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📣 Community Post Fireside Chat - 6/9/2023 - On the topic of Doxxing and the DRS Ledger


Important links: 💰📈Vote & Save the Date: June 15, 2023🚀10:00AM(CT) Gamestop Annual Shareholder Meeting📈💰 - ttps://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/13jaogy/vote_save_the_date_june_15_20231000amct_gamestop/

Computershare Megathread - for any questions about direct registering

TA;DR: Don’t release any non-public information that you do not have explicit permission to release. It is morally wrong and potentially illegal. Specific to the GME DRS ledger, it is legal to look, illegal and immoral to share it publicly. We have a zero-tolerance policy for doxxing.

Hey Superstonk!

It’s possible that if you’ve been actively patrolling Reddit over the past 24 hours, you’ve come across instances in which the personal financial information of members of our community was posted and/or discussed. We have done our best as a moderation team to remove references to this content. Allow us to explain the *why* behind those removals. Please, give us the benefit of the doubt as we explain our perspective on these events.


What happened?

The personal financial information (description of the number of DRS’d shares, locations, number of people with matching names) of members of our mod team, Superstonk, and other GME communities was posted by another sub on Reddit. It was explicitly stated by people involved in this breach of trust that at least some of this content was not consensually released to the public. In order to protect our community from the release of non-consensual personal information, as well as to avoid witch-hunts from all sides, we have removed reference to this release of information from Superstonk and will continue to do so.

In fact, there is evidence that those responsible for this breach of trust and violation of privacy in sharing private data from the Computershare ledger likely violated Federal Regulations.

Evidence here:



What are the Potential and Actual Ramifications?

As a mod team, we want to be as clear as possible, and for once, I’m taking off the gloves and the mod hat, and speaking bluntly to this community:

To those who released this information, this was profoundly stupid. If you are intending to act in ways that are pro-GME, you have missed the mark here.

At this point, we need to take a moment and encourage all members of the sub to be aware of how information from the DRS ledger for GameStop *could* be weaponized now that it has been leaked. It has been proven that there are parties who have viewed the names on the ledger who are willing to look up people by name, and report out the status of their investments without their permission. This includes people who have purple circles but have made the personal choice not to post them. The bot matters - but the ledger matters more. It’s not a stretch to believe that they could, theoretically, cross reference DRS posts made on Reddit (which contain user names) with actual names on the ledger based on share counts reported. If you have a random number of shares that nobody else does, congratulations, you can now potentially be identified by this group of GME investors willing to publicly share your personal information, which includes your name, address and position. If/when the time ever comes to sell, information about how many shares you sold can now be tracked. That’s nobody’s business, unless you *want* it to be. For some people, this doesn't matter. So what? They're proudly invested and not afraid to have their names publicly tied to that investment. For others, they are more cautious. They are concerned about personal safety, or their family/friends knowing personal financial information. It is unfair to take away the autonomy of the individual to control how much information is made public without their consent.

At this time, we have no way to confirm which names they have seen and retained, or if they captured personal information in contradiction of Gamestop’s policies. It is apparent that they spent a great deal of time and effort looking for specific names, and then making public comments about their findings. We can't say with any certainty who they are and are not aware of, which positions they know, or what information they have retained.

There is a very good reason Gamestop corporate insists on not allowing people to record the names of its shareholders when viewing the ledger: to avoid situations exactly like this. People have abused this access to confidential information and are now weaponizing it to further their own agenda. This is a really bad look for the GME community and should be shunned.

It is incredibly troubling that several individuals very publicly decided that their agenda outweighed the rights of members of our community, namely privacy and the ability to consent to the public revelation of their private information. The fact that this breach of trust came from within our Reddit community is not only disappointing but dangerous. We’ve already seen that this “project” has resulted in bullying and harassment of community members both on Superstonk and elsewhere. Some of these folks are simply “unverified” as having DRS’d their shares because their names or LLC names were unknown. We’ve already received confirmation from members of this community who are so rattled about having their personal information out there being cross-referenced and released that they are actually UN-DRSing their shares.

Beyond the legal entanglements they created for the GME community, they violated people’s privacy. They suggested that people weren’t conclusively DRSd to damage the reputation of this mod team. They suggested that other people who have been active in the community were not DRSd because they could not find them on the ledger. There are *any* number of reasons for this that aren’t sinister. For instance, they don’t know the names of the mod team, and as such would not know where to look. People hodl through spouses and LLCs. But the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) suggestions that people were lying about their DRS positions kicked off micro-aggressions and witchhunts and finger pointing, causing genuine rifts between community members based purely on superficial interpretations of anecdotal information.

