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Foreigner Post for the all foreigners in the sub...locals chime in too...!


There have been a few questions in this sub by future and potential travelers to Suriname. This post aims to gain and provide information from and to foreigners that have visited or really like to visit Suriname.

First, I'd like to say that I myself have commented on some of the questions providing detailed answers regarding to what you can experience in Suriname, especially in and around the capital. You can read them over here:

  1. Answer on question by u/cmendez473.
  2. Answer on question by u/soulbarn.
  3. Answer on question by u/PenPaperTen.
  4. Answer on question about wildlife by u/TravelOverSky

I also liked the answer by u/jackamo3. The question by u/m2ger on the entry fee was also interesting and it can give insight into problems experienced.

So, I'd like to know all the questions travelers and potential travelers have regarding to coming to Suriname. I'd also like to know what foreigners interested in Suriname expect to experience when they're here. What burning and important questions do you have regarding visiting Suriname? Are there any hurdles you experience or have experienced when coming to Suriname?

Is it easy to find information on Suriname and more specifically the to-dos in Suriname on the internet in English and your own language, especially for non-Dutch travelers? Do you have any fears to make a final decision to visit? Question regarding crime, expenses etc.

If you have visited, what would you see improved regarding tourism, hospitality etc. in Suriname? What was amazing, what could be better? Where did you have a bad experience? Where did you have a good experience?

So, all advice and questions are appreciated.

This is for the locals in this sub:

It would be great if you all chimed in too to provide good and if possible detailed answers or information to all the questions the foreigners provide. Do not attack people and try to defend something...it's their experience. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: No tak' negatief abra a kondre. Hor' ala san positief en neutraal...no wan politiek of raciaal gedoe...ook al weet je dat het soms niet altijd koek en ei is. Jij bent het visitekaartje en ambassadeur van Suriname, promoot je land en wees behulpzaam.

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Question Need help for a project - What is Suriname's most iconic cult film?


I'm working on a list of every country's most iconic cult film (list here: https://boxd.it/n5ZFs) and wondered if anyone could help me figure out Suriname's entry. I'm looking for a film that might not be well-known outside the country's borders. Perhaps it's a film everyone knows, and is hugely popular only to Suriname's audiences, even if it wasn't popular with critics. Or maybe it's a film that wasn't well-received by audiences or critics, but has gained a cult following in the years since its release. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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Paramaribo Wanna meet in Paramaribo?


Visiting my mom and on vacation until June 20th. Who’s bored and wants to meet and drink a beer?

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Question Su | Alternatieve bestemmingen in de regio


Ik wil graag naar Suriname, eens meemaken. Maar ook nog weer verder vanaf daar. Over land/lucht etc.

Ik zie (als ik het goed heb) dat het vliegveld in Suriname nu niet heel goed ontsloten is, vrij prijzig om verder te vliegen.

Wat zijn alternatieven? Over land via F- Guinea? Wat zijn toegangen tot vliegvelden die meer bestemmingen hebben?
Waar gaan low cost airlines heen (als ze er zijn)

Colombia trekt me, maar ook midden Amerika, Panama, en richting El Salvador

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Other Jay "The Matrix" Overmeer | Exclusive Pre-Fight Interview | Collision 5

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Nature Should I buy my friends farmland in Suriname?


I made a good friend in my time living and working in South-east Asia who was a Dutchman that happened to own a significant amount of land in Suriname. He randomly brought up the idea of selling it to use the funds for retirement.

My family and I like the idea of owing land like that as a future investment, and possibly to retire to in the future.

Hypothetically speaking, if we did have the means to purchase it, would it be a good idea?

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Foreigner - Question Possible internship in suriname


Hello everyone i have a few questions regarding a stay at suriname.

I saw that there are riots going on right now and i was wondering how save it is for foreigners to live there. The region i will be living in will be Paramaribo are there any kind of safety precautions is should do or any other rules?

Thanks in advance!

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Humor & Entertainment NICK MACK - DONKEY TAXI (OFFICIAL AUDIO) [Angry Bird Riddim] POWER SOC...

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Language Questions about the Sranan Tongo language from a foreigner.



I'm looking all over the place for basic Sranan Tongo vocabulary, and I noticed a lack of certain words, even across various dictionary websites, which I feel like would have a lot more relevance. I'm also using the language and it's vocabulary as part of a writing project, but that's irrelevant respective to this question.

So far, all I was able to find was "Kowruten" was the Sranan word for 'Winter', which I feel like may be very incorrect, and I was not able to find anything else for any other season. I have made guesses based on Dutch and English grammar, but feel like that may be doing the beautiful creole a disservice.

Other words I was looking for, but feel unconfident about what I did find, include the words for Early (Fruku?), Middle (Mindri?), and Late (Bakaten?).

Thank you in advance for any information you'd be able to provide me!

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Question I have some questions.


