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The "What currently supported device should I get" thread.


This thread is to ask which of the currently supported devices to get, given your specifications.

Some important specifications to consider in your question:
Carrier / country
other features

Threads asking this question outside of this thread will be removed and pointed here.

Asking for LineageOS support for devices not currently supported will be removed.

Check the previous thread for more discussion And the One before that

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Official Reddit's API policy changes and /r/LineageOS


Hi! Infra monkey here.

I just wanted to make a quick post regarding this week's blackout - this subreddit exists to help solve issues people have with their devices, shutting it down would be a net negative to the LineageOS project and it's users. This was easier to set up at the time the project started than a forum (anyone remember the CM forums? I don't miss having to keep it running).

That being said, if Reddit decides to go through with their API changes, we'll discuss other options for support going forward. Self-hosting a discourse instance is always an option.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about - Reddit has decided to start charging for access to the site via third party apps. The major third party apps have all announced they'll be unable to pay this and will be shutting down: Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Sync. Reddit does not appear to be operating in good faith, and as a result a number of subreddits are going dark for 48h or permanently.

(edit: i'm going to lock this, there isn't really any need for discussion and all we're getting is "you should try X")

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Fingerprint not working on my Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE (lisa)



i recently flashed Lineageos 20 for my lisa (latest version 2023-09-16 for Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE)

After some days the fingerprint scanner stopped working and I was not able to set it up again

Some screenshots: https://my.hidrive.com/share/53d2qbasul

Glad if someone could help



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Fixed BQ AquarisPro (bardockpro) not booting with LineageOS20


Hi there,

I have the issue that every LineageOS 20 build that I tried got stuck in a boot animation loop, never reaching the point where I should enter my encryption code.
When I flash 18.1 again it works fine.

As the BQ Aquaris Pro is an officially supported device, I assume version 20 should work fine as well. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I am using TWRP 3.7.0 as recovery.


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Question lineage 18.1 x86_64 emulator: Revoking microphone permissions for Google App.


Stuck at Boot animation after initially it completes the BootLogo

Using Ubuntu Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS (Wayland)

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Please help with installing Android 12 on Sony xperia Xz 2 Step by step instructions would be good


I'm a beginner and new here, I read the instructions at LineageOs, but I can't figure it out, my PC doesn't recognize my Sony in fastboot mode even though I have installed the USB drivers.
I can't get any further with point 6 (unlocking the bootloader) because the Sony website doesn't generate a tracking code.
please help me.

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Help Moto x4 (payton) issue after update


I updated to lineage-20.0-20230919-nightly-payton-signed.zip but now it fails to boot. I get this text:

If this is a Verizon device, please use the Software Repair Assistant on computer to repair your device. Connect your device to your computer to get the Software Repair Assistant.

If this is not a Verizon Device or Software Repair Assistant did not help for any reason, please contact customer care center for further assistant. AP Fastboot Flash Mode (Secure) Failed to boot Linux, falling back to fastboot Fastboot reason: Fall-through from normal boot mode

A similar problem was reported a few days ago: link Should I follow the same solution posted there?

r/LineageOS 14h ago

Anyone also missing Trusted Devices in Smart Lock?


Seems to be happening on stock Pixel and Samsung, possibly related to Play Services update:


Noticed it today on my Xperia (pioneer, LineageOS 19) after a system update, but not sure it's to to with it or the above.

Additionally, Trusted Places is not working for me now.

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Fun The new lockscreen is pretty


That is all

r/LineageOS 16h ago

App in the background on Poco F3


Is there a way to keep an app running in the background on Lineage OS 20?

r/LineageOS 23h ago

Trying to build for 10t pro (Apollo)


I'm trying to build for Apollo. Ive followed the instructions run breakfast , run extract proprietary files , brunch and I get an installable zip. However it's about 200M smaller than the official lineage build and is missing the elf and bin files that are in the official build e.g. xbl_4.elf or abn.elf

Any advice on how to solve this ?

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Question Help with Uninstalling System Apps


I uninstalled Jelly browser with `adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 org.lineageos.jelly`

I also uninstalled the messaging app with `adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 app com.android.messaging`

When I create a guest user and try to access the messaging app, it says, "This app isn't allowed by the device owner". However, I am able to access the Jelly browser from the guest account. The same thing happens when I create another regular user.

Why is that, and how can I disable or uninstall the Jelly browser from all users?

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LineageOS setup steps for redmi note 10s?