Moving Forward

As a moderator team, we have no tolerance for anyone who is revealing the personal information of others on the sub without their express and enthusiastic consent. Anyone found to break this policy will be banned immediately. We will also fully support and cooperate with any further investigations that may result from these actions, including legal ones. If your information has been shared or is shared in any way, please message the mod team via mod mail and we will work with you to find a resolution to the best of our ability. Additionally, you may report it here to: https://www.sec.gov/whistleblower/submit-a-tip

No one has a right to your personal information. No one has a right to try to leverage that information to try to force you to make any sort of financial decisions. There is *NO WRONG WAY TO HOLD THIS STOCK*. Coercion and threats will not be tolerated, including and especially when they utilize privileged (potentially legally barred) information in order to try to achieve their objectives.

Your financial decisions are your own. Your personal information is your own. No one has a right to demand proof of anything from you here with regards to your identity or investment. If anyone is making such requests, report them and their comments immediately. We’re *done* with the gatekeeping and purity tests. You like book? Book ‘em. You like DRS? Do it. You like your broker? I wouldn’t… but I’m not you. Let’s unite around love of the stonk, and not around the rallying cry of a fractionalized subgroup playing “holier than thou.”

No one can be required to be publicly accountable for their personal finances and decisions. Zealotry will not be tolerated. We will not allow "Inquisition-style" tactics to be employed to execute witch hunts against members of our community for the way they invest. Anyone making calls for this will also be banned. This mod team is absolutely supportive of DRS and believes it to be the way. I'm on public record time and again saying that I think DRS will be the key differentiator for the success of GME. When the dust settles, they will not talk about Superstonk. They will talk about how a bunch of idiots found DRS and owned the company they loved in their own name. That is my belief, and it is shared by the mods on this team. However, this tent is big enough for everyone, including people who do not have a single share in DRS.

Our community is and will always be a collection of individual investors who have done their due diligence in order to make their own financial decisions for their own best interests. Anyone making calls that your private information should be made public without your knowledge and consent as some sort of “proof” of your legitimacy within this community is wrong and is grossly against the principles upon which Superstonk was founded.

Please report any instance of this behavior you see, and do what you feel is necessary to ensure your own safety and privacy. Remember that we are here to love the stonk, respect each other, and try to build a better world for people. That means that the basic rules of consent, honest/fair dealings, and integrity do matter.

There are people out there saying “Changing the world is what is at stake.” That’s a noble sentiment. But if you have to break the law to get there, then we’re no better than the people we’re currently up against.


-Superstonk Mod Team

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💻 Computershare +17 on the books!

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🤡 Meme Guilty Plea/Invoices Show FTX FTT/SOL as Collateral4️⃣Ponzi Equity Loans w/ First Republic?🤔

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🤡 Meme Happy Cake Day, Ape Historian 💜

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Bought at GameStop GAMESTONK!!!

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Floats already locked. Can’t change my mind.

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Bought at GameStop Popcorn time

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🗣 Discussion / Question RC doing customer support got me jacked. We should also help identify issues or areas for improvement for GME. I’ll start:

Thumbnail gallery

We should support the company by not just DRS, but also doing what RC is doing — identify customer issues and solve them.

I’ll start with one:

Refurbished controllers need to be cleaned. What the fuck is this? There is some nasty gunk stuck next to the R bumper. I don’t even want to use it because it looks so gross. 🤮 What’s the difference between refurbished and used?

Have you guys had this issue with refurbished products?

Would be cool to have a flair to these types of posts. I would love to use this sub to hyper beta test any GME product release or give amazingly accurate, fast, and specific bug reports and feedback to the GME team. Any investor who owns 25% stake would do the same :)

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion RC doing customer support? No. He is leading the way for a customer-obsessed company culture.


It is not his job to do customer support. Lots of comments right now talking about this. Let me explain. This is about transitioning to a customer-obsessed company culture.

I work in aviation safety management. Safety will only improve if the company culture, in my domain the safety culture, improves.

This is how occurrence reporting is done. The first step to improvement is that the entire organization, each person, reports when they identify an issue/hazard. This will only happen with a change in safety culture. Well, not really safety in this case but customer-obsession-culture. This can only be achieved if the big boss authentically leads the way.

No-one should see an issue and shrug. Everyone should speak up when they see room for improvement.

Of course he won't be the guy solving the issue details. He might only do the first step, the issue identification, to demonstrate how important this is to him. In other words: Yes, changing the culture is exactly his job.

