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Answered Was there really a game in the 90’s where you punch someone when you spot a Volkswagen Bug?


I was a young kid growing up through the 90’s - my mom used to punch the shit out of my arm and exclaim “SLUGBUG!” every time she saw a VW Bug on the road.

Did my mom invent some sort of latent child abuse or did other 80s/90s babies get punched while just fucking listening to meatloaf in the car?

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Answered Do men care if women wear the same top on a date?


Im going on a 3rd date with a guy and I want to wear the same top that I wore on my first date. Is this a bad thing..? Do men care about things like this?

[DATE UPDATE] Thanks for the replies yall can stop now. Turns out this dude didn’t even know this was a date and never had romantic feelings for me. I guess the last thing I should’ve worried about was the stupid top I was wearing. Fyi the top is a light gray off shoulder and I hate myself for stressing out about wearing it for the second time for this dude who couldn’t give 2 craps about me.

To answer the question, men don’t care. Wear whatever you please ladies and gents.

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Answered Does anyone else feel like the world/life stopped being good in approx 2017 and the worlds become a very different place since?


I know this might sound a little out there, but hear me out. I’ve been talking with a friend, and we both feel like there’s been some sort of shift since around 2017-2018. Whether it’s within our personal lives, the world at large or both, things feel like they’ve kind of gone from light to dark. Life was good, full of potential and promise and things just feel significantly heavier since. And this is pre covid, so it’s not just that. I feel like the world feels dark and unfamiliar very suddenly. We are trying to figure out if we are just crazy dramatic beaches or if this is like a felt thing within society. Anyone? Has anyones life been significantly better and brighter and lighter since then?

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Answered I am being called a gold digger for doing this, I disagree. Thoughts?


I went on a date with a guy a few days ago. We started our date on the beach and it went well initially so we decided to go to dinner after, he suggested this expensive restaurant that was wayyyyyyy out of my budget. I declined his offer to go to the expensive restaurant but proceeded to suggest some date appropriate but much less expensive restaurants to go to. He insisted that we go to the expensive one, by expensive I mean at least $500 per menu item. I repeatedly declined that we go. He told me throughout the whole time that he would pay but I continuously told him no. He tried to convince me to go to this restaurant for at LEAST 45 minutes before I finally agreed. Once we finished eating our food he asked the waiter to SPLIT THE BILL. Keep in mind he repeatedly insisted that if we go to this restaurant he’d pay, I could not afford the bill whatsoever i’m a 20 year old broke college student. However I paid and left immediately without speaking a word to him. This man had the nerve to message me that night and ask if I wanted to go on a second date. When I said no and explained why he called me a gold digger. I would have glady paid and gone on a second date with him if he agreed to go to the less expensive restaurant and hadn’t deceived me. He’s been telling people i’m a gold digger. Based off what I said, am I the one in the wrong? Am I a gold digger?

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Answered "He gets us" is taken over my feed


Every 4 ads on here is a "He gets us" ad. This is insane. No amount of blocking and reporting and downvoting seems to work. How is this ok? What can I do to see less of this?

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Answered If your partner asks you to install a tracking app on your phone because they want to track your phone/location, would you do it and let them track you?


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Answered What is the closest I can get to an unbiased news source as an American?


I realize it’s somewhat absurd to ask this on Reddit just because Reddit obviously leans a certain way. But I’m trying to explain to people at work why Tucker Carlson got fired, first article is Vanity Fair. The following websites weren’t much better either.

I just want to at least attempt to see things from an unbiased view.

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Answered If its illegal to sell a house to your buddy for way less than what its worth because it depreciates surrounding property values, then why is the inverse of selling for way more than what your house is worth and inflating surrounding values legal?


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Answered What do the kids mean when they say "Fee"?


My teenaged daughter (and her friends) have begun saying "fee" (or maybe "fi") to each other. It seems to be a term of approval. Here's an example:

Kid 1: "Hey, our team won the baseball game tonight!"