I have new phone and it is redmi note 10s m2101k7bg model. I searched a lot of guides and i may watch these steps: Unlock bootloader(yeah,i understood this) Use recovery to load LineageOS(im confused here) LineageOS has own Recovery program. Well. First my question: If i use lineage recovery, will my phone's IMEI be deleted? Can i backup efs,modem with lineage recovery? Secondly: Do i have to download other datas(dtbo.img, super-empty.img, vbmeta.img) on official LineageOS website? Third my question: My steps might be like this 1-Unlock bootloader 2-Download all lineageos datas on official website into the PC 3-Download ADB into the PC 4-Download xiaomi usb drivers into PC 5-Open usb debug and connect the phone into the computer with usb 6- Let the computer see the phone 7-Open fastboost with adb 8-Open recovery and tap factory reset 9-Reboot phone and use to start lineageos Are they true steps?

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Help Bad UI rendering after update


Today I updated LOS20 on my Redmi 3S to version 20230915 and as of UI things went very bad. It looks like I'm using VNC/RDP connection with low performance settings. I can't even show the problem, because for some exciting reason screenshots are rendered just fine (if you look at them on some other device), and also the camera on my other phone couldn't really capture those artifacts. What bothers me is that my other phone is also Redmi 3S and the same update caused no problems. Besides possible hardware differences (main specs should be identical), the only major difference is GApps - I have them on my primary phone, but something tells me it's irrelevant. Any ideas?

r/LineageOS 1d ago



Can I install lineage os on my redmi A1 light blue 2gb ram and 32 gb rom...

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Issue with Unchanged Compiled Files in LineageOS 20.0 on Pixel 3a After Repo Sync


Hello fellow LineageOS enthusiasts,

I've been working on compiling LineageOS 20.0 from source for my Pixel 3a, and I encountered an issue. After running repo sync to update the source code, I noticed that the compiled files remain identical to what I had before the update, as verified by the sha256sum command. This seems unusual, as I expected the compilation to reflect the changes from the updated source code.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem where the compiled files remain unchanged after a repo sync in LineageOS 20.0 on a Pixel 3a?

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thank you for your assistance!

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LineageOS for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9?


Hello everyone! My best friend owns a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 (m2003j15sg) and the phone is lagging too much to use it. I was wondering if installing LineageOS will solve the speed and lagging problem, as it did for many of my older models, but I can't seem to find a ROM for it.

Is any LineageOS available for this model? Just wondering because searching wasn't a success.

r/LineageOS 2d ago

Installation Which phone model have the easiest & fastest possible LineageOs instal l/ best compatibility right now, installing using Linux Mint now Win?


I am looking for 1 models/reccomendations (or more) phones that provide the Easiest and fastest possible LineageOs install/ best compatibility, so installing pretty much can not fail. I am trying to spend 150 to 350€ or even 500€ if it ticks all my boxes on here: https://www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/oyy2wp/the_what_currently_supported_device_should_i_get/k06mnlx/

Im using Linux Mint to install, not Win. -> I tried installing on a new Moto G42 & it was a disaster did not work had to send it back, despite having an experienced friend helping for 2.5 hrs, trying everything. And that is despite that model phone being listed on here:


So, I don't want to rely on a list where theoretically it is possible to install Lineageos on but instead would please love real world experiences of people here who did it in minutes/know of phones where it was very fast and easy.


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is there a risk of bricking when updating?


theres an update option on my settings and i am wondering if it wipes your phone or if i would lose any data

is there a risk to bricking? i dont have root and i didnt modify the system in any way

edit: everything went well though the lineage booting animation lasted more than 10 seconds which scared me but everything is fine thanks for your help

r/LineageOS 3d ago

Help Type C headphones not working.


I am using Alioth with Lineage os 20 and core Nikgapps.Suddenly my type c wired headphones stopped working, it was working fine last night. My phones speaker is working. Phone detects the type c headphone, but no audio gets played through it, when connected.. their is no sound from speaker, as it should be with headphones connected, but no sound from headphones either. My headphones works fine on other devices. The phone has gotten no physical damage from last day till now... No software updates from last day ( the day it was working ) till now. Plz help...

Update : headphone's mic is working fine.. Just not getting the audio from headphone speakers.. I have checked the developer option - disable USB audio routing. It was not enabled to begin with.

r/LineageOS 3d ago

Help Redmi note 8 wifi and Bluetooth not working


Hello everyone Firstly i have to say that English is not my main language. I am using lineage os 20 on my mi 6 happily so because of that i wanted to help my friend with it's slowing down phone too.

