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SHORT Barber seems disappointed in my 5$ tip on my 20$ haircut.


I found a barber that's literally a 1 minute walk from my house. I can make an appointment online, walk in for say, a 10:30 AM haircut, and be home at 10:55 AM. It's cash only, 20 bucks.

Every time I go in, I give her 20 for the haircut, and a 5$ tip. I would almost always have exact change.

One time I didn't have exact change, so I gave her a 20 and a 10 and asked for 5 dollars change. She said "Oh okay!" then looked down, up at me and said, "You said you didn't need change right?"

"No, 5 back please."


Yesterday I go back in for a haircut. I see the price has gone up to $23. No big deal, the price of everything's going up. That's life. So I gave her 30 and asked for two dollars back, so she can still get a 5$ tip.

Before giving me the money back she says, "You see we raised our prices right?"


"Oh." Then gives me the two bucks.

Unless tipping 20-25% on a 20 minute, 20 dollar haircut is cheap of me...

She sure doesn't seem happy with the tip.

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SHORT Begging time not goods


I sell sewing machines.

We have a customer that is in all the time. Asking all sorts of detailed questions. Then informs me that they’ll be taking that information to buy online for cheaper.

Ok. Not great. But fine.

Today we spent some time finding the right machine for their needs. Talking about what kinds of fabric they sew, what features and benefits they would use.

Then they let me know they’ll think on it.

Later in the day I’m teaching a class and I get a call.

They’re at another store - and they want me to listen to them list machine numbers and choose which machine they should get.

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SHORT I offer to gift nephew $11K certificate of deposit from *my* inheritance, he waits 14 months, then insists I FedEx him gold bullion to his 'sovereign trust' and involves a lawyer


...I expected just a wee bit more gratitude, and a whole lot less entitlement. My guess is that my nephew's dad (my brother) prompted him to write all this. I should point out that my lawyer advised that I have zero obligation to send the money, and if I do, it is legally a gift from me. I was also advised that I *still* have no obligation, and can back out my offer at any time.

Given my nephew's sense of entitlement, I no longer feel quite so generous.

Me offering money to the beggar

Him insisting on gold bullion

Me clarifying that this is not his inheritance

Him doubling down, and involving a lawyer

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SHORT Party host wants to pay $1 per minute ($60) for our cover band to play for an hour!


...even our smallest gig requires $15,000 of equipment (instruments, cables, PA, lights), 4 hours for his 1 hour performance (travel, setup, sound check, breakdown) and taking off early without pay from our band members' jobs. This doesnt even consider the hours spent practicing.

All to play at his party for $15 each person; or should I say $3.75 an hour each member. They weren't even offering food or beverages.

We do it for the love of music where the pay is more of a token of appreciation.

Playing for "exposure bucks" is just plain insulting, and I didn't bother responding.

Edit: for a charitable cause or good friends, I usually wouldn't even ask for money, but I didn't even know these people

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SHORT Had a real literal one tonight


Look, I’m all for helping the homeless, I gave money to two different guys tonight. But this dude loves to come into my bar and interrupt everyone’s conversations to ask for money and ignore me telling him to leave.

So tonight I’m closing up, it’s me and one of my regulars, and he plasters his face to the door and then comes in. Asks me (working) for money. My regular says yeah man, I got a couple bucks. Gives him $2. Dude literally says “I can’t do nothing with $2. I need at least $10! Gimme $10!”

Keeps ranting about how it’s raining and he’s homeless (yeah, dude, we feel bad) and how $2 “ain’t shit” and he “can’t do anything with $2” and how we need to give him at least $10. That he “might take $5 but [we] really have to give” $10 to him. That this $2 is “fucking useless” and we owe him money.

Literal choosing beggar! Sorry, I’m not super sober and didn’t get all the details.

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SHORT Hungry Vegan


This happened a few years ago when we lived in San Francisco. My husband was driving and we were stopped at an intersection. There was a woman panhandling at the corner. Her sign said "Hungry Vegan." At the time I was pregnant so I was usually hungry and carried several Lara bars in my purse, which contain lots of dates and nuts. So I roll down the window and hand her a vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, organic, high protein Lara bar.


As my friend said.... vegans need hooch too. Maybe she would have accepted vodka made from organic non-GMO potatoes.