Bullish on RC and Gamestop's company culture and issue identification, root cause analysis, corrective action plan, implementation and monitoring of the solution. 🎮🚀🟣 Delight customers, every detail matters.

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☁ Hype/ Fluff Sometimes I like to log into Computershare and just…

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☁ Hype/ Fluff Drop Your Wallet Address! Activating Layer 2 GameStop Wallets


Ape helping apes until I run out of funds. Drop your wallet address below to get Layer 2 of your GameStop wallet activated for free. I don't know how many I'll be able to actually pull off but here goes. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

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☁ Hype/ Fluff Board Member Alain Attal bought 10,000 shares of GME @ $22.40. Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise (Peter Lynch) 🦍💪🚀💎🙌

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📳Social Media RYAN COHEN on twitter

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🤡 Meme A Hype Train is never late, it arrives precisely when it means to 🚂🚂🚂

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“Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise” -Peter Lynch

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📰 News TD Ameritrade FUD for Analysts can't read so good - says GameStop struggles with long term debt

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Long-term debt remains limited to one low-interest, unsecured term loan associated with the French government’s response to ...

Both posted before earnings

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion Weekend tinfoil hat post: The end is nigh


Hey apes,
just wanted to put out a fun thought I had. With how ridiculously bad reddit's API disaster is going, here's the movie that's running in my smooth brain:
We're near the end. Hedgies are more desperate than ever. I have no idea how any of this works, I regularly feast on blue crayons of all the colors. But even to a smooth brain like me who hasn't grown two wrinkles over time, the price drop in AM on Wednesday looked more desperate than any one I have ever seen in all these decades since this saga began. They're not even trying to hide it any more. So then I thought about how ridiculous this whole API thing is going, with spez not even hiding that he doesn't give a shit about reddit or the community. And here's what my marble like surfaced thinker came up with:
Kenny paid a visit to good old spez and said, man, the IPO is doomed, you know it, I know it. You done fucked up. But I feel generous today. Let me buy reddit. Let me give you {insert insane amount}. The condition is that you run reddit into the ground, and quickly, that way we'll finally be rid of r/superstonk.
Define quickly, spez said.
One month, Kenny said.
We know that the reason all this API shit is happening is because of money. Maybe it it, but in a different way.
HODL, apes, HODL just a little bit longer. Soon may the Tendieman come.
Disclaimer: My arms are dragging on the floor and I eat yellow snow. I wouldn't take financial or even cereal advice from me.

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📰 News Attal Alain buys 10k shares for 224k$

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👽 Shitpost Man wins Lottery Jackpot and spends it all on Gamestop stock!


Sorry I won £250 and bought more stonks. However it got me thinking we have 200,000 apes and we have been playing this game for over 2 years now. You would have thought that someone somewhere would have won a decent jackpot. Why have we not heard this story yet?

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🧱 Market Reform Lots of Vitriol Against GG, Hedgies/Banks Big Mad


So, when the zookeepers get riled, it makes me pay attention. Gary Gensler has been derided as a do-nothing idiot, out of touch with markets or an outright shill against retail. His appointment, followed by the other GG, Gerbir Grewal, seemed really good at first, but it was easy to lose confidence, given the way he seemed to be driving regulation and enforcement tangentially.

What I have noticed as a recurring theme in markets and governance, is that things move at a ridiculously slow pace outside of compelling crises. It's a feature of bureaucracy inherent in both systems. I wonder, and I assume I will find out next week, if that was just the case with GG/GG. It looks like they are finally shutting down the tools banks and hedgefucks have used to drive prices down. Liquidity just dried up completely.

GG is being eviscerated on social media right now. Rumor articles are circulating, posts are accusing him of ethical and moral violations, and it all looks like a way to discredit him given that no DD is being given to back it up. They want him gone. Whether GG is an ape or not, our enemies are extremely threatened by him.

It might not hurt to let him know we're paying attention. Apes can't let him fall if he ends up finally doing his job and becomes the GME catalyst. We are retail, and we will need to get behind him. Now would be a good time.

Can you feel it apes? It's getting close. WW3, civil war, pedophile rings, and aliens have already been laid out on the table. It's not going to get less crazy for a while, methinks.

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📰 News Alain Attal using $224k to buy whiskey 🥃👑

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📰 News David seems to get it

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🤡 Meme "Thank you for calling Gamestop Customer service. Ryan speaking, how may I help you?"

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VOTED Me to self: procrastinate much?

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Wonder why Furlong was even on there if he was expected to leave.

r/Superstonk 16h ago LOVE!

🤡 Meme Just a regular Friday Night for our Executive Chair.

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