He has a Redmi note 8 and i firstly tried to install pixel experience on the device but i got "system has been destroyed" error after I've flashed recovery. I couldn't solve the problem even though i tried many things until i flash lineageos recovery of the device. It worked fine so i switched to lineageos after that and I've followed the wiki page while installing as recommend. I didn't get any error and I've finished installing it fine. The problem is now the WiFi,Bluetooth and hotspot doesn't work on the device. I can't even turn them on. The system ui freezes and crashes when i try to turn them on. What should i do in that situation? Should i just flash the stock rom? I am a newbie who's been just following the instructions for both phones so i am not sure if i can deal with very technical steps if you recommend some. Edit I've used the lineage-18.1-20230901-nightly-ginkgo-signed.zip and related recovery file while flashing it. I didn't use the other files as there weren't any mentions of them on the wiki page

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HELP PLEASE, my phone is bricked and my PC doesn't recognize


HELP PLEASE, my phone is bricked and my PC doesn't recognize it in fastboot mode or in adb, it doesn't even appear in the device manager, I've tried everything, I don't know what to do, it's an S10e with custom rom lineageOS and it was working normally until it went into bootloop when it downloaded and I hadn't changed anything in the modules, it simply decided to go into a loop. I still have the option to reset it but I would lose everything I have and I can't do that.

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Question Does Indian banking and Payment (UPI) Apps work?


Hey, I've been having my almost 4 years old One plus 8 and Android 13 is the last major OS update for me, and right now I'm more invested in this phone that, i really want to flash the Lineage OS for Android 14 and security patches, now my question is, I live in India and do the Indian banking and Payment apps work when I root and install this custom rom?

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LineageOS 19 - no settings for microphone?


I have found that in Android 12 I should be able to go to sound settings and change input - microphone - from headset to device. There is no such setting in LineageOS 19.

Does anyone know how to use internal microphone when audio cable is connected?

Thanks very much.

r/LineageOS 3d ago

Help Telegram issue - Not being able to login using SMS


When I try to type in my number and request login, it says "an error occurred, please try again later" & "Unable to process the request"

This happened after I flashed LOS 20 on my Note 7 Pro (Violet) 2 days ago. I haven't found a solution since.

Note: Previously I was on MIUI and Telegram worked flawlessly.

r/LineageOS 3d ago

Help Error 403 on certain websites when on wifi but only with this device


I have a bit of an odd problem with my Galaxy S10 and I'm really hoping someone has had this problem before.


Whenever I am on my home wifi certain sites give me a 403 error. Which would not be a huge problem, since you can easily switch to mobiledata every now and then, however some of the sites/apps that have this issue use a lot of mobile data, and my plan is not unlimited. For instance: Spotify seems to be very much affected, which I like to use a lot on my phone when doing chores etc. So I'm really hoping for someone to help me troubleshoot this.


Here is what I know so far:

  • I installed Lineage about a month ago and have had these issues since the installation, stock Rom did not have these issues
  • My Galaxy S10 currently runs on Lineage 20 (from Lineageos .org) with MindtheGapps and is rooted using Magisk
  • I've updated Lineage to the latest build
  • The problem persists when I add my browser to the Magisk denylist
  • I use Adaway, the problem persists when I turn this off
  • My router runs on OpnSense, I use a private dynamic DNS service (ddns .net) for any traffic through this router
  • I also use a Torguard VPN for a lot of the traffic through my home network, but I have my personal PC, Tablet and Phone excluded using a mac filter
  • I noticed that Lineage has a privacy option to use a random Mac when connecting to wifi, this is turned off for my home wifi networks.
  • I noticed Lineage has an option to use a private-DNS this is turned off
  • Only my phone is affected, both the tablet and computer (which have the same router settings, but stock rom) do not have these issues
  • I've been testing with 3 websites (spotify.com, bol.com and google.com), to make sure that it isn't a website specific problem, the issue has popped up with more sites, but I remembered these 3.
  • I use Firefox Beta on my phone, but the problem is also there when I use the Lineage browser


Any suggestions on what to try next?

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Info Pixel Branch Builds for September 2023 - The Verizon Fork Stabbing Will Continue, Until Complaining Stops


It's not clear why Verizon keeps getting branch builds... but here we are once again.

September 2023 builds have dropped for Pixel binary blobs and factory images. Verizon this time was the clean sweep - getting carrier-specific blobs in Qualcomm, Tensor G1, and Tensor G2 trims.

To recap, when Google issues these blobs, they are addressing a specific issue. Because of how Android is built, LineageOS doesn't include these. Which means there is either some issue, or some feature, that Google is redressing with these fixes.

Hence, if you have LineageOS on Verizon, proceed with caution. You may have issues. Google historically has declined to comment on what issues are being addressed, leaving users and developers alike, in the dark.

There are a lot of Verizon employees that have an avowed disdain for my views, and support of a free and open internet. They abuse the Reddit follow tool. Treat vote counts accordingly.