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Pirate Party Australia, a branch of the Fusion Party, has updated their economic reform platform to include a $580 pw Citizens Dividend (UBI) fully funded by Land Value Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and other tax reforms

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Researcher: Optimal copyright term is 14 years | 'An optimal copyright term of 14 years is designed to encourage the best balance of incentive to create new work and social welfare that comes from having work enter the public domain (where it often inspires new creative acts).'

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The us wants to censor media

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We must safe the internet

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Record Labels File $412 Million Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Internet Archive | The Internet Archive is also being sued by major publishers for alleged copyright infringement through its book lending library.

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Do You have a Right To Repair - with Dr Matthew Rimmer

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Canada has recently extended the length of its copyright term from 50 years after the death of the author to 70 years after the death of the author, in compliance with the USMCA trade agreement.

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Pirate Party Australia Cautions Against New Proposed Legislation to Curb Misinformation

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The Problem with Shadowbanning on Reddit and Beyond: A discussion with Reveddit Owner Robert Hawkins

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I propose that we hold another, but longer, blackout.


It’s clear that the two day blackout has been a major flop. But I think that we should try again and keep going.

I propose that we hold another blackout, this time for two months. The blackout will start on the 4th of July and end on the 4th of September.

If you see this post, then please share this with other subreddits and ask the mods of those subreddits to hold another blackout.

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Through the Spyglass: Taxation is Mass Surveillance

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Reddit Blackout and r/PirateParty


Greetings, my anti-authoritarian brothers, sisters, and non-binary siblings in arms.

I’m sure that you have heard of some rumors of the Reddit Blackout on June 12. Well, on that day, for a variable number of days, many subreddits is going to go silent 🔕 to protest against Reddit’s recent policy regarding the API system, which would increase the amount of money that third party apps would need pay in order to continue to use Reddit’s mobile app.

But what do you think? Should r/PirateParty join the other subreddits in the Reddit Blackout?

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Don't Let Reddit Kill 3rd Party Apps!

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TheRarbg Update: June 2023


TheRarbg Update: June 2023

Hello, fellow Redditors!

We are very thrilled with the response we received from the community. As soon as we heard that RARBG closed its gates due to financial issues and personal suffering of their members, we felt helpless. Personally, it pained me to know about it, hope they are well.

I started this project just to provide some relief and create something quickly, so that at least we could remember that RARBG was providing the best service without asking for anything in return. I began by copying and pasting data from dumps and other torrent sites, and borrowed some HTML/CSS from other repositories. I also sought help from strangers, which made me feel good. People even asked me to create certain features, and I felt blessed. I worked tirelessly to create something useful.

Today, we have released a version that can be considered a minimum viable product, featuring main elements such as:

-A bit of mobile-friendliness.

  • Image preview on hover.

  • A small subset of the search functionality that RARBG had.

Our main focus, and what should be emphasized, is a blazingly fast search. In this version, the search is indeed fast but limited in scope. Next, we are working on an IMDb ID search, which will be available soon (within a week). After that, we will open moderated registrations, allowing people to upload content. You can be part of the moderation team or the uploading team. We will not accept too many registrations and will operate on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

In terms of our web stack, we primarily work with Python, Django, and PostgreSQL, but we are not limited to these technologies. We follow a microservice architecture, so we may also use other languages like Go and Rust.

Regarding donations, we appreciate your interest in our project. Donations are also considered support, and we have added our ETH wallet for contributions. We want to clarify that we do not like pop-up ads, and we have not included any on our website. We have only placed a banner ad at the bottom. However, our ad provider has been sneaky. When we confronted them, they informed us that the advertiser was malicious and they suspended their account. However, I still occasionally see pop-up ads, so it seems we have to stay afloat.

Server donations are welcome, as we use them for processing and other purposes. Along the way, we have encountered some haters, be it NQ, PQ, RST, or whatever. People curse us and say that what we are doing is terrible. We understand that haters exist everywhere, and we have learned to deal with them.

Lastly, we want to express our gratitude for your support. We cannot thank you enough for standing by us.

Cheers, The RARBG Team [ https://therarbg.com ]

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The Publisher Playbook: A Brief History of the Publishing Industry’s Obstruction of the Library Mission (Article and lecture)

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USPP Hold RCV Election for National Officers & Tech Presentation for Open Source DD, R&D


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Biden Administration Announces Historic Open Access Policy for Taxpayer-Funded Research: The culmination of a 20-year advocacy effort, the new policy will finally make taxpayer-funded research available to the public without cost or delay (2022)

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Twitter Space on third party solidarity in the United States featuring Pirate Party member and a total of 9 minor parties

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A strategy for advancing pirate politics


I live in Israel, where the Pirate Party not only has never had any wins, but also doesn't seem to take itself seriously at all, as evident by their election ads. I have personally come to the conclusion that pirate politics offer the only real solutions to the issues I care about. The problem is, the Pirate Party is not succeeding in communicating to the public.

So I think a new direction is needed. I think pirate cells should be established in existing institutions, incl. other political parties, universities, and so on. That way, we could participate in mainstream politics and promote the policies we care about, and perhaps have our voices be heard. What do you think?

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Politico-Economic Theory of Decentralized Democracy

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Pirate Party U.S.A.


We need the Pirate Party in a desperate way. Please help!

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Librarians Are Finding Thousands Of Books No Longer Protected By Copyright Law: Up to 75 percent of books published between 1923 and 1964 may now be in the public domain, according to researchers at the New York Public Library.

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Missionary Church of Kopimism

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The leader of the Pirate Party. ARRR (meme)

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need to find opinions


what do other countries think about sri lankan state sovereignty?

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Attempts to provide public access to published knowledge in a way that conflicts with unjust copyright laws is within the limits of respectable discourse under the framework of civil disobedience, which was a concept used in the civil rights movement against racist oppression in the United States.

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