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Discussion/আলোচনা Weekly Thread on Controversial Topics (read the post before you start commenting!)


Ok folks, here it is - the weekly outlet to vent your hottest, controversial takes. But first, please follow the rules -

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Avro or Bijoy faster when mastered fully?


Hello, everyone, glad to have discovered this group. I'm very impressed to see this massive group of Bangla and Bangladesh-passionate enthusiasts.

I had a quick question if you guys didn't mind regarding your collective expertise - so I'm an Apprentice Lawyer, so I will need to start typing Bangla for professional purposes - and I was wondering**:**

Between Avro and Bijoy, which one, when mastered, would lead to a faster top writing speed?

Assuming I can spend a few months practicing it. On English typing I can get up to 130 Words per Minute, what is the possibilities for Bangla typing? Is one of the methods (fixed/phonetic) inherently limiting?

Thanks in advance, guys!

p.s. For instance, I think Bijoy probably has more 'keystrokes per word' so might seem to be overall less efficient, but maybe fixed layouts allow for much greater precision rather than having to check every word on a dropdown list?

This video shows a guy obtaining 80 Words Per Minute on Bijoy: Absolutely crazy and inspiring;


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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Need help for a project - What is Bangladesh's most iconic cult film?


I'm working on a list of every country's most iconic cult film (list here: https://boxd.it/n5ZFs) and wondered if anyone could help me figure out Bangladesh's entry. I'm looking for a film that might not be well-known outside the country's borders. Perhaps it's a film everyone knows, and is hugely popular only to Bangladeshi audiences, even if it wasn't popular with critics. Or maybe it's a film that wasn't well-received by audiences or critics, but has gained a cult following in the years since its release. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Have you guys tried importing solar panel from Alibaba?


As the title suggests, have you guys tried buying solar panel from Alibaba? I'm planning to buy 1kW solar panel. Now I have lots of questions.

  • How much is the import duty (Last time I checked there was a proposal to add 1% of import duty on solar panel)
  • How much taxation is on solar panel?
  • What is the shipping cost? (Using some freight service)
  • Will there be any difference between solar panel, and solar panel will some adapter?

This is my personal thought: Government should remove all taxation/duty on solar panel, if there is any. As it will reduce the power generation tension a lot. And some seller is making 300%+ profit on sell, I don't get it.

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Discussion/আলোচনা Help Need


My close someone is getting harassed and constantly blackmailed by a fake Facebook profile.

I want to file a police complain. Can the police find the guy or at least track him down?

Anyone here suggest me proper a way to do so?

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Policy/কর্মপন্থা How to close TIN ?


I had a TIN ID, and now I need to close it because I'm staying outside of Bangladesh. Can you please tell me the process for closing it? The reason I haven't been filing tax returns is because of my overseas residency. When I was employed from 2017 to 2018, my company took care of submitting the necessary tax documents on my behalf. So, how do I go about closing my TIN now?

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Need suggestions for buying a car


Hi, My family's gonna buy a car in the coming few days. But we are confused what to chose. Our budget is ~40 lacs. Our prinary priority is comfort and longevity. I don't quite like the toyota CHR because it feels congestive somehow (Because of the shape of the rer windows I guess). I have looked into Chery tiggo 7 pro and I think I like it. But not so sure because it's a chinese company of course. What do you guys suggest?

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Does anyone here use Virtual Credit Card?


Recently I been seeing a lot of Facebook ads about it. I was wondering if they're legit and you can use them to purchase apps on Google or use it on Steam. Also, how do you recharge dollars in it?

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Need some help with some vegetable prices today & 10 years ago from BD.


I am doing a research project & need the current prices & prices 10 years ago of potato & cabbage. I've been searching on the web for a while but couldn't find any data about of price of these vegetables 10 years ago. (Any other time gap would also be ok)

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Mental Health/মানসিক সাস্থ Since my mother doesnt grant me the freedom all my friends get,and confines me to the four walls of our home and classroom,I've decided that if I ever get freedom, I'll live in a place far away from my parents, maintaining minimal but respectful connections so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest


A little background

(TLDR provided in the bottom)

Even though I'm 17, my mother doesn't let me hang out with friends. Basha theke ber e hote deyna, I feel frustrated that I'm the only one without this freedom

Ever since this ^ post, few things happened. My classmate's grandfather invited me over, my mother as usual, refused me to go. Her overprotectiveness is getting ridiculous at this point. She told me "I heard this story once where a friend went to his classmate's house and that family trafficked him to a different country. What if something like this happens to you as well?" Like bruh.

She doesn't allow me to go to restaurants, citing "we are too young to handle all of this, also, what if the restaurants catches fire?''. Bruh

In the vibrant tapestry of teenage life, my friends revel in the freedom of youthful exuberance, relishing the simple pleasures of hanging out, exploring new restaurants, and or taking strolls in parks. Their lives are painted with an array of hues, bursting with laughter, spontaneity, and boundless adventures. Meanwhile, I find myself confined within the suffocating boundaries of home and classroom, watching their colorful world unfold from the shadows of my own existence. It is a melancholic reality, as if my life exists in a perpetual state of black and white, devoid of the vibrant shades that dance in the lives of others.

