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OC [OC] 3 Custom Obsidian Dice Sets Giveaway (Mods Approved)

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Boomers don’t even know.

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Kennedy thought she was onto something there

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Straight men of reddit why do you like thick thighs soo much?


I keep seeing these reels where the guy wants to get suffocated by the girls thighs and the comment section is filled with other guys commenting how he has achieved life's purpose. I don't get if this is a joke or you guys actually want it

By thick I mean bigger thighs with a regular body. Not fat you guys are misinterpreting it.

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I Miss Natter #NatterIsLoveNatterIsLife Heil spez

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Image George Lucas, before CGI, 1984

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19F. I have an ok body, but that face.. I wish I didn’t have one

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US mother sentenced to two years in prison for giving daughter abortion pills

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Very Reddit Newborn twins holding each other's hands

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AITA for telling one of my daughters classmates moms to fuck off about what I put in my daughters lunch?


(No names in this story are real.)

For some context before the story, I (38f) cook asian foods regularly for dinner and for my daughter, Lily’s (7f) lunches at school. This is because my family enjoys these foods, I like to cook these foods, and my mom cooked a bunch of these foods growing up since she’s half Japanese.

Often times I’ll either give my daughter some leftovers from last nights dinner, plus a fruit/veggie and a snack, or I’ll make her a quick little bento box or some other thing really quick.

So, after school one day, my daughter wanted to play on the playground for a bit before we went home. I said she could play for a few minutes, and she ran off to play. I was waiting next to this other parent, who we’ll call Debra. While I was waiting, Debra came up to me.

Debra: Are you Lily’s mother?

Me: Oh, yeah, I am, why?

Debra: Well, your daughter’s lunches have been bothering my son, and I would like to ask you to pack something else.

Me: What? How are they bothering him?

She then proceeded to start talking about how her son was complaining about my daughters lunches smelling terrible, and that he thought it was disgusting. She also said her son didn’t eat most of his lunch because he was so grossed out.

Me: Okay…I understand your son doesn’t like the smell, but can’t he just sit somewhere else?

Debra: Are you kidding me? My son shouldn’t have to put up with whatever crap you make your daughter bring to this school. It’s disgusting!

And she started making more vaguely racist complaints, but I was fed up at this point.

Me: Listen, I understand your son might not like my daughters food, but he can very easily just not sit next to her. I’m not changing what’s in my daughters lunches because you and your kid don’t want to exist near Asian food. Fuck off.

She angrily stomped off with her kid then, and my daughter finished playing soon after, so we went home.

I talked to my husband about it, and he said that maybe I shouldn’t have told her to fuck off, to avoid her bothering us in the future. AITA?

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Hindsight is 20/20

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My local hospital has examples of when you may need an Urgent Care vs an ER.

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One of the top worst ways to start a game

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When I start a new game, the last thing I want is to be forced to sign in or make an account, even worse is when the game forces you into a browser like Bing to sign up.

C’mon game companies, this is a shit way to start your new game.

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🇨​🇴​🇻​🇮​🇩​ Uhhh what?

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Former MythBuster, Kari Byron, shilling for big oil

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I’m grateful that there hasn’t been another terror attack the scale of 9/11, but what has honestly stopped something like that from happening again elsewhere?


It’s not like radical terrorist organizations completely went away after 9/11. In fact, they’re probably stronger than ever today as they’ve completely taken over the entire country of Afghanistan and large portions of Iraq and Syria. Not to mention the large anti-US sentiment in Iran due to decades of CIA back coups and sanctions. And Hamas in Palestine is not particularly fond of the US’ unwavering support of Israel.

I understand that an attack on modern day America that is the scale of 9/11 would be virtually impossible. However, many countries don’t have anywhere near the airport security or intelligence agency capabilities that the US does.

The reasons behind the 9/11 attacks also haven’t ceased. In fact, the West has meddled more in the Middle East and Africa more than they ever have in history over the past 22 years. That was the primary reason behind 9/11.

Also, you would think that terrorist organizations would feel even more emboldened after seeing the failure of the US in Afghanistan and Iraq so an invasion wouldn’t deter them from doing a massive attack.

So, what do you think has deterred anyone from doing something on the scale of 9/11 again?

Edit: Thank you all for the insightful feedback thus far. I’m trying my best to respond to as many as I can but I’m at work so it’s a bit difficult. I do want to clarify that I’m fully aware that there have been hundreds of terror attacks worldwide since 9/11. My question is more concerning as to why nobody has attempted an attack that could cause such earth shattering devastation and destruction like 9/11 that causes the entire world to react. They wouldn’t necessarily have to use the same tactics with planes.

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TIL those who pay off their credit card balance each month are known as “deadbeats” in the financial world

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Discussion What movie has the most amazing or memorable opening of all time?


I was thinking of opening scenes recently because I saw the movie Ghost Ship, which is just a bad movie, but during the first few minutes a strange, graphic thing happens that is certainly...memorable.

But my go-to answer is usually Touch of Evil, because the intro is this amazing long take. In fact, you really get the feeling that Orson Welles is showing off his technical abilities because there are all kinds of movement going on and it's certainly no stationary camera.

When you think of amazing, strange, or unique movie intros, what movie are you thinking of?

Edit: Adding link to both movie scenes I mentioned above:

Ghost Ship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYEmTRf5EaE

Touch of Evil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhmYY5ZMXOY

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Why are republicans always supporting Russia in their invasion?

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TV Series Only 37 Percent of U.S. ‘Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ Viewers Finished Season 1 — Report

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