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SHORT no, I don't want the food... but I'll take 2 of the candy!


I'd just stopped at the outlet store of a local sausage factory, got several dollars worth of 5oz summer sausages [link at bottom of post to explain what a summer sausage is] at 25c each, for the express purpose of giving to beggars.

First red light I hit on my way home, there's a guy with a sign begging for money. I offer him a sausage. (It's vacuum wrapped from the factory & has the factory name on the label.)

"No, thanks, I don't want that."

OK, fine by me. I take it back & look to see how close the light is to changing.

"Hey! Hey! Can I have a couple of those Reese's cups?" (I had a bag on the passenger seat.)

:eyeroll: Sure, here's one. [OK, the eyeroll was rude of me.]

"Can I have 2?"

No. (Rolled up the window, ignored him.)

If you're really in need, the 5oz of meat is a better choice. Even if he doesn't eat meat, he can swap with another beggar or sell it.


ETA: here's an explanation of what a summer sausage is; it's cooked & stores at room temp while sealed


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SHORT Just sold my old ps4 to choosing beggars


I listed it on fb for $200 (I’m in New Zealand) someone said they would come straight away and pick it up, so I said I’d reduce the cost by $5 bearing in mind it’s 11pm when they said that. They get to my place at 12am and said they only had $180 and that I had to pay for their gas to get out here 😂. I stood out there in the pissing rain while I had a cold and waited for those beggars to search their car for the rest of the money they somehow managed to find it Jesus people are annoying.

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SHORT Karen careless for her child’s education


I am a student and I tutor kids in mathematics and chemistry as a side hustle. A Karen reached out to me asking if I could assist her child and I told her my hourly rate. She agreed and I even gave her a free try-out lesson just to be nice. She then reached out to me thanking me for my help (sounding earnestly content) but proceeded to offer me 60% lower payment than what I asked for. 8$/h is usually what people pay for a babysitter here (Stockholm, Sweden), but for tutoring? Usually that goes for 30$/h in this area since it takes a lot of effort and pedagogical skill. I didn’t even ask her for that much. When I kindly declined her offer she got frustrated.

Found out later that she is extremely wealthy and that her daughter really needs help so she doesn’t fail school… How does one become so greedy to not even help their own child? Please correct me if I’m delusional or plainly wrong

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SHORT Woman begs for food but says yuck to everything offered.


Encountered a choosing beggar today while shopping. A middle aged woman in ragged clothes approached my family in the parking lot of a strip mall. She begged, saying "Please, I need food, I haven't eaten for days, I'm starving. Anything helps!"

We had just gone grocery shopping the stop prior, we proceed to dig through the bags and see what was ready to eat.

Practically everything we tried to hand the lady, she said 'ew,' 'yuck' and 'I don't want that.'

Items in question: Bananas, apples, a beef jerky stick, a loaf of bread, pudding, a bottle of water...

The woman did accept the deli meat we had, but seemed quite disappointed my mother only wrapped up part of the pack in a napkin and didn't give her the whole thing. She grabbed that and said 'whatever' and walked off. Not even a thank you.

She did appear to be eating it as she stomped off, but I honestly don't know what she was expecting. I didn't realize one had the luxury to be picky if they are supposedly starving.

. . .

EDIT: Since there seems to be a bit of misunderstanding, we didn't hand her each item individually. Two of us grabbed several items and she said eww/yuck to each in our hands until she saw the deli meat.

I do agree she probably was looking more for money despite asking for food. We were in the area for my cellular company, but I realized after thinking about it more that there was literally a Marijuana shop just two shops down on the corner. Considering there was only a craft store, jeweler and Petco on the rest of the strip, it's likely that was what she was wanting.

All in all, you win some, you lose some. My family insists on trying to see the best in people, even if not everyone (obviously) is thankful for what is given.

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SHORT Choosing Beggar thinks that everything in my house and garage is free


Years ago when we were moving from Tennessee to Oklahoma we had a lot of small stuff/knickknacks and wanted to downsize.

We posted on a local Facebook page that everything in our driveway is free, but we don’t have time to post pics as we are still going through stuff.

We received all kinds of comments that were crazy like “pics or I’m not coming”. “If you are just getting rid of it, I’m not driving out there. You need to come here.”

