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Microsoft: Official Support Thread


Microsoft: Official Support Thread

Microsoft Listens This thread was created in order to facilitate easy-to-access support for our Reddit subscribers. We will make a best effort to support you. We may also need to redirect you to a specialized team when it would best serve your particular situation. Also, we may need to collect certain personal information from you when you use this service, but don't worry -- you won't provide it on Reddit. Instead, we will private message you as we take data privacy seriously.

Here are some of the types of issues we can help with in this thread: • Microsoft Support: Needing assistance with specific Microsoft products (Windows, Office, etc..) • Microsoft Accounts: Lockouts, suspensions, inability to gain access Devices: Issues with your • Microsoft device (Surface, Xbox) • Microsoft Retail: Needing to find support on a product or purchase, assistance with activating online product keys or media, assistance with issues raised from liaising with colleagues in the Microsoft Store.

This list is not all inclusive, so if you're unsure, simply ask. When requesting help from us, you may be requested to provide Microsoft with the following information (you'll be asked via private message from the MSModerator account): • Your full name (First, Last) • Your interactions with support thus far, including any existing service request numbers • A contact email address which you are reachable at

Thank you for being a valued Microsoft customer.

9th release of this post (archived due to the size of thread): https://msft.it/61693nHKoH

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employer’s educational assistance benefits


Does Microsoft offer this benefit for employees? This will help employees pay their student loans with pre tax dollars as explained in this article.


r/microsoft 15h ago

Microsoft surface pro


I have a Microsoft surface pro that we no longer have the password too. There is no other user option to sign in and when I try to restore it it asks for a recovery key. I cannot get the recovery image to download on a flash drive. It’s formatted to FAT32 as required and is a 32gb flash drive but it’s still telling me not enough space. Any suggestions on how to get into the laptop?

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Edge + Nvidia = Fading Edge spaces?


Odd one -- when using Edge, I'm seeing the page space fade out at random times. Usually, clicking on another app on my other screen, then back will fix it, but not always. I'm also only seeing this on my personal machine running Edge for Business, not on my work PC running Edge for Business. PC is running an RTX 4070 Ti with AA - FXAA disabled globally and for Edge, but for some reason the Nvidia Control Panel sees msedge.exe as "Edge Beta" and says the AA - FXAA setting won't apply.

In Edge, I've disable Efficiency Mode, "Fade sleeping tabs", "Put inactive tabs to sleep", and disabled hardware acceleration. None of these changes seem to have done anything, though, as it's still happening. Has anyone else ran across this?

Screenshot here shows what I mean -- the tabs are all crisp/proper, while the actual page space is faded/blurry.

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Microsoft Family Link disaster!


I put family link on my grandson's phone a few years ago and added it to his chrome book during the pandemic. Well now we need to remove it, the chrome book won't work with it, the log in for the student portion of the app is a little complicated and something in this horrible family thing blocks his log ins, I've had it confirmed by the school IT dept. So, we formatted the drive and only used his school google account which microsoft fortunately doesn't mess with, The family link still shows the device but it's not impacting anything. The new problem is with his phone, his dad bought him an oculus and he can't download the meta app because Family Link blocks it. So, I followed the instructions, backup up his data and deleted the user from FL, seemed to work until I started getting message that he can't restore his data until he signs on to family link, we did that and his data is back but so are all the controls. Is there any way short of getting him a new phone that we can get this crap off of his phone? Thanks in advance & sorry for such a long post

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Windows Microsoft Designer Keyboard security



I would like to know whether the connection with Bluetooth is encrypted or transmitted in plain text. Unfortunate, I cannot find any information on the Microsoft Website. Hope some here has some information for me.


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Outlook Not Syncing because of IMAP/SMTP


I have successfully connected and synced my Gmail account to the Microsoft Outlook Desktop App via IMAP and SMTP. However, when I log in to the Outlook browser, it does not sync. When I go to the "sync email" setting, I can see the issue is the IMAP and SMTP servers in the Outlook browser, but I am unable to edit it to change to the Gmail servers. (It won't let me delete and retype.) This is for a work email, so it is really important that I can access it through a browser. Please help!

