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Announcement We have user flairs and a Discord!


User flairs with national flags can be found on the sidebar, as can the Discord link. Welcome, all!

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Why Americans are so obsessed about Donald Trump?


I see Donald Trump in everyday news. Has it become an American obsession?

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Politics Conservatism Grows in Brazil, Despite Leftist President’s Win

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The controversial way El Salvador solved it's gang problem.

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What are your thoughts?

Personally I support Bukele, but worry that his success in co-opting the full power of the nation underpins a deeper problem with the inefficiency of traditional democratic systems, and that it could lead to more oppressive regimes down the line.

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Politics After Brazil's Jan. 8 Attack, Lula Must Reassert Civilian Control Over the Military

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Discussion Biden Downplays Age Concerns After Launching Re-Election Bid

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History Whitewashing and the Erasure of History in Argentina

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History Fruit Geopeelitics: America’s Banana Republics

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Exploring Ecuador's Wonders on a KTM 1290 Super Adventure R - From U.S. to Patagonia.

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Culture New Mexico Is Losing a Form of Spanish Spoken Nowhere Else on Earth

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Economics Why Argentina is not rich

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Food A Mesoamerican Connection Between Easter and Chocolate - Taste Trinbago

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Tourism Moto Crossing Colombia to Ecuador KTM 1290: Saanctuarys, cemetery, a lot of rain

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We team up together to ride one of the most epic highways in Colombia -KTM 1290, KTM 1190, BMW F800 GS and Suzuki 1000

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Discussion One unifying theme of the Americas?


What, as a cultural identity, unites or creates a commonality between virtually all countries in the Americas? If you had to create a "creation-" or "society mythos" for the Americas, what do you think it would be?

The only I can think of is the main building blocks of most countries, in that virtually every country in North America, the Caribbean or South America seems to be that, to varying degrees, influenced by populations and cultures from three continents: Europe, Africa or the Indigenous American populations.

Some countries have more influences from European cultures/customs (i.e. Canada, Argentina, Uruguay), others more Indigenous (i.e. Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru, etc), others a mix of European and Indigenous (Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela) or European and African (United States, Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, etc) but virtually every country in the Americas has at least one of these continental cultural influences, most more than one. Maybe that can be a cultural mythos of unification.

I would also say almost every country in the Americas at least TRIES to live off of an idea of cultural pragmatism, tolerance and live and let live. Some countries worse than others (conservative parts of the US and certain Caribbean countries) on things such as LGBT or women's rights, but at least the overarching concept of egalitarianism exists, in theory.

But what would YOU personally say ties all or most of the Americas' together, regardless of language, continent/region or outward phenotype?

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Culture Stained glass cupola of Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Less wishy-washy more concrete: What can Panamericanists do to further this goal?


Speaking from an American perspective, what I've done to accomplish this:

Immerse myself in local and foreign Spanish communities (having lived in Colombia for a year).

Learn about and appreciate the indigenous peoples' histories of the United States.

Participate in international volunteering programs (we lift all of America up, together).

Encourage activism in torn countries like Haiti, and encourage other Americans to follow similar steps.

What other things, specifically policy or cultural wise would you guys like to see for the advancement of this movement?

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Culture Iron Palace / El Palacio de Hierro Centro stained glass, Mexico City, made by Jacques Gruber, 1921, restored by Vitrales Corona, 2016

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Discussion Would you support a North American/Caribbean Union?


Would you support an EU-style economic and political union between not just Canada, the United States and Mexico, but also eventually the countries in Central America and Caribbean (assuming they see significant economic investment and crime desecration in the future) down to the Panama Canal?

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Pan-American highway (partially) I’m planning a road trip from Ushuaia to Colorado. All information welcome do’s and dont’s…..


Travelling from the uk. Planning to start February, travel from Ushuaia to Colorado. All info taken on board. Time schedules, costs, must see’s, don’t bother with, info regarding Darién national park section, 4x4 rentals in Argentina???

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Culture Tiffany stained glass of Gran Hotel Ciudad de México made by Jacques Gruber, 1908, Mexico City

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Hello, I've got an idea for a project.


I'd like everyone to come together on the discord server to help organize and create a few maps and corresponding charts to represent the structure of a federated/confederated Pan-American Union.

Some concepts we should develop:

  • Preserve existing national identities to placate nationalists

  • Need US style representation to make small countries feel important

  • Adding more subdivision levels to avoid a bloated bureaucracy

  • Divide countries into smaller chunks, with size matching

  • Need regional governments (e.g. La Plata Government, Central American Government)

  • Division of US area to make other nations feel secure, without angering American patriots

  • Ignore districts for other purposes to have an efficient system (e.g. Watersheds, Native Americans)

  • Federal Protections for Jungles

  • Massive anti-corruption bureau with strict entry requirements

  • Ability to make laws only applying to certain regions or to exempt regions from laws

Edit: Also thanks to u/laserPointer24 for creating the template

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Culture Asian South America: The migration of Asian people to South America and the Caribbean began as early as the sixteenth century

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History Chichen Itza: New area discovered at Mexican historic site

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History Would love to see more speeches like this shared more widely

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History Hudson River's Wrath: The Story of the Great Haverstraw Landslide of 1906 a Natural Disaster Caused by Man

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