Kid 2: "Fee!"

WTF does that mean? I've asked her, and she usually responds "Fee." Are they trolling me, or is there substance to this idiocy?

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Answered Just got a bidet. Do I just let it spray on my bum constantly until I'm clean, or what's the average time you have it spray on you? Do I use toilet paper to check if I'm clean? Do I let myself air dry on the toilet or use toilet paper? Any tips?


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Answered When people refer to “Woke Propaganda” to be taught to children, what kind of lessons are they being taught?


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Answered Why are trans people talked about so much despite making up only %5 of the population?


It seems like at all times on r/all there is always at least one post about trans people, and if you sort by controversial on almost any big post there is something about trans people in the comments.

As a trans person, I hate that we are talked about so much because I see so much transphobia and it really hurts. I just don't get why we are talked about so much and why other people even care.

Edit: its .5% not 5%. I misread

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Answered If someone told you that you should listen to Joe Rogan and that they listen to him all the time would that be a red flag for you?


I don’t know much about Joe Rogan Edit: Context I was talking about how I believed in aliens and he said that I should really like Joe Rogan as he is into conspiracies. It appeared as if he thought Joe Rogan was smart

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Answered Why would Dave Chappelle bring Elon Musk on stage?


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Answered Someone please help me understand my trans child.


This is not potstirring or political or time for a rant. Please. My child is a real person, and I'm a real mom, and I need perspective.

I have been a tomboy/low maintenance woman most of my life. My first child was born a girl. From the beginning, she was super into fashion and makeup. When she was three, her babysitter took her to get nails and hair extensions, and she loved it. She grew into watching makeup and fashion boys, and has always been ahead of the curve.

Not going to lie, it's been hard for me. I've struggled to see that level of interest in outward appearance as anything but shallow. But I've tried to support her with certain boundaries, which she's always pushed. For example, she had a meltdown at 12yo because I wouldn't buy her an $80 6-color eyeshadow palette. But I've held my nose and tried.

You might notice up until now, I've referred to her as "she/her." That's speaking to how it was then, not misgendering. About two years ago, they went through a series of "coming outs." First lesbian, then bi, then pan, then male, then non-binary, then female, now male again. I'm sure I missed a few, but it's been a roller coaster. They tasted the whole rainbow. Through all of this, they have also been dealing with serious issues like eating disorders, self harm, abuse recovery, compulsive lying, etc.

Each time they came out, it was this big deal. They were shaky and afraid, because I'm religious and they expected a big blowup. But while I'm religious, I apply my religion to myself not to others. I've taught them what I believe, but made space for them to disagree. I think they were disappointed it wasn't more dramatic, which is why the coming outs kept coming.

Now, they are comfortable with any pronouns. Most days they go by she/her, while identifying as a boy. (But never a man.) Sometimes, she/her offends them. I've defaulted to they as the least likely to cause drama, but I don't think they like my overall neutrality with the whole process.

But here is the crux of my question. As someone who has never subscribed to gender norms, what does it when mean to identify as a gender? I've never felt "male" or "female." I've asked them to explain why they feel like a boy, how that feels different than feeling like a girl or a woman, and they can't explain it. I don't want to distress them by continuing to ask, so I came here.

Honestly, the whole gender identity thing completely baffles me. I don't see any meaning in gender besides as a descriptor of biological differences. I've done a ton of online research and never found anything that makes a lick of sense to me.

Any insight?

Edit: wow. I wasn't expecting such an outpouring of support. Thank you to everyone who opened up your heart and was vulnerable to a stranger on the internet. I hope you know you deserve to be cared about.

Thank you to everyone who sent me resources and advice. It's going to take me weeks to get through everything and think about everything, and I hope I'm a better person in the other side.

I'm so humbled by so many of the responses. LGBTQ+ and religious perspectives alike were almost all unified on one thing: people deserve love, patience, respect, and space to not understand everything the right way right now. My heart has been touched in ways that had nothing to do with this post, and were sorely needed. Thank you all. I wish I could respond to everyone. Every single one of you deserve to be seen. I will read through everything, even if it takes me days. Thank you. A million times thank you.

