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Megathread Reddit API changes and site-wide protests/blackouts [Megathread]


Since the reddit API changes were announced, we have seen dozens of question threads created about this topic, and we anticipate there will be dozens more created once the protests begin.

In an effort to both ensure users still get answers to their questions about this topic and prevent these questions from flooding the subreddit, we will be removing any questions about this topic and directing users to post their questions in the comments of this thread.


Because r/NoStupidQuestions is a common resource for information on high-profile topics, we will remain open for the sake of sharing information about these changes and the ensuing protests.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments of this post. Please note that all top-level comments in this thread must contain a question, and all subreddit posting guidelines apply to questions posted as top-level comments in this thread. (No loaded questions, no rants disguised in the form of a question, etc.)


Information on reddit API changes and subreddit protest:

Latest updates:

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Answered Is it worth it to you to have higher taxes in exchange for universal health coverage?


r/NoStupidQuestions 12h ago

Since getting married, my wife wants me to call her parents mom and dad now, instead of their first names. Should I give in and do it and what's the proper etiquette here?


r/NoStupidQuestions 20h ago

Answered Why does it seem like every movie is too quiet in the talking scenes but way too loud in the ‘action’ parts?


r/NoStupidQuestions 10h ago

Unanswered If i filled an average bath how many times would I need to get out until it empties because of the water on me?


r/NoStupidQuestions 11h ago

Do you feel like shit on your birthday?


I just hate this day and people reminding me I was born, I don't like it here.

r/NoStupidQuestions 18h ago

What I something a therapist said that has stuck with you?


r/NoStupidQuestions 12h ago

Is, "Hope your birthday is lit!" the correct way to use 'lit' on my 11 year old nephew's birthday card?


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Unanswered Why am I seeing DoorDash and Uber subs (that I have never subbed to) constantly for the past week or so?


I have two accounts I use and for the past week I have been seeing the door dash and Uber posts showing in my feed a lot! I’ve never even visited these subs that I know of and now every 10th post or so is a complaint or the like for these service.

I feel bad for the folks but me seeing it isn’t going to help you!

Edit: I haven't seen an answer that makes sence other than Reddit doing Reddit things but I now know that I am not the only one seeing random subs that make absolutely no sence and door dash happens to be a common one. I'll add that if this is some type of paid advertising push from the services then it has not done the image any favours as most of the posts are negative to the service although funny at times.

Edit 2: thanks to many great suggestions from people, I have now turned off the recommendations in my settings so I should stop seeing them, at least for now.

r/NoStupidQuestions 12h ago

Answered Can someone explain to me adopt don’t shop


I saw the recent pete davidson vs peta and people were mad at him for buying a dog versus adopting one and i’m not sure why people are so mad about it don’t the dogs in pet stores deserve homes too?

(it was later revealed by pete that he’s allergic to dogs and needed a specific hypoallergenic one after his other 2 year old dog died a week before this took place which is why he bought one)

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Why did Trump take the documents in the first place?


r/NoStupidQuestions 1h ago

Am i insane for asking to meet up near a police station for marketplace or offerup?


I like to sell stuff on marketplace and when i meet up with the buyer, i ask if we can meet near the local police station, that way if someone fishy happens, it won’t be long before the police arrives

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How is the pricing for food and drinks at sport events and concerts not considered price gouging and illegal?


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Unanswered How come US Social Security Numbers are split XXX-XX-XXXX rather than XXX-XXX-XXX?


r/NoStupidQuestions 14h ago

Scotland has a sea on 3 sides, and Ireland is an island, why is fish not more featured in their cuisine like Japan?


r/NoStupidQuestions 1d ago

What happens when prices get so high that the average person can't afford them anymore?


r/NoStupidQuestions 8h ago

At what age should I tell my kids the truth?


We can't see my brother, his wife and my niece or my wife's step mother because we got the COVID shot and now we "shed". My oldest 5yo asks about them frequently. My youngest 2yo has never met either of them. We tell my 5yo that they live too far away.

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How do dogs know not to bother us while driving?


