r/ChoosingBeggars Mar 20 '23

Local family owned laundrette with a history of mistreating staff offering a zero hour contract (but need you available full time) and no hourly rate.

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u/RckYouLkeAHermanCain Mar 20 '23

"Laundry operative" sounds like the kind of title you make up to make a job sound important on a resume lol.


u/nomparte Mar 20 '23

I'm not a road sweeper anymore. I'm an environmental hygienist.


u/definitelymaybe22 Mar 20 '23

Did you have the same broom for 20 years?


u/nomparte Mar 21 '23

Yes, and only ever had 17 new heads and 14 new handles...


u/threehamsomelette Mar 23 '23

Ah, the fabled Broom of Theseus.


u/WhiskyKitten Mar 23 '23

I was thinking of the fabled broom of Rodney! 😂


u/fineman1097 Mar 24 '23

Environmental ENGINEER


u/whyamihere327 Mar 20 '23

Custodial artisan is what my buddy calls himself


u/Aggravating-Alarm-16 Mar 21 '23

It's Master of the Custodial Arts


u/whyamihere327 Mar 21 '23

Everyone says that though .


u/JMLobo83 Mar 21 '23

Sounds like a job in a Fallout game to me.

(Dystopian post-nuclear quasi-society, if anyone isn't familiar).


u/Ravengm Mar 21 '23

Or a different type of Corporate Cleaner. Taking out the dirty laundry, one garrote at a time!


u/RckYouLkeAHermanCain Mar 21 '23

That's what I'm saying - it sounds needlessly kickass haha.


u/Zoreb1 Mar 20 '23

Long hours for no pay - the toughest job you'll ever loath.


u/whyamihere327 Mar 20 '23

You know the “trial day” is unpaid of course .


u/nomparte Mar 20 '23

It's Lavandería Brillante owned by Gustavo Fring and I claim my £5


u/ThirdWheelSteve Mar 21 '23

Nah, he paid his workers, probably pretty well


u/textonic Mar 20 '23

Can someone explain to me why someone would work long hours with no pay? At a Laundry ? Like if I was working as a advisor to some CEO, I can use the exposure or whatever but here??


u/diariess Mar 20 '23

i think (not 100%) there is pay but i imagine it’s minimum wage (like £7 in england, they don’t actually indicate any wage) and going by people’s reviews they’ll be overworked in terrible conditions


u/MarmotMeiche Mar 21 '23

Did you see trial day tho. Totally trying for at least one day free


u/KikiMadeCrazy Mar 21 '23

The problem is the 0 hours contract… I am wondering if that way is avoiding paying contributes for full time employees… of simply I don’t need you I don’t pay you.


u/Past-Pea-6796 Mar 21 '23

I think it means you are not guaranteed any hours so you take what they give you and like it but cant work a second job.


u/KikiMadeCrazy Mar 22 '23

Yeah that’s the thing you have to be at disposition 24/7 but then if you only get to work 1 h they pay only that. So yes you can’t do anything else, not even organize your day for grocery, childcare live a life…


u/Past-Pea-6796 Mar 22 '23

"But dont worry about the weeks you get no hours, sometimes we will need you 80 hours so it evens out along with the fact we almost always call you a day or two in those stretches because someone called out."


u/meatdiver Mar 21 '23

Probably paying under the table and exploiting illegal immigrants.


u/mxwp Mar 21 '23

those that could not legally work elsewhere


u/NewComixbear1 Mar 21 '23

It's time for the entitled "nobody wants to work " chorus


u/Mobile-Nature-6970 Mar 21 '23

Stephen King wrote horror stories set in laundries for a reason.


u/Curious_Swordfish411 Mar 21 '23

Let me guess the trial day is unpaid


u/Specialist-Treat-396 Mar 21 '23

“And a trial day.”

Why do I get the feeling that they are expecting this to be unpaid unless they “really” like you (you work yourself like a dog and show that you are willing to be walked all over).


u/ecapapollag Mar 21 '23

Confused that a zero hours contract requires a probation period. What happens at the end of it? Permanent role? Extra money? More job security and rights? I'm guessing not!


u/StGir1 Mar 24 '23

This is so bad it literally reads like a scam


u/RedModsSuck Mar 21 '23

As an added bonus, you'll likely develop lung disease that will get you disability payments in the future.


u/now_you_see Mar 24 '23

Why? I didn’t realise there was anything toxic about doing laundry work.


u/RedModsSuck Mar 24 '23

Chemicals used in commercial laundries have been linked to lung disease later in life.



u/aryawitner I can give you exposure Mar 21 '23

So you're constantly on call. I had a job that tried that once and it failed epically. Their theory was that there were only 3 of us with guaranteed hours, but if one of us was sick/on vacation and the other two couldn't fill in, they could use one of the On Calls. But what they should have realized really quickly was that if you aren't going to even pay people a token weekly amount just to be on call, they aren't going to sit around with their fingers crossed waiting for the phone to ring.


u/kwhorona Mar 22 '23

Hey what is zero hours contact?


u/3Winks Mar 25 '23

I believe that all permanent employees in the UK are required to be given an employment contract that states hours, working times, benefits, etc. Zero would guarantee nothing and fully for the benefit of the employer.


u/K_Click_D Mar 24 '23

Informal interview and a trial day too, so they're wanting you to work a day for free first? Icing on the top of a shit cake that


u/LogMeOutScotty Mar 25 '23

Twelve week probation period because absolutely none of their employees have lasted that long.


u/CandylandCanada Mar 21 '23

If it's a family-owned business then they can get their family members to work there. What's that, no one from the family is stepping up to claim this prize of a job? How unexpected.


u/Intrepid_Respond_543 Mar 20 '23

I hope someone warns potential applicants (well, the ad itself does a pretty good job).


u/amybeedle Mar 21 '23

Training will be given

How tf is this a selling point on a job post. EVERY JOB requires training. That's just the employer's responsibility, not a "perk" for the employee ffs