However, the one that took the cake was a lady who came and walked past the stuff on the driveway and went into our garage and started taking stuff (like my wife’s Kitchen Aid mixer). I asked her what she was doing. She said with an arrogant attitude, “I thought everything here was free.” I told her, “No, only what’s in the driveway is free. Please put my wife’s mixer back.”

She did and I thought that was the end of it. Nope. She then tried to get into our house from the garage. I asked what she thought she was doing. She said, “Well I know that you haven’t gone through everything yet, so I’m going to go through you house and if I find anything I like, I’ll ask if it’s free.”

I told her to leave. She cussed me out as she was leaving saying how this was a waste of time and that she was going to comment on my post not to waste their time that everything we were giving away was junk and that I was rude to her.

Which she did.

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SHORT 70$ in groceries not enough for CB


I just got home from the grocery store and there was a woman outside with a sign that read. “No job no money need to buy food for my family”

I collect PC points (grocery store money in Canada) and have about 70$ worth right now. I offered to take her into the store and she could spend up to 70$ in points that I have to get some food for her family.

She tells me just to give her the cash and she can get whatever she wants. I refuse explaining again that I’m not giving her money but the cash value of my collected points. She immediately says “you think you’re so nice but you’d only help people on your terms” then she starts yelling calling me a creep saying I just want to follow her around the store and that I’m cheap for not helping her family.

Great scene to have on a quick lunch trip to the grocery store lol.

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SHORT How insulting is this request for work?


I own a business, where i do cleaning and housekeeping. I sometimes help with other household chores like food prep and dog walking.... basically a personal assistant for domestic tasks.

One of my clients has started a drop-shipping business. She has asked me to do some videography for her. She wants me to shoot an hours worth of product videos (separate 30-60 second videos) and send her the 60 minutes of footage so she can edit it and create product ads for social media.

She has not given me any direction or thought of any concepts for this sixty minutes of footage. Except that she wants me to create videos that "have the potential to go viral". She has also encouraged me to ** film content in my other clients offices/homes for variety**

She has offered to pay me for one hour of my time ($30) to create 60 mins worth of short videos...this is equal to about 16 cents per video.

How can I kindly explain, this is absolutely ridiculous without being rude?

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SHORT On call with stressful job with 25% travel in your own car for $50 a day?


On Call Sexual Assault Advocate-

$50 a day - Contract

Essential Job Duties

On call responsibility to immediately respond to hospital requests for Medical Advocate for sexual assault survivors.

Must respond in person to requests within 30 minutes.

Offer exemplary service and advocacy to sexual assault victims and their caregivers at all times.

Demonstrate professionalism, dependability and responsibility.

Maintain supplies and assigned hospital area dedicated to Medical Advocates.

Represent Metro in a positive manner by adhering to policies and procedures as outlined below.


  • Flexible schedule

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SHORT Please, be my doula and nanny! She removed the price of $1500 for the entire multiple weeks compensation


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SHORT This dad on a local VR place


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SHORT Gave my sister leather couch set


Sister moved to my town and I think she sold her previous couch. Anyway, we had just recently downsized from a large living room to small so our leather set couch loveseat, chair and ottoman was too big so it was in our family room in basement. Anyway, we give it to her. I have my sons move to her house

She uses for 4 years, dog claws the hell out of it. She’s now moving again and asks us to come get it. Tell her we don’t want it. She them informs me that she has to pay $50 for curbside pick up, so she wants to give it back to me and I need to come get it

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SHORT A casino and an actual beggar. A story.


Reading another story I’m reminded of one I was aware of, some years ago.

At the time I was flying helicopters for a massive casino group. I forget the stats but this place was HUGE. Something like their lowest attendance ever was at 3:07am on Christmas morning and there were still 6,679 people in the building complex.

They did thousands of meals as you’d expect. The complex had 3-4 buffet style restaurants, all you can eat. Incredible variety, I remember they had 8 different curries alone in one place.

I once landed at the back of one of the hotels and noticed smoke in the maintenance area. Turns out they’d installed an incinerator to burn the food waste. I was surprised because up to that point they had got quite a lot of good PR for distributing the extra food to shelters in the nearby city. I recall it was actual hundreds of meals packed by the chefs.

Turns out one enterprising vagrant, a beggar; had put two and two together about where the food was coming from and deliberately allowed a meal to spoil, ate it and was understandably sick. Quite seriously. He subsequently made a rather large claim against the casino group who actually settled.