For the rest of you... ... ... and that's all I'm going to say.

Finally, a lot of you have made some serious assumptions, some to concern and some to judgmentalism. My child is in therapy, and has been since they were 8 years old. Their father is abusive, and I have fought a long, hard battle to help them through and out of that. They are now estranged from him for about four years. The worst 4 years of my life. There's been a lot of suffering and work. Reddit wasn't exactly my first order of business, but this topic is one so polarizing where I live I couldn't hope to get the kind of perspective I needed offline. So you can relax. They are getting professional help as much as I know how to do. I'm involved in their media consumption and always have been on my end, though I had no way to limit it at their dad's, and much of the damage is done. Hopefully that helps you sleep well.

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Answered Is it weird to install cameras in a teenagers room


I’m 16 and I have two cameras installed in my room

Edit: I’ve never done anything illegal in my life, and the camera is not there to check if anyone comes in or anything like that, it’s also not related to CP, it’s mainly there for my parents to keep track of my work and sleep schedule, and my main question was in THIS context is it weird

Edit 2: For context I’m not a addict and not suicidal, and my parents are ok with my friends coming over/ going out with them so they trust me only in certain circumstances

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Answered My friend is insisting that you CANNOT eat fish from the ocean. She is from Chicago and says only freshwater fish can be eaten. You put yourself at risk from eating fish from the ocean. Is she gaslighting me?


Basically title. My other friend from the suburbs of New Jersey says she doesn’t know and that we could both be equally right. She also mentioned salmon are caught in Colorado, and not the ocean. Thanks.

UPDATE: I have showed both my friends the comments on this post showing that YES you can obviously eat fish from the ocean. I used the term “gaslight” because I knew for a fact she was wrong, but the way she kept insisting made me believe I was wrong about some detail. She told me multiple times “no one goes out into the ocean to fish,” and against all prior knowledge I started to wonder if she was right in some way. Hence, why I made this post lol.

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Answered Apparently according to my Christian "friend" I'm not a true male because I was born by C-Section and not by natural child birth! WTF? Is this a thing ?


I cannot get my head around this ! It's the most moronic notion I've heard !

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Answered Why aren't elderly people routinely reassessed on their ability to drive?


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Answered Right now, Japan is experiencing its lowest birthrate in history. What happens if its population just…goes away? Obviously, even with 0 outside influence, this would take a couple hundred years at minimum. But what would happen if Japan, or any modern country, doesn’t have enough population?


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Answered Do men genuinely find goths attractive?


This is this attraction in the majority or the minority, and if so is a goth women actually relationship material?

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Answered What are Florida ounces?


I didn't think much of this when I lived in Florida. Many products were labeled in Florida ounces. But now that I live in another state I'm surprised to see products still labeled with Florida ounces.

I looked up 'Florida ounces' but couldn't find much information about them. Google doesn't know how to convert them to regular ounces.

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Answered Why don't women's pants have pockets when so many women seem to want pockets?


Edit: made it to the popular page? Unexpected

There seems to be a common desire for women's clothing to have pockets. And not just pockets, they want useable, large pockets that they can put their hands into or their phone etc

So my question is why, if there is this demand for pockets, do so many women's clothes not have pockets? Or they have fake pockets that don't open at all or are so small you can barely get a finger inside.

Or am I just being misled and women's clothing have plenty of pocket options?

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Answered At what point did Elon Musk switch from being a hero idealized by reddit to a super villain billionaire hated by all?


I remember a point where reddit was obsessed with how brilliant Elon Musk was and everything he did. Now he seems to be the villain that no one likes. what happened? Was the turning point in 2018, after the rescue of the soccer team suck in the cave in Thailand, where he got mad for not using his robot?

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Answered Why isn't there oral birth control for men?