Cops have done that sorta. They caught a guy, cuffed him, but they were horseback so all they could do was tie a rope to the cuffs and walk him to the station, which was close by. It was a valid method according to policy. People got grouchy though.


u/crayzeejew Jun 08 '23

"You're escapee is 200 meters to your left"


u/CobrasFumanches Jun 08 '23

Someone developed cuffs with a tazer and sedative in them.


u/Comprehensive_View91 Jun 08 '23

Fuck it just put a small nuke on there

It's america after all


u/Solaratov Jun 08 '23

My man out here doing an involuntary Naruto Run.


u/wtfsheep Jun 08 '23

"your gonna get tazed!"

Sounds like a bluff to me considering he just had a failed tazer attempt.


u/AlexHimself Jun 08 '23

He had an X2, which has 2 shots and they carry additional cartridges.

And more obviously...cops don't bluff when it comes to shooting anything at you. They'll shoot you with whatever they got.


u/ObamasBoss Jun 12 '23

They can also dry stun. For those unawarez they can just poke you with the end of the taser gun and zap you.

Pro tip. If you cops are dealing with you and they start putting gloves on, you are reaching the end of your warnings. They are getting ready to escalate to the next use of force level and get physical. At this point is it up to you if you go to jail with your clothes messed up and skin scrapped on the concrete or not. So don't catch any extra charges or turn a short afternoon visit to the station into a week long jail stay because the circuit judge just left and won't be back for a week.


u/FrancisOfTheFilth Jun 16 '23

As a general rule of thumb, arguing with cops, running from cops, attacking cops, or being in any other way aggressive/combative to cops is pretty much NEVER a smart decision.


u/ecudan82 Jun 08 '23

Or you could be like one of friends from freshman year in college, who ran AFTER he gave the police his ID lo (he was just getting an underage drinking citation)


u/thingsomething Jun 08 '23

"Show me your hands!"


u/CetationNation Jun 08 '23

Dude was outrunning police with his hands cuffed. Impressive.


u/MaximumElderberry1 Jun 08 '23

Not impressive tbh. Cops are slow and have a lot of gear on. And are usually pretty fat.


u/ObamasBoss Jun 12 '23

They don't need to full sprint. They will let you sprint and wear yourself out. They will catch up a minute later and not be as winded as the runner.


u/MaximumElderberry1 Jun 12 '23

Never said they needed to sprint. Was just stating that they aren’t fast


u/realmaier Jun 08 '23

That's how I imagine a butler would run.


u/AyoAzo Jun 09 '23 edited Jun 09 '23

I watched a dude do this in front of my apartment 10 years ago. The cop was way over weight and had no chance of catching him and his partner was 100 yards away. Then the runner tripped on a tree root and fucked his face up. You could hear the whole apartment complex go "OOHHHHH" in unison.


u/CycleOfPain Jun 09 '23

Nice. Add some more charges why don’t you


u/crayzeejew Jun 08 '23

"If at first, you don't succeed; taze, taze again."


u/sleebus_jones Jun 08 '23

Haha dumbass.


u/[deleted] Jun 08 '23

A for effort, D for attainment...


u/XiaoYaoYou9 Jun 08 '23

what was he thinking?...maybe it was a real FAT cop, then i can slightly understand do😄


u/WONDER-WOMAN1971 Jun 08 '23

That was my first thought. Hummmm dumbass trying to run away from the officer is going to get tazed.


u/ObamasBoss Jun 12 '23

The ranged prongs of tasers are notoriously unreliable. A great tool when they work but they could use a lot of improvement. My favorite was a guy sitting on the counter acting follish at a convenience store. Eventually cop says he will tase him. Everyone is all yelling and animated. Cop shoots the prongs and tases him. The suspect and the cop just look at eachother. The guy feels his chest and super calmly asks "is it working"? The cop replies "no, I don't think it is working" in an equally calm and cooperative tone. Like it was right from a cartoon, they go straight back to yelling and waving hands all around.


u/highplaindrifter75 Jun 09 '23

THOSE people again…. As usual… they’re always committing crimes then running away


u/jonboy192001 Jun 08 '23

Even if he didn't get tased he was eventually going to fall because he's handcuffed


u/Human_Definetly Jun 09 '23

You can run, but you can't outrun


u/Porkchopp33 Jun 08 '23

Seemed like such a good idea @ the time


u/jamesb0nd_ Jun 09 '23

Of course it's Joliet


u/151515157 Jun 09 '23

So, tasing someone who is handcuffed is completely against tasers training programs and every SOP I have ever seen.


u/Sir_Mr_Dolo Jun 08 '23

I tried to run cuffed once. Didn’t make it far. They also tried to charge me with theft by taking for the cuffs 😂


u/45acp_LS1_Cessna Jun 08 '23



u/rubberboyLuffy Jun 09 '23

Ahh yes Juliet Illinois, the Florida of Illinois


u/daCelt Jun 08 '23

If this dude was a minority, he would have been on the ground with a knee on his back the whole time. They might as well have asked him to "please put on the cuffs and sit in the car. I'll be there in a minute."


u/MaviKartal2110 Jun 08 '23

Bro thinks he’s Florida man


u/Codyjurentkuff Jun 11 '23

How is that not a violation of the use of force? Guy is handcuffed, running away yes but handcuffed. He’s not fighting and can’t fight.


u/MR-no-onethe5th Jun 11 '23

Why police don't have handcuffs with trackers or remote controlled Tasers ?


u/ggRavingGamer Jun 12 '23

Why don't cops use lassos to catch them ehile running? That would also be funny as hell. I guess those things are not really effective?


u/ObamasBoss Jun 12 '23

This kinda happened recently. It was a random guy on horseback in town. He called 911 to say he tied a guy up to a tree with a rope and the cops need to come get him. The 911 operator had to hear it again. The dude just ride off then. Someone did an interview with him.

Cops arrested a guy while on horseback and tied his cuffs with a long rope from the horse. Was a valid arrest method, hit people were not amused. They didn't have a car with them and the station was near by.


u/Mad_Monster_Mansion Jun 12 '23

That man really decided that being a fugitive was better than whatever he was getting arrest for.


u/Fibshblip Jun 15 '23

Doesn't really seem like an appropriate use of tazers


u/skinnylibra5 Jun 18 '23

Is he? Is he gonna get tazed, Mr. Officer?