r/politics 3h ago

Trump Goes Full Deranged, Suggests Charging People He Doesn’t Like With Treason: This is not a joke. Donald Trump is stating very plainly what he would do if reelected.

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r/Weird 15h ago

Girlfriend has these bruises on her body developing overnight seemingly on its own. She said she didn't fall or hit anything. A new one popped up by itself. Any ideas?

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r/AskReddit 7h ago

Someone hands you $100,000 and says, "You know what to do." What are you doing?


r/nextfuckinglevel 4h ago

The support gave out, but his friend’s insane reaction time saved him

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r/wholesomememes 5h ago

Very wholesome and very sad

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r/todayilearned 4h ago

TIL when US President Harding died unexpectedly in 1923, Vice President Calvin Coolidge took the oath of office at 2:47 AM, and promptly returned to bed.

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r/shitposting 5h ago

I Miss Natter #NatterIsLoveNatterIsLife Heil Spez

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r/clevercomebacks 4h ago

He just nailed it .....

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r/TikTokCringe 9h ago

Discussion I even felt this through the screen 😯

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r/Starfield 8h ago

Discussion Starfield Respects My Time and I Appreciate That.


So I played Elite Dangerous a few years back and remember flying to Hutton Orbital, which took literally like 3 hours of REAL LIFE TIME. And when I got there it was...nothing. Literally nothing. No free ship. No items. No skills gained. It was a meme base put there to troll new players. A rite of passage of a sort.

I keep hearing people demand more "space travel" out of Starfield. All I can say is THANK GOD Bethesda didn't listen to these loons and actually respects our time as human beings playing a video game.

I mean are these people serious? You want to sit there in a chair, for three or four hours, traveling from Earth to Pluto or whatever. Why? Just why!??

r/news 6h ago

A Texas teen was suspended for weeks over his locs hairstyle. Now, his family is suing the governor

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r/amiwrong 18h ago

Husband upset with my behavior at a concert.


My husband (30m) and I (26f) went to a concert last weekend and we’ve argued about this a couple times since but aren’t seeing each other’s pov.

I love this band and I have a favorite member. I am not attracted to this person, I just think he’s super talented. Want to mention the whole band is in their 50’s.

I was front row and really hoping to get a guitar pick as they will toss a few into the crowd after the show. As the guy was leaving the stage I shouted his name and made like a praying gesture toward him saying please! He came to the edge of the stage and tossed me the pick and I caught it. I was jumping up and down saying thank you! He nodded at me and left.

That is 100% the extent of our interaction and my husband witnessed the whole thing. He didn’t like it though. Was super mad, accused me of bouncing my boobs on purpose for the guy?? (I do not have much to bounce lol), it wasn’t that just a natural excited reaction. Says the guy had been checking me out and i was attention seeking. He found my ‘behavior’ super disrespectful and embarrassing.

I didn’t do anything at the show besides that except sing and dance a bit like everyone else. It’s a metal show it’s not like a really sexy environment just head banging or jumping around a little. I just had jeans and a top on, low cut but like I said I don’t have any cleavage.

Was I over the top? Is this like a known weird groupieish thing to do at shows or is he overreacting?

Edit for added details: No alcohol involved. Role reversal would not bother me. Husband is not typically jealous/insecure but I am a pretty low key and shy person so he doesn’t get much occasion to be. Apart from converts I don’t go out to bars/clubs, never without him, and I dress pretty modestly.

If you really want to know the band message bc it’s kinda obscure and i don’t want to id myself further

r/WhitePeopleTwitter 4h ago

It’s a great week for Swiftie Nation! Republicans are losing their damn minds…😎

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r/facepalm 11h ago

🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ I… what?

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r/funny 7h ago

Comedian calls girl's crush in the middle of the show

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r/Damnthatsinteresting 4h ago

Video French helicopter unit arrives within minutes 7000 feet up a dangerously windy mountainside, gets inches from the snowy slope on emergency call by injured skiers

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r/NoStupidQuestions 8h ago

Why are people in USA obsessed about who Taylor swift is dating?


Last 2 days my entire TikTok feed is about how Taylor was at some football game to meet some guy named Travis

I mean thats great but do we really need millions of videos to comment on this?

I’m European

r/aww 7h ago


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r/fightporn 18h ago

Friendly Fights Army soldiers fight [Blood Warning]

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A buddy of mine recorded this a while back, two guys in our unit at the time got into it.

Forgot I had it, made me lol.

r/blackmagicfuckery 3h ago

She's a witch, A WITCH!

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r/Funnymemes 8h ago

She's got a point

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r/mildlyinfuriating 14h ago

this restaurant didn’t have any prices on their drink menu

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r/pcmasterrace 8h ago

Discussion What game has the most impressive first 15 min for you?

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r/KidsAreFuckingStupid 10h ago

kids probably never lost a battle before

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