My mother doesn't even allow me to use a phone independently,even at the age of 17. My grandmother has a smartphone, I use hers. My mother fsr has given me unrestricted access to a laptop though. I thought I'd get a phone once i turn 18, but no, my mother said she'll give me a phone once I enter university, or even if I get a phone earlier, I won't get a sim card. Like whats the point of this??? Is she signalling her virtue of being a tough parents? What in the bullshit crap is this? Excuse my language please, I'm just venting the accumulated pain of my teenage years.

When I was 12, my uncles got me a ps4. I was very very disciplined with the ps4, never played more than 1 hour, surrendered it during tests and NEVER demanded to buy me a game cuz I didn't want to put financial burden on my parents to pursue a lavish form of entertainment. What is the result of maintaining this discipline? Eto discipline maintain kore ki labh holo janen? On a weekend, after finishing studies, I played for a little longer, and this made my mother furious , she snatched the controller from me, and I was going back to my room, I told her "ami toh pora shesh korei game khelte boschilam" My mother said angrily "ABAR KOTHA KOS?" and then she broke my ps4. I tried for many days,not because she broke my ps4, but because that even after maintaining discipline to the dot, I still had to lose my ps4, I didn't get any reward for following discipline, I followed all the discipline and rules, for nothing.I followed all that discipline, that too, voluntarily.

Now that her anger issue is being discussed, I think we should talk about this a little more. My mother and father fights a lot, and they don't fight in public, they fight in front of the entire neighborhood, tarnishing our reputation. Me and my sister has been watching their fights since our childhood, and the very first sentence my younger sister spoke was that our parents fight. This has very detrimental effects in our mental health. Now, fighting with my dad is my mother's kinda daily routine, and after every time they fight, my mother vents her anger on me. Bola nai,kowa nai, baaper sathe ragaragi kore eshe amake bokbe ar onek baje baje kotha bolbe. She berates me a point where it makes me feel like my life is meaningless. Ar bhallagena. She berates me as if I am her enemy. Also, she regularly fights my with my maternal grandparents. They live with us, and they wanted to leave our home due to these fights and outright disrespect. When I was a kid, I used to secretly cry for my grandparents everytime my mom used to berate them.

I thought I'll be able to break the rods of this cage when I am in A Levels, as a lot of my female classmates will get freedom when they are in A Levels (all my male classmates have freedom, most females do, some don't, being overprotective with girls is understandable in a society like Bangladesh, but for boys, to the extent of my mother, ekdomi na) but no, my mother said that she will grant me freedom AFTER A LEVELS, o babago. (I am skeptical about this as well).

I thought of studying abroad after a levels to escape this shitty household, but my mother said to do half my uni studies in bd and the other half in USA( she thinks i am too young ,even at age 20, to move abroad, but based on some research, transferring to USA with scholarship is very hard, close to impossible, so this dream is also shattered.

Edit- As I informed her that transfer students don't get scholarships, she told me "ami tomake emneo bidesh jete dibona, omneo na, scholarship peyeleo na, na peleo na". It was my dream to study abroad, to experience American education, she shattered this dream as well. ami baal kormuta ki.

Now my final plans are, we are planned to move to USA in 2032 ish. So if we move to the USA, I'll live in a state faraway from where she lives,maintaining minimal but respectful connections so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest. If I earn money, I'll financially support them, but I wont live under the same roof as them.

I yearn to break free from the shackles that confine me, to taste the sweetness of liberation and rediscover the joys that have remained elusive. The weight of this melancholy bears heavily on my heart, as I yearn to step beyond the boundaries and immerse myself in the technicolor symphony of life.

The thought of growing up and looking back at my classmates fills me with an indescribable dread, for I know that I will be haunted by the stark contrast between their vibrant and cherished teenage memories and my own harrowing journey. The mental trauma I endure as I envision their carefree laughter, exciting adventures, and meaningful connections amplifies the sense of isolation and despair that has defined my teenage years. The dullness that permeated my existence, the dearth of joyful experiences, and the lingering trauma I carry within me create an unbridgeable chasm between their reminiscences of joy and my own tale of anguish. It is a burden that weighs heavily upon my soul, a relentless reminder of the vibrant hues I was denied in the tapestry of my youth. The melancholy realization that my teenage years were robbed of the vitality and happiness that others embraced is a haunting specter that shadows my every step into adulthood, etching its mark upon my psyche and leaving an indelible scar.