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Xbox Can I get ea trial on multiple accounts on my main xbox? it


Last year it allowed my brother to get the trial and so did me. My brother is the acount with game pass ultimate and it lets me install other rings on gamepass and stuff but the trial is saying I can only sign in on the account that owns

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Multiple attempts to sign in


I got a email warning me about a suspicious login attempt from Russia. I didn't click anything in the email but. I went on my account to verify if there were truly any attempts.

20-30 attempts at varying times through all of yesterday from places like Russia, Mexico and other countries. Obviously the same person masking their IP.

I changed my password, enables two step verification and download Microsofts Authenticator app.
Am I safe yet lol?

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one time use codes


I’ve been getting a microsoft one time use code sent to me around 3 am for the past 4 days straight. the one night i stayed up past 3 am and ended up getting it a little after noon later in the day.

correct me if i’m wrong, but the codes are only used to access email.

i know that you can’t really do anything when it comes to one time use codes but i wanna know who’s doing it so bad. i didn’t get any security alerts or unauthorized login attempts so i can’t see through my security settings where the location is/what device is being used.

does anyone have any info on if i could find who’s doing this, or is it just kind of a lost cause?

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[News] Introducing Copilot in Windows 11, new AI tools, and more

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Windows Does my school has access to my PC with Office 365



I signed in with my school email to use Office 365. When i signed in there was a pop-up window, which asked if i allow to give access to my school, to handle files and apps. -> How can i check this setting afterwards?

I save my files for school in our Onedrive folder from our school. Now I have other things to do and saved them on my PC locally. Can they still have access to these files? Even tho they are locally saved on my machine? Do they have access to other info on my PC?

I want to check if the school admin has access to my local PC info and files. I don't care about the school Onedrive but about my "private" things.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Xbox All Digital Xbox?


Really? Does Microsoft actually think they are providing more value removing features and making it easier for them to make money, as opposed to providing consumers the best for their money? I for one am vehemently against an Xbox without a disc drive. It's still an excellent Blu-ray player, and yes MANY people still buy them. But first and foremost, we aren't blind. Why should we have have to spend more for storage options? Selling a unit that won't play games offline is a ridiculous idea and further shows they actually don't care about their consumers.

Video games have always been about having the option to play alone (offline) if that's how you prefer or with friends, and not being controlled by a corporation holding onto your games for you and letting you play them when you feel like it. Steam might work for PC players, but consoles have never been about that, and have never wanted to be about that.

Sometimes, the old school, is still the best school. Also I realize this sounds disjointed and not well thought out, but I'm just letting the thoughts spill out in no random order.

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Application Status question



So I had applied for an internship position at Microsoft around 3-4 days ago. When I checked the action centre today, it showed some notifications, one was of the same day notifying that the application has been submitted (title was application submitted), another was also of the same day but the title of notification was 'Application transferred ' and it said that ' We transferred your application to _(job title, location and possibly job id)___________, and it's in review. So the number that was in brackets (job id I guess) was different from the number in the application submitted notification.

When I see submitted jobs, the job title, location and job id of this "transferred application" is visible and the actual job title and other info that was present, when I originally applied is in the inactivate section and status shows "transferred". The original posting was - SWE: Intern Opportunities for Uni Students.......If this helps

what does it mean??

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Outlook App - Forward email chain - not possible?


I've been going back and forth with person A. I want to send the entire conversation to person B so they can review everything already discussed with person A.

How do I do this in the Outlook app?

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Word isnt Opening Word Docs (File explorer)?


Hey yall,

Just ran into some recent trouble, every time I try to double click on a file, word wont open it. For example, If Im writing an essay and wanted to pull something up from another file, when I click whatever file I want, it just brings me back to the same page I was on before without actually opening the file. I can access the documents directly by searching things up on word, or by right clicking and hitting the edit key, but both can be pretty inconvenient. I dont have this problem with excel or spreadsheets so I have no idea what the deal is.