An immediate condition of the underwriters was that food no longer be distributed. Or they would refuse cover.

And that was that. A beggar chose an actual meal ticket and ruined it for everyone else. An actual choosing beggar.

I think about it a lot when I read things in this sub. Just thought I’d share it with everyone.

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SHORT Will there be anything else?


A friend of mine helps a small group of homeless people in our area. After hearing their plight, and on a very hot (110f) day, I contacted the leader of the group via text and offered to bring them cold/frozen water in single use bottles.

  1. she asked for gatorade too
  2. she wanted labels on the bottles from the church my friend and I belong to so that they would know they were safe to drink.
  3. she wanted them delivered to her motel room, but only after her boyfriend had finished his nap, as he gets cranky if his nap is interupted.

I still help the group, but I have refused to have any direct contact with the leader, who I have nicknamed ThanksBut, as she always says "Thanks, but could you also..."

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SHORT But you get a free sammich from the caterer !!!!


r/ChoosingBeggars Feb 05 '23

SHORT Tipping Culture Out of Hand?


I recently went to a specialty piercing shop to have some very old piercings redone. I found the shop online and was impressed with their presence, but they did have some somewhat aggressive policies (open by appointment only, credit card required to reserve appointment). I show up and the place is very clean and staff very friendly and knowledgeable. They only sold high end jewelry and I ended up spending more than i expected but was satisfied with service.

Turns out I didn't need anything repierced just set with new jewelry, so the bulk of the cost of service was the jewelry ($300+ for 2 earrings, about $30 for putting them in). When I checked out, the square software suggested a 30% tip which equated to about $50.

I was taken aback bc I thought that was an exorbitant tip considering the service and it was based on the cost of the jewelry not on the service. In the moment I just hit no tip but felt guilty and felt like I should have tipped like $10 or something. That was until I checked my receipt and they automatically charged me a 3% "card swipe" fee for paying with a credit card.

Was I cheap not to tip on this service? I think it's ridiculous to charge that high a fee just to pay with a credit card, plus when majority of total cost is jewelry not service I think it's ludicrous to ask for tip based on total amount charged. After all, you don't tip jewelry store salespeople.

r/ChoosingBeggars Jan 05 '23

SHORT Given a list of suggestions for her birthmonth present(s).


Came in to work today to find a sheet on my desk from a coworker. Apparently she placed it on everyones desk. It stated that she was looking forward to all the little presents we were going to get her all month to help her celebrate her birth month. Because the choices were hard she wanted to give us suggestions of the little gifts each person could give throughout the month to help make her birth month special. 1) Starbucks gift cards 2) Giftcards to fast food restaurants 3) Daily snacks of her favorite candy. 4) Small trinkets of the things she collects.

She seems confused so far because no one is talking to her.

UPDATE: She apologized after being talked to. See more in comments.

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SHORT Wants better cleaning then a service, offers less then a service costs.


r/ChoosingBeggars 29d ago

SHORT what's your lowest?


Item: listed at $75 Discounted 40% Current Price $48.75 CB "what's your lowest? My highest is $20" .....?

I hate when someone starts off with "what's your lowest", particularly on an item you priced yourself. I'm all for negotiating and I accept all reasonable offers, I've only turned down like 2 official offers. I'm not even saying that I wouldn't have been willing to consider letting the item listed at $75 go for $20, maybe I would have, if they hadn't approached me in a manner that screams "I know that's the price for the plebs, but what would the price for ME be?" It just comes across as entitled and inconsiderate to me. Am I the only one that thinks this? Should I get over this?

r/ChoosingBeggars 4d ago

SHORT Hey I'm starting a new channel, but can you do all the work for me?


Just got a (long) message from somebody looking to start a YouTube channel, and their idea is to interview other channels, but have those channels do all the work. We have a channel, and they demand that "we come up with a creative way to film" and "rather than send a camera crew over, you use your own equipment for your ease", with multiple requirements on what equipment you have and how you film. Of course, there was the classic "it'll be great exposure for you"...which is particularly hilarious in this case as the channel has not even been created, so has no subs and no following.

So essentially, we/others do all the hard work, and they then post it on their channel and make the money.

Worth a try I suppose, using already established people to do your work for you :D.