TLDR- Despite being 17, my mother restricts my freedom to hang out with friends, resulting in frustration and a sense of isolation. Her overprotectiveness reaches absurd levels, citing unlikely scenarios as reasons to deny me social experiences. Additionally, she controls my phone usage and shattered my disciplined efforts by breaking my PS4. My parents' constant fights have negatively impacted my mental health, and my mother often directs her anger towards me. The hope of gaining freedom in A Levels and studying abroad has been dashed by my mother's resistance. However, I plan to eventually move to the USA, maintaining minimal contact with my family while seeking liberation and embracing the vibrant experiences I have missed. The weight of this melancholy lingers, as I fear the future comparison with classmates who enjoyed memorable teenage years while mine were dull and traumatizing.

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Discussion/আলোচনা লোডশেডিং কমে গেলো নাকি?


আমাদের আজকে দিনে মাত্র এক ঘন্টা কারেন্ট ছিল না এখন পর্য্যন্ত। গত কালকে চব্বিশ ঘন্টার মধ্যে অর্ধেকের বেশি কান্ট পাইনি তাই আজকে ভীষণ অদ্ভুত লাগছে ব্যাপারটা এটা কি সব খানেই নাকি? কারণ কি?

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Is It Okay For Me To Not Like Sports?


It's not like I don't do physical activities at all or anything. I jog and am also planning on cycling with my friends, but I just don't like playing sports like basketball or football, it just doesn't feel fun for me.

And my parents keep telling me to play football with the other guys because it's what all the other guys do. They also complain about me not playing sports to all the other relatives behind my back.

What should I do?

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Education/শিক্ষা how is st joseph college


overall education quality

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Health/স্বাস্থ্য ENT Healthcare in Bangladesh


what is the state of healthcare to treat Ear, Nose, Throat problems in Bangladesh? I'm asking about the top hospitals in terms of facilities and doctors where one can get treatment for ENT problems

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Metal Head lice comb


Hey guys, so I’m visiting Bangladesh from America for the first time after 15 years my kids and I got head lice.

Where can I find a metal nit comb or head lice comb? And where can I find proper head lice shampoo here?

Thanks everyone. And gotta love Bangladesh, from the mosquitos to the head lice. 💚❤️

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Was the school shutdown really for heatwave?


I have experienced many heatwaves before in Bangladesh but they never shut down school for that. Other countries do this though for the betterment of teachers and students.

But, I kind of feel that, the whole shutdown thing was to save electricity in the disguise of "saving the students from heatwave"?

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Discussion/আলোচনা Is Notre Dame college overrated?


What do you all think?

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Building a ChatGPT-like AI for Bangla. Please suggest some places where Bangla text data is plentiful.


Hello Redditors, we are a Bangladeshi AI startup. We are planning to build a ChatGPT-like Large Language Model for Bangla, that will be open-source. Can you suggest some sites from where we can collect Gigabytes of text data? We need to collect text data from different sources, so please suggest anything. We will combine data from all the sources. Quality of data is very important. We will respect copyright.

The data and the language model will be open-sourced, so everyone can benefit from it.

Also, if you'd like to take part of this journey and contribute in other ways, please feel free to DM.

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Policy/কর্মপন্থা Income tax for NRBs (non residing Bangladeshis)


People who are working abroad, how to you/your guardians take care of your taxes, in case you have that much wealth. Lawyers in BD are not very trustworthy as you know. How is it you people settle your taxes.?

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Sports/খেলাধুলা Football club launches in Argentina named after Bangladesh

Thumbnail daily-sun.com


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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Should i buy this Toyota Mark 2? Im ready to spend extra 3 lakhs in modifying.

Post image

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা আমায় বলে দাও দেশে তেলের কেনো এতো অভাব?

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


কেউ কি আমাকে জানাবেন চিহ্নিত এই ভূমিদস্যু, চরিত্রহীন অপরাধীদের কাছে কি এমন আছে(টাকা ছাড়া) যা দেশের একজম ক্ষমতাধর প্রতিমন্ত্রীকে লজ্জা শরমের মাথা খেয়ে এই টাইপ তোষামোদ করতে উদ্বুদ্ধ করে?

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Discussion/আলোচনা Why aspiration mismatch is a bigger challenge than skill mismatch

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Why is bidyanando getting so much hate all of a sudden?


Does anyone know the original reason?

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা How important is family background really?


I have been involved online with a girl from Bangladesh, for almost a year now, I've seen her before I left BD last year, and I came back this year, to me it seemed she was fine but once I told my parents about her, my parents and I had to discuss with an uncle, who said he is going to do some research on the family background, which personally I don't care about, but my parents think otherwise, so after his investigation my uncle says that he knows the owner of the building where they live in, and says that they are not good people, there are different men going in and out of their house, which is the only detail I didn't know about. They do live in a rough area, but doesn't mean they are bad right, but everyone says that since I have never properly lived in BD so I don't know the people here and how dangerous they can be, and said not to go any further with this girl, just move away slowly since I live abroad I should look for a better family.

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AskDesh/দেশ কে জিজ্ঞাসা Am I allowed to take Achar to the US?


Crazy ik but amar ei jinish tar ritimotoh nesha aseh lmao I really wanna bring a jar proyojoneh shada manushdero khawabo customs e. I don't think I can live a year without having this stuff man