I’m sure some dogs do this, but every dog I’ve been for a ride with largely leaves me alone while driving.

My dog is pretty well behaved, but she’ll nudge me while I’m playing video games or working on my computer for attention.

Other, less well behaved, dogs, that constantly seek attention, also don’t bother me while I’m driving.

Do they know that the task I’m completely is dangerous? Are they at all aware of the stakes?

Even if they’re anxious and running amok, they don’t actually touch me, they’re just obnoxious, but they still leave me alone.

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People who read astrologies... do you really believe it or is it just for fun?


r/NoStupidQuestions 2h ago

Was I(17) wrong for saying I had enough of my moms friends baby?


My mom took me to lunch with her friend and her friends baby. throughout lunch the baby was being a fucking nightmare, climbing on the table, smearing cheese on the walls, and trying to grab my food, and sticking its spit covered straw in my salad, and generally just being loud and gross. we were in a booth and then my moms friend changed her baby's diaper on the seat. in the car ride back, we went in my moms friends car, and i had to sit right next to the baby. it kept grabbing my shirt with its spit covered sticky hands and tugging, throwing toys at me, and drooling all over. I leaned away and tried to ignore it. halfway through the car ride I was so grossed out, I was almost crying, and since I was in the back smushed between a baby carriage and a toddler seat (toddler wasnt there today, it was with its dad), I couldnt move, and I was just so grossed out and cramped I started getting claustrophobic. fortunatley my moms friend noticed i wasnt doing so great so my mom and i switched seats, so i was in the front. she asked what was wrong 5 or 6 times, and I said nothing was wrong, I was just a bit tired, and when she and mom kept asking I said something along the lines of 'im sorry, im tired, im just done with the baby, took a lot of energy out of me, especially because i was almost eating lunch in fear because he kept trying to grab my food, and kept grabbing me in the car.' When we got home mom started screaming at me, how much i offeneded her friend, how rude and terrible I was, and how ' It isn’t about you, all people care about is how you treat their kids, you need to learn it isn’t about you, it has nothing to do with you, my friends come from how you make them feel I am really disappointed that you can’t see outside yourself.'. I don't get what I did wrong, I hate kids and my mom knows it. I am crying right now because I almost always cry when people yell at me.
I still feel kinda gross and sticky from being around a baby. i wont feel clean until i shower

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Unanswered Girls think I’m gay and I think it plays a huge part into why I’m single. How do I deal with this?


So I’m 19 and I’ve only had 1 talking stage, I’ve never dated. Countless girls at my current job have thought I was gay. I have a stutter so to talk more fluently I talk in a slightly higher/feminine tone, it somehow helps me with fluency, and I thought that was the reason. But I posted pictures asking for hairstyle advice on a subreddit, and several people said I looked fruity, when I asked why they said I looked well groomed 💀

I guess I just give off gay vibes even tho I’m 100% straight, even the girl I had the talking stage with said she thought I was gay at first. How do I go about dealing with this?

r/NoStupidQuestions 1h ago

What can I do instead of drink right now?


I am home and alone and I really want to drink right now because I am feeling really lonely and sad. However, I am aware that I have been drinking more than usual and more often. When I drink, I drink to get drunk. My therapist said to not drink alone anymore and to recognize when and why I do it. (I usually do it at night and I’m a teacher on summer vacation, so no work to occupy my time/thoughts.)

I cannot go out with friends because they are either working, have significant others, or out with their other cooler friends.

I know this seems dumb, but that’s the only thing on my mind right now.

r/NoStupidQuestions 26m ago

How are 3rd party apps different from the std Reddit app?


And why are subreddits going dark for it?

r/NoStupidQuestions 2h ago

Unanswered Why are so many top comments on reddit joke or sarcastic comments?


I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on a reddit post that's trying to ask an actual meaningful or thought provoking question just for the top comment to be some sarcastic answer or joke that doesn't Even attempt at answering the question and yet it somehow still gets the most upvotes and even some awards.

How did Reddit fall off so hard that even Quora and Twitter have better answers and discussions for questions?