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My wife puts honey on her Domino’s pepperoni and pineapple pizza

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Image 29-year-old scientist enrolled in high school and pretended to be a teenager because she was lonely and “wanted to return to a place of safety”

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Discussion Found this hidden in my teen’s drawer and she claims she’s keeping it for her friend. I want to believe her but there are so many empty containers at the top left. 😢 What do you think? And what is the best way to approach it if you were a teen caught by your parent?

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Man continues to film Andover Tornado right up untill it swallows his yard.

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This 10 Troy oz "gold" bar is filled with tungsten and covered in a thick layer of gold. Gold and tungsten have very similar densities, which means this bar weighs correctly and is the same size as a genuine gold bar.

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Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan leaving the police van handcuffed together

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Video Asian plus-size clothing store names

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📚 Due Diligence It's Time to End Excessive Off-Exchange Trading - The most important comment letter I've ever written


Thank you again for all of the support, it's just been incredible and humbling. As I said in my previous post about our PFOF Comment Letter, we will continue to push for ALL changes needed to fix markets, including focusing on ease of access and transparency for DRS, pushing for mandatory buy-ins and a settlement discipline regime to end FTD abuse, and other important disclosures to get a better picture of market activity.

Today we've posted what I consider the most important comment letter that I've ever written. This comment letter is focused on the Order Competition Rule proposal from the SEC. This proposal would force most orders from individual investors out of the wholesalers/internalizers (Citadel, Virtu, etc) and into auction facilities on exchanges. This would transform markets as we know them, and it is a change I have been pushing for for the past 11 years.

We The Investors believe that there's a better solution than auctions, called a trade-at rule, which is similar to what other countries do. A trade-at rule would push orders on to exchanges, and ensure that they hit and interact with the NBBO. We've laid it all out in this comment letter - what's wrong with markets, why trade-at is a better solution, and how they should change the auction proposal if they decide to go with it. Importantly, we've made sure to highlight the incredible hypocrisy from Citadel and Virtu, we think you're really going to like this one!

As I said before, if you have already filed a comment letter, that's amazing! Feel free to file another! You can be sure that the PFOF brokers and wholesalers will each be filing multiple comment letters, there's nothing that says you cannot too.

The most effective comment letter is one that you write yourself, but there is also strength in numbers. If the SEC sees thousands of the same comment letter filed, they cannot ignore it. Please take a minute, and take action!

And most importantly - thank you for your support throughout this wild journey. We're changing markets, brick by brick.

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After DeSantis tussle, Disney World will host a major summit on gay rights

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Fight Teacher lost his shit at kids chucking paper and desks at him.

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Andrew Tate: Brothers' custody extended by another month

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News Counter-Strike 2: Responsive Smokes by Valve

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I’m still hopeful for an entire episode for Frank to be played by Arnold and no one calls it out.

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News CS:GO bans WILL carry over to CS2.

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Unanswered Are women scared of men in elevators?


Recently I entered an elevator at 1 am, there was already a woman in the elevator, she didn't look happy about me entering the elevator and looked at me throughout the entire time, for reference I'm 6'4. Perhaps she was afraid of me. Is that common

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The hero we need!

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The US is going from zero to Handmaid’s tale real quick…

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Introducing Counter-Strike 2

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People Singing Bella Ciao as Italian PM is about to speak.

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Maybe Stop Tweeting

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Meme/Macro Brought to you by the Royal Society of Min-Maxing

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She fell for the oldest trick in the book

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It's time for an intervention.

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