So I don't speak Dutch, I speak English, as I'm U.S. American. I'm planning to visit and move to the Republic of Suriname, later this year. How easy is it for English speakers to get around? I already know a lot about the Republic of Suriname, from watching many videos, and reading many articles about it online. My plan is to be a Park Ranger. Is it easy to be a Park Ranger? I know how heavily forested it is there, (great job with that, by the way. More nations should follow that example), but I don't know how many National Parks are in your Republic, and as such, don't know how easy or difficult it is to be a Park Ranger. And is it easy to immigrate there, and gain Surinamese citizenship? What is public transportation like, in Paramaribo and other Surinamese towns? I know you drive on the left side of the road, whereas the USA drives on the right side of the road, which is why I ask about public transportation. I have heard that 60-70% of the Surinamese population, speaks Dutch. Is it easy to learn Surinamese Dutch?

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Question Creole symbols


I'd like to ask. Are there any Creole symbols similar to the African masks, both artistic wise and in meaning?

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Question Wat zijn bekende liedjes van Surinaamse artiesten die iedereen daar kent?


Hallo allemaal,

Voor een opdracht van school zijn we in een groep bezig met opdrachten verzinnen voor een ontmoetingsdag (in de toekomst) tussen Nederlandse studenten en een school in Paramaribo. We hadden het idee om iets met muziek te doen. Ik ben zelf een Nederlander en weet dus niet heel goed welke liedjes daar nou wel of niet populair zijn. Kunnen jullie me helpen en wat bekende nummers hieronder plaatsen.

Alvast heel erg bedankt :)

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Question Must-eat places in Paramaribo for a first time visitor, also where can I buy postcards?


Must-eat places in Paramaribo for a first time visitor, also where can I buy postcards?

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Nature Sunrise seen from my house this morning

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Haii goodevening,

My partner is visiting Suriname for work. He wants to suprise me with a piece of jewelry, because suriname had some gorgeous pieces. He visited a store called Wing Wah on the heiligenweg and saw some gorgeous things but he is in doubt if its real gold.

Manly because he got told by locals that some stores may try to scam you with the weight or fake gold.

Is Wing Wah a trustworthy place, what does he need to watch out for and what are recommended places on the heiligenweg.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Other Enquête-Schijnend licht op duurzaamheid: Inzicht in de houding tegenover zonne-energie in Suriname.


Goedemorgen, Mijn naam is Joshua Sibilo Ik schrijf momenteel mijn bachelor scriptie over de vooruitzichten van duurzame zonne-energie in Suriname en het begrijpen van de interesse en perceptie van de bewoners ten aanzien van duurzaamheid. Het zou mij erg helpen als u mijn korte enquête invult. Bedankt voor uw tijd.

De link naar de enquête staat hieronder


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Question Finding a cheap jungle survival course


I always wanted to do a jungle survival course in the Amazon rainforest but I was never able to save that amount of money for a holiday trip (the courses always cost around 3000 dollars). So I was wondering if I could just pay a local from a village around the amazon rainforest to train me for a few days.

I think the problem would be that those local probably won't talk English (correct me if I'm wrong).

Can somebody help me with finding an affordable alternative to experience a jungle survival training?

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Ethnicity/Race Inheemsen

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Culture, music and art The Vibrant Sounds of Surinam with Edgar Ramiro

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Paramaribo Im flying for work, will be at Paramaribo for seven days, what about shopping?


I want to know about the shopping prices, as how much does a tennis costs, or a t-shirt, and cellphones and electronics.

Im asking because im eager to buy things from local places but i dont know how much i can expect to expend.

Thanks in advance!

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Culture, music and art Old school hip hop from Suriname


I'm on the quest of listening to at least one rapper from each country in the worst. Can I get some recommendations?

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Foreigner Job offer in Suriname! Seeking insights on life there


Hello r/suriname!

I've been offered a job opportunity in Suriname and I'm seeking insights on life there. I have a few questions in mind, and any information you can provide would be valuable:

Safety: How safe is Suriname? Are there any areas or neighborhoods I should be cautious about?

Social Life: What's the social scene like in Suriname? Are there opportunities to meet new people and make friends?

Leisure time: What are some popular hobbies that young people engage in? Are there any must-visit outdoor spots or natural attractions?

Cost of Living: How affordable is life in Suriname? What are the average costs of rent, groceries, transportation, and entertainment? How easy is it to use USD on a daily basis?

Language: Do you recommend learning the local language? If so, which one? How easy is it for an expat to integrate into the community and make connections?

For some context, I'm a Brazilian in my mid 20s. Thank you in advance for your responses and any advice you can share!

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Language Looking for dutch speakers for a one year job


Hello! We need a few dutch speakers to compliment our document annotation team. The requirements are: Decent computer and internet, Ability to read English and Dutch, Available for a full time position.

Feel free to send me a PM :-)


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Politics Suriname explained.

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Suriname over the last 4 years explained here in less than a minute

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Other Where can I buy chemicals?


I live in Paramaribo, but I could go outside. I also saw a chemical factory once, but I forgot where.

r/Suriname May 05 '23

Nature Arrived by boat a week ago, loving the country so far

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