Here are the things Ive tried, but havent worked

Both quick time and full time repair of microsoft office

Changing the mouse settings in the registry to 4 and adjusting the mouse speed

Resetting the file explorer settings to default and clearing the file explorer history

Ending task for file explorer on task manager

Restarting computer

Bios updates and windows updates

Malwarebytes virus scan and ccleaner scans

disabling add ins on word settings

adding the documents and download files as trusted paths in the trust center settings

Genuinely have zero idea what Im supposed to do here anymore, if theres any advice or anyone who has the same issue, id appreciate any help you can give.

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Windows Add Windows Push Notification Service (WNS) to Microsoft Edge


Currently, WNS works only for Windows UWP apps installed from Windows Store.

In WWDC 2023, Apple added Web Push with notifications working like native apps, once the web app has been added to the dock. This will be released soon in macOS Sonoma.

Many small development teams have limited bandwidth to create performant apps that works on multiple platforms.

Adding WNS on Edge for Windows ensures:

  1. Customers will not miss out on transactional notifications even after the browser window is inactive, or process terminated, improving their user experience significantly

  2. Teams can develop their apps more efficiently by just using Web Push instead of creating Windows UWP apps simply to access WNS

  3. Customers can also use Web Apps without the battery drain of background browser processes

I am certain many small development teams would benefit from this addition, and hope this could be expedited.

Thank you.

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Office licence


Hi I regularly format my PC and reinstall everything from the ground up.

I'm wondering what the best licence type of ms office would be for me.

I want it to be reinstallable as many times as I want and on different machines (potentially) But only have 1 instance licenced at a time

So I can install on pc or laptop, but not both at once.

Thank you

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Windows Education License Question related with potential business


So my school has windows education license I can get for free vs the $200 one. I would use the computer for everything. In college use it for school related to stuff. But also while still in college, business related stuff. Then when I graduate continue using it for business stuff. Are their any legal issues? Is it allowed. Since the way I’m getting the key is through the school. The school is buying it on my behalf. Does the school have some right to that key. Can they take the key from me if they want. Can they see if it’s still in use ect thanks!

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Why does Microsoft always go one step back?


For fucks sake… I can’t believe they’re going to discontinue the Mail and Calender app. It’s such a great app, much better than the new Outlook preview thing…

Why can’t we have both?

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Removing Bitlocker from D: drive


I recently upgraded my laptop and moved the hard drive from my old PC into the new one. But after installation it has been encrypted. I've tried deactivating it in PowerShell and other ways found online but no matter what I try I keep getting access denied errors and I can't remove it. Can anyone help?

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[News] Microsoft wants its Copilot AI to be your personal shopper

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Azure Multi-Tenant Organizations Overview


New video looking at multi-tenant organizations to make Teams, Viva and more so much better for organizations with more than one Entra/Azure AD tenant.


00:00 - Introduction
01:10 - Teams external federations
02:58 - How guests show up
05:50 - Using mutli-tenant organization
09:29 - The enhanced experience
10:37 - Summary

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Windows What would cause a table heading to disappear in MSWORD


I have a heading for a table with a style set to it which was copied from another word file. I set the header as 1.1.1 Identity verification. For some reason when that document is downloaded the 1.1.1 disappears. Any ideas?

r/microsoft 2d ago

Windows Sign in activity glitch?


Hi all,

I was trying to log into my microsoft / outlook account and upon loading encountered the “Are your security details up to date” window.

Now I believe this isn’t unusual (if it is let me know), however when I had a look at my recent sign in activity this wouldn’t load.

I signed in with another browser to check the same info to realise it hadn’t recorded the previous sign in at all.

Did anyone ever encounter this or would have an idea of what happened by any chance? Any advice on what to do apart from maybe changing my password?

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Xbox Microsoft Responds to Extensive Xbox Leaks: Read Phil Spencer